Friday, July 31, 2015

How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Eid has passed, but it seems no one has seen employment completed. Plans were made passionate swallowed as such. Want to do that one has not been completed but others are also not finished as well. I was confused as well if so.Do the whole job only smoothly at first only and is not finished as I have set. I read an article this article well passable for working at home. Hopefully I can to resolve the many agendas that. From the article mentioned that we do is: 1. Controlling work space The point is that no one should disturb us when it works, if a new type two letters there is a calling, or a new laptop blame phone sounds so long we did not settle. 2. Having a schedule and to do list This is what I have I know that I have to do some things like making books business feasibility studies, and make power point and novel. Until now, the new novel I'm working just temporary. I was determined not to mention the need to work on the exam toefl, Gmat test and the other is I have to make again. Oh yes I should make a proposal as many as 200 pages, and I also have to keep a journal least a month to promote myself. 3. Do not forget to leave office The point is discipline in work. If we realize our work with a lot less time then we will work quickly and motivated. We will not lazy and procrastinate. 4. Do not Play Email. This is what we often do because we play a lot of e-mall just simply say hello to friends, uncles and cousins, but we are so not working. 5. Do not work all day If you do not feel at home for a day's work because you will feel relaxed just yet then you'll be able to work. You must still comply with the schedule and a list of your work.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Advantage of Paying Yourself First or Saving

I have read an article from the get rich slowly about paying your self first . Our teacher said that we should have save the money. Perhaps your parent also said the same word. By saving, you can use the money later. Perhaps you want to buy a motorcycle that is expensive. You can buy now because you have no enough money. Perhaps,you need to go to the dentist because there is a small hole in your teeth or other thing. Saving is very important though I By paying yourself you can get the advantage or benefit from it: You use to live less I Often saw some people that buy expensive cloth while the salary is so low.They often eat at the restaurant whereas, they just make hundreds dollar a week. Certainly, they will not save any penny because they also spend money. Supposedly they prioritize the money for investment that is useful fro the future.Then they can use the remain for any spending post. Your saving and investment become priority You do not worry that you cannot save or invest the money because you save your money first. Saving becomes automatically You are forced to spend mindfully when you receive less money, you must think to reduce the spending. You eliminate any entertainment spending or you may think to buy at grocery. Photo by:

Monday, March 2, 2015

Invest in yourself that will not lose your money

People talk about investing in stock market. They can own a company by buying it. They can sell the stock when the price is so high. The stock is very expensive, meaning you need money to buy it. You can also lose in stock too. Rather than thinking investment, you are better to invest in yourself. There are things that you can do to invest for yourself: 1. Education Some people who have so much money can take higher degree. Well, you who have no much money do not have to be desperate. You can read the book to increase your knowledge. There are lot things that you can read such as newspaper, magazine, journal, website, blog and others. You can take the short course that relevant to your jobs. For example, as a writer you can take the language course or journalistic course. Perhaps you will be a good writer after the course. 2. Notice your health You have to eat the good food that you can cook by yourself. It also saves some dollar. I prefer cooking than eating. I can cook anything that I like. You need some exercise too. You do not have to go to the club if you have no money. 3. Explore your idea Few people can get benefit from their idea. Some people get million dollar by creating a simple things. For example , the post it is a thing that gain million dollars. Perhaps you can find something .

Thursday, February 5, 2015

High salary employee need also invest

You must be happy when you have high salary. you can buy anything that you like. You can eating out frequently. You can buy the car that you like it very much. However, you must remember that some day you will not receive the high salary. Perhaps your boss fired you or perhaps your company bankrupt. You cannot work again because the accident. Any reason that caused you have no job. That is why you need to invest your money beside saving. One day you need the money to fulfill your spending. You can still buy anything that you need though you have no jobs. You can set aside money from salary for investment. There are lot investment. Long time ago, people buy land to make money. They can use the land for farming that produce grain or cattle. They can hire the land to other people so they receive money.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Invest is not share only: the alternative ways to invest your money

Some people generalized that share is an investment. Certainly, the share is an investment but it is not the only investment. There are some varieties of investment that you can use to grow up your asset. Some people may no realize that they have invested in certain place. The students who study at the college invest their time and money at education. Most student hope they will get benefit from it at the future. After graduated, they can apply to some company who want to pay them. They will receive money that s called salary or wages every month. A student study hard until night to get good mark and high GPA. They believe when they have good mark, it is easy to get the jobs. The company likes to recruit the clever student because the clever can make the company benefit. The company will not hire the stupid student. It is very hard to get good mark. Some people study until mid night. They type papers up to hundreds page. Sometimes they have gone to the lab for practicing. For four years, you should graduate from the university. I think it s not easy. When we at college, we do not get salary. When we connect to other people, we also make an investment. Getting a good friend, meaning we have a good investment. Your friend is greatest investment in world. They will help you when you need, and you will help them when they need. It is not easy to find a good friend. Only few people will be kind to you. Most of them are bad people. They juts want to help you because you have helped the. Whenever you down, they do not care about you buy they are happy when you fall. Most people just believe the importance but they will leave you when you fall. In a China phrase “Honesty is the currency that is valid everywhere”. When people trust you they will give everything to you. They may give you money to open a business. We can share the benefit to the people who have share money. When people do not trust you will be difficult to reach the success. People do not give you money moreover jobs, they feared that you will steal the money. They also fear because you will not finish the jobs. It is not easy to keep people trust to us. Once you lie, they will never believe you.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Invest when you young to get the higher return

