Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 Wrong ways to Rich

A man uses to leave the house at early morning and go home in midnight but he is not rich. He just gets money that enough for food and cloth only. Sometimes he must borrow money to pay the apartment fee and he cannot buy even a small house.  He also builds a small business to increase the income but the business cannot make money for him.

 He also finds a motivator to teach him rich but he motivator does no help him. The motivator just suggests him to work hard; whereas, he has worked so hard.
I believe that most people have worked hard but they are not rich. They have made some mistakes and pass wrong way to become rich. Here are:
1. Workaholic
To make money, people will suggest you to work hard. Yes, most people who want to be rich must work hard. Collect penny by penny and never stop until rich.  Some people think work from early morning to midnight will make more money than other people who work from 9 to 5. By working too hard, you will damage your health. As an ordinary man, we have to take the rest too. By forcing our body, we will get sick easily.
We cannot work in front of the computer in five hours. The experts suggest to rest every one hour. Too long in front computer could make your eyes damage. You also notice your eyes health because it is very important for your life. Staying in front of computer can make your body sick too. Do some exercises every one hour.
What we can do to reach wealth is smart working. BY smart working, you can work less and get money more. We have to delete the activity that has no value or less value. We work for value activity only. You can also find the right place that want pay you more. Consider to move when your boss does not pay you proper to your skill.
2. Not socializing
As social beings, we need to socialize. Human cannot life alone in a silent place. They must need food or cloth from other people. To be honest, we cannot make food or cloth alone. We need the vegetables or fruit from other people. We also need some needle to sew the cloth.
Do not just work alone. Find a friend mind-like to reach your ideal. You can work together with your friend. By working together, you can solve a hard problem together. Your friend may know something you do not know and you may know something that your friend does not know. You can share the info or knowledge together.
By socializing, you can tell everyone that you are an expert. They may hire your experts someday. You can also ask people to help you if you want to do something. For example, you need accountant for your small business. You can ask people near you to do the job.
Socializing means you build network too that will increase your opportune to make business. You can sell a product or your experts in your network.  Most freelancers or consultant has its network. They will share when there is an opportunity.
3. Stingy is different to saving
Indeed, we often see the stingy rich man.   They have never given anything to other people unless they would have been sure they got something. They calculate every penny that they give to other people. Most stingy man does no pay tip to restaurant service or repairman. They prefer to keep some pennies than giving it to other people. They may keep the tips in the jar.
By collecting penny, they will rich. They collect the penny for daily necessities. They may save hundreds dollar in a month. Most stingy man is also “frugal” too. They will not spend for expensive things. They just wear casual shirt and they will no buy the expensive jewelry.
The stingy may save hundreds dollars but they may loss thousand dollars. By stingy to other, you will loss your most friends. Most people do not like miser people and they keep away from stingy man. Most people will revenge for the miser people. Most people will be miser to the stingy man.
4. Stacking Money
Sometimes people think that rich people is people who hold a lot of money. It is not wrong because the rich is counted by the number of money. However stacking money cannot increase the value of money whereas the value of money decreases year to year. Every year the food price increases so your money does no mean with food. For example, the price of cow was $5 in 1880’s. Now, you have to prepare thousand dollars to buy a cow.
You are better to buy something rather than stacking your money. You may buy a car so you can go to office easily. The car value may decrease as he time goes by. However, you can use the car and the value will not decrease as the paper money.
I will be better if you use the money for starting business or buying business. By Starting business or buying a business, you may make more money or you can loss too.
Stacking at gold is a good alternative too. Unlike paper money, gold value is stable. Sometimes the gold value is higher than inflation rate. He gold investor often sells the gold when inflation occurs and they get more money.

5. Lazy charity
The miser people are very hard to allocate money for charity. They just distribute money for their own spending. Charity may decrease you money but it will help you someday. Someday when you bankrupt, you must be happy when someone raise their hand for you.
A research said that by charity, our mind will happy. I believe it also cure some disease.
In economic side, a charity can influence your personal tax. You will pay less he tax if you charity to foundation. 

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to make money without investment?

