Sunday, December 13, 2015

5 Worst Mistakes New Graduate

Economic has no recovered yet, but you have already passed the graduate. The jobs supply is very low. Everyone struggles to find the right jobs. Some graduate dare to apply a job that pay little money. They do not care whether the salary low as long they can work
Those five worst mistakes are:
Not Investing
Some teenage do not think about the future because the father can cover the spending. They do not want to try making money because their mother can give money any time.
Some others do no invest at stock or mutual fund because the investment has risk. They prefer sacking money at bank account or certified deposit. The return of free risk asset is often lower than inflation rate.
When they graduate, they just have some money. The saving does not increase while other spending increase so much. They must ask parent money.
Not Budgeting
Either rich teenage or poor teenage needs budget because it helps them manage money. Rich man can save more money, but poor teen can decrease the spending. Either rich or poor should be able to save. The rich man allegedly not to spend the entire money they have. They can save or invest the money. They may spend money for leisure, but they should allocate ten percent for saving.
By budgeting, you can also decrease the spending. Delete the useless spending such as leisure, cinema, eating out and else. You can also spend less like food, cloth, or others. There are so many alternatives to buy cheap things.
Have a loan of things that lose value
Some people borrow money for anything. They do not realize that the things lose value as the time goes by. A car, for example, decreases in value from year to year. We buy the car at $ 50,000, but we will not be able to sell the car at the same price next year. Those things others that lose value are: furniture, appliance the gadgets. Do not forget that you must also pay the interest that grows twice.
I borrow money when I feel I cannot find the money. I will not borrow money for leisure things or lose value things. I also doubt borrow money even for things that increase value such as education, house, and business. When we build a business, we side with lose risk. On the other hand, we still pay the principal debt with interest. Unless you sure the business can make money, you are better not to borrow money.
Not building saving
A new graduate should save when they study at the college or university. They can use piggy bank or cash bank to save the coin. Insert the coin when you get the changes from bookstore, grocery, restaurant, and others.
You can use the saving when you graduate. You need some money for searching jobs. At least, you should send the mail to the company. Sometimes you need to travel to other country where the company calls you to an interview.  
Of course, when you graduate you still need food. Perhaps you have not got the job yet and you need money for eating or clothing.
Ignore windfall profit
I got abundant money when I studied at the university. I just spend the money for food and book. Every time I asked my father for money and he send the money soon.  I never though it was the windfall profit. I wonder I could use my father’s money to build a business or investing. I may get money from the business now. I do not have to find jobs that waste my time and my money. Of course, I will not come back again to the past. You should not do like me. Use your windfall profit to reach your dream.  

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Writing a business that you can do without leaving or quit your job now

Last article, I write about opening a business without quit a job. One of the alternatives the business is writing. You do not have to quit jobs when you decide to write. You just need to set one or two hours for writing. You can make hundred or thousand dollars.
First you need to build a blog or you can write for some website. Unfortunately, most paid article website has been closed because they cannot generate money from the adsense. You can tray to build a blog.
Most the amateur writer cannot sell the book for the first time unless they are a talented writer. The publisher do not want to print the book because it is very expensive. The risk that book not sold out is so high. As a businessman, he will avoid the risk.
I prefer to write at blog to make money. Today, I have not get money yet but someday the people will know me and they want to print my blog. I also put adsense in my blog too. Once people click the as, I will receive some penny. The blog has not so much visitors. I dream the blog will generate thousand visitors a day. I also put the pay[al widget so the visitors can donate to my blog.
It is not difficult to write 300 word article, I juts need 10-20 minutes for that. I usually do before teaching. I am not bothered doing the article and it is very easy.
I also have tried to write for newspaper and I got $50. Unfortunately,

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Three secrets of saving

Some people are difficult to save the money because they always spend the entire income. The people who can’t save, must be curios to know how to save the money. They have tried to save but they failed.
Here are the secrets to save your money:

1. Create a budget
Budget can help you to save the money. You can allocate the income to your saving. Say, you can put 10% of your salary for saving. You can increase the percentage when your income increases. Some expert suggests 20% of your income for saving.
By creating budget, you can reduce you’re the spending that your really do not need. You can shift it to your saving.

2. Spend less than you can get
A smart people must spend less than they can get. They must realize that the income is higher than the spending. When your spending is higher than your income, you must trim down it. You should control the spending that you do not need. Perhaps you often to eating out or three time a week. You can control the eating out spending.

3. Saving at the beginning month
Before you spend your money for food, shirt or others, you should save the money first.  It will enforce you to save. Saving may load your money but you will get the benefit later or some day. Once you receive the salary from your boss, you put it to your saving immediately.
Most people save the rest money at the end of the month. They have goal to save it but later they forget to save, they buy the rest money for food or beverages.
It is not difficult to save as long you want to save. You can also consider increasing your income. You ca write for blog or you can help your neighbor to get some dollars.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Personal finance tips for new graduated

Life after college is very difficult to some people includes me. I have no jobs for more than two year. Then i decide to open a business.  Certainty, I have no enough money and i was not able to manage money because i just make less money.
Supposedly, I should made action to manage my money. Here are several piece of advice for the newly graduated:
Live below your mean
Calculate your spending and try to trim down your spending. You can also make money. Find jobs or you can get freelancer jobs.

Do not borrow money again
If you have habit to borrow money, you should stop it. You do not have to use credit card because the interest is so high.

Do not ignored student loan
If you have student loan, you have to pay of the loan. Though the student loan’s interest not high, it will increase.

Prioritize your goal  
People have so many goals that they have to reach. Buying a new house or new car may be your goal. You can start saving to buy it. Though you just graduated the college, you can also save money for retirement too.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to invest your self

Investment is not only stock or bond. You can also invest to your self. I think this is the most profitable investment. When you use money for invest your self you do not spend your money but you save your money for your skills.
You have to kind to your self. Though you have bot much money but you should to   

Develop your skills
You must have a skill or every people have skill. Some people have developed the skill but some other not. You have to develop the skill to make more money. The employee would like ire the very skilled people. Here are some ways to develop your skills
Get higher degree. You can get the higher degree. For the high school graduate you may enter the diploma school. For the Bachelor, you can enter
Attend training that relevant to your skill. You can get the experience and the new tips and trick from the experts
Expand your knowledge. There al lot book and journal that can expand you knowledge.

Explore your creative side
The creative people must be a rich man. They can sell their idea to other people. To be a creative man, you can do like this
Read the book, magazine and others. There are story of creative people that may motivate you to become creative. Perhaps you have some idea from other people.
Learn a new a language. I also learn some language .I love Arabic language and I study at the elementary  
Learn cook. Perhaps your kids are bored with your cuisine. You can try to learn cooking something new.
Learn to create hand craft. Some and craft is easy to made. you can make it and get some dollar from it.

Nurture your mind and body
Read anything that you like. Certainly you should read the good thing only that can lead you better. Do not read any garbage that just produces other garbage.
Open your mind
Try to receive other people suggestion and forgive ourselves.