Most young people do not think about the future especially the rich one. They think that the money cannot lose. Their parents also provide the cash to them. Whenever they ask money, the parent gives them. They think they can get the money anytime. They spend money for the useless things. They buy expensive cloth, expensive car, and others. Sometimes they go to a pub and dance until early morning. Supposedly, they can use money for important thing. They can save the abundant money so they can use it at the future. When you get money you can invest it. Do not spend all your money for today only. You will need it. When you have so much money, it is time to multiply your money. By select the right investment, your money will double in the future. It takes time to double your money. There are some investments that can increase your wealth. You can invest at capital market if you like or you can invest at the real investment. People like invest blue chip stock that can grow your money for long term. When you redeem twenty years in future, your asset will grow many times. The investment is different to the saving account or certified deposit. Sometimes we can win and sometimes we can lose. The younger can take thigh risk when they are young. When they lose they can find other money. On the other hand the old man cannot take the risk. They may have no job so they must be careful when they step their foot. The young can invest at education. They can find the master degree or doctoral degree that can increase your expertise. I believe your boss will increase your salary hen you hold the higher degree or other company will hire you. If you have less money, you can find the course that relevant your expertise. You can be an expert after attending the course. You can also consider to buys some real asset. Saving your money for your house where you will stay with your family. The house it is not cheap and it needs dozen years to saving money until you can buy it. You must be sorry when you do not invest at young. You will have not much money at old time and you can make money at the old time. Rarely the company employs the old man except you are the best employee.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

How to protect Your Business During A Recession

How to Protect Your Business During a Recession

How to Protect Your Business During a Recession
By James D. Foster, Ph.D.

A recession's impact not only has devastating effects on households, but it can harm businesses as well. Learn about the effects of an economic downturn and use them to prevent your business from succumbing to a recession's deadly claws. Here are some subjects to think about.

1. Customer Scarcity

When your customer bases shrinks, your income suffers as a result. Rising prices produce picky customers who are less interested in giving you their business. Existing customers might also re-assess their spending, which could result in fewer orders from your company. So what do you do? Try changing your customer acquisition techniques. Online marketing might be a way to go. It might not be suitable for all businesses, but there's no harm in considering it. Online marketing exists in many forms, and doing your assignment will be helpful in determining which technique will be most beneficial to your business.

2. Large amounts of credit card debt

Inflation is a usual byproduct of a down turn which means higher costs on essential business elements. If you've been making the majority of your payments with credit cards, you need to pay special attention to your spending. If you don't keep track of it, you could be surprised one day when you find yourself struggling to pay your bills. You do not want to get in trouble with credit card companies, as a low credit rating will negatively impact your ability to obtain approval for loans.

3. Increase in utility costs

The rising price of food, electricity, and gas can put a big dent in your business. This is especially true when running your business out of a physical location such as an office, as the increase in utilities and rent can take a bite out of your revenue. So how do you resolve this? Try being more efficient in your utility spending.

There are so many ways to save money on utilities. One is to cut back on non-essential costs. If you don't need to have your air conditioning on full blast, turn it off. If you can operate without have as many lights on or having them on as long, turn them off. If you can utilize less expensive packaging methods or materials, take advantage of the cheaper alternatives. Re-assess every aspect of your business. Take a closer look at your books to find deductions and lessen your costs in any way possible. And make the most of technology; automate your business wherever you can. You can also hire virtual workers on a contract basis, allowing you more time and energy to be productive and brainstorm ideas on how to improve your business.

4. Funds availability

If you needed a loan to start your business, you might run out of savings to fall back on to withstand the recession. To control this, devise a suitable savings plan to store some of your income. By creating this nest egg, you have a bit of a fallback for when an economic downturn happens.

5. Low staff morale

Slow periods can diminish the attitude and morale of employees. Why not create incentive sand contests to boost the morale of your sales team? This is the perfect time to get creative and find ways to inspire your employees. Don't be stingy with incentives and praise; go out of your way to create excitement.

Have you felt any of these effects yet? If you have, there's no time better than now to try some of these suggestions and find a way to fight your way through the recession.

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