The rich man can make money when they spend holiday on Bali or Hawaii. The investment return can increase their money and their wealth.  They can invest their money because they have money. They do not have to work hard but they get money from the investment. 
 On the other hand, poor man cannot invest money. It is hard to make money for them.  Sometimes they do no eat anything. However, everyone can make money.
People can make money from something else, such as:

1. Work for other people
If you want make money, you should work. Find jobs near your house. You can help your neighbors to cut the grass or pour the garden with water. You can also bath the other people dogs if you like pets. You can walk with the dogs to make more money.
You can apply jobs at the company. If you have good skill and experienced, you will get so much money.  Working for people or being an employee is a common way to make money. We will receive some money that we often call it salary after we finish the job. Sometimes we get the payment at the end of the month or at the beginning.
The salary may increase if you work for the company for long time. You also get promotion become manager so that you will receive more money.
Since long time ago people want to work for other who had much money. Samurai, Japanese knight, also hunt the boss who can employ them. The samurai will protect their boss and bosses asset. They bravely defend their boss until die.
2. Blogging
Some famous blogger got thousand dollars every month from the blog. Write five hundreds article for a blog to raise the traffic. Some blogger suggest fifty good articles. The blogger can make money by displaying ads on the blog. You are better to write the blog in English because English is the most used language.
Some blogger also got donation from the subscribers or visitors. Sometimes good visitors donate $ 10- $100. It is not much.
The blogger can generate much product y writing for a product. Describe the product with its strength and weakness. Some website dares to pay up to $100 for an article.
3. Selling online
Today, people can buy or sell something on internet. They can start to sell useless items that they save in garage. Upload the photo of your items to the eBay. The other people may interested to your stuff. They can make bid for the items. You can get more money when people desire buy your items.
You can also help people to sell their items. You promote the items and get profit from them. For example, your friends just want to sell the item for $40. You can sell it $50 and get $10.If you clever in selling online. You can buy used items at used market. Repair the items and sell it at your website. Some people may need your items too.
If you have no stuff, you can sell other stuff. There are lot books, VCD, cloth, and so much. Promote the Amazon product on your blog. You will be paid when the visitor hit the ads and buy the stuff. Get 4% to 6% commission each product.
4. Write a Book
Some famous writer can make million dollar from best seller book. Write any subject that you know. You can share the knowledge or experience in the book. People need tutor book or how to book. Perhaps you are good a gardening. Write the book like gardening a flower. Explain the step of planting  a flower. Write the tips to make a good gardening. Some mom may buy your book.
Perhaps, you have go to a place. You can write about the place and the history. You have to insert the interesting photo in the book. Write the important things and interesting place. People always want to traveler and may buy the book before going to a place.
You can also write e-book too. Some people prefer to read e-book than printed book due e-book cheaper. Write some words in the word and convert it to pdf. 
The royalty of book is about 10%. If you can sell million copies, you can be a millionaire too. Some famous writers get million dollars from their book.
5. Create Software
Perhaps, you can create personal finance software that help people to budget the money. Some company may be interested with your system. They dare to pay you thousands or dozen thousands dollars for it. The company may also need you to maintenance he software. In my country, a software creator becomes a millionaire because of his accounting software. The Malayan company has acquired the software and he gets so much money.
Some software creator can make passive income with its software. The creator will get cash once people buy it product. Off course, you should also improve the software so you can
6. Be a Tutor
Some people has a talent to teach something. We can get $ 60-$80 each time we teach the student. We have to increase our knowledge in math and algebra subject. Both subjects are difficult and the student often does not like it. That is why some parent also hunt for the algebra or math tutor for their kid.  Beside those subjects, you can also each computer tutorial. You can teach the student in excel or power point.  Though everyone can use excels or PowerPoint, not all people can create good presentation or spreadsheet. Teach them how to make those files good.
You can also be guide if you have experience in visiting specific place. You have to study the foreign language such as Spanish, German, Japanese and others. You will be guide of the outside tourist from Spanish, German and Japanese.  Some people may enjoy become tourist guide and they familiar with foreign people. Also learn about the tourist place and the history of the place. Sometimes the tourist wants to know the history of place.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Top Five reason you will never rich

Every people want to be rich. I rarely find someone who want to be poor. However, not all people can reach wealth. Some of them have tried to reach wealth but they fail. They work from nine to five to collect penny by penny. Sometimes people has make mistake that cause them become poor. Hey do o realize their attitude make them poor.
Here are the top reason why people fail to reach wealth:

1. They believe that they were born to be poor
Some people think they were born as a poor man due their father are the poor man. Yes, it is true that a poor man will be difficult to rich; however; it is not impossible to change the fate.
A poor man lives in limit. They are difficult to eat moreover paying the school fee. They think the destiny will not be different with their father or ancestors. They just take it and they do not want to change.
The mindset influences their action so they never try to change their life. They just submit to on their destiny. They do not work hard because they think they will not rich.
Only few people who has poor father do not believe it. By switching their mindset, they can find a way to wealth.They work hard to reach the wealth. They save penny to penny for their education. They believe the education can get good jobs.
Some people prefer to open a business with small money. The business increase gradually and they become a new rich man. Do not believe that you cannot change your destiny.

2. Lazy
There is no place for lazy people. The lazy people cannot reach wealth unless he or she get inherit from the rich parents; however, someday the asset will loss. The lazy man do not try to increase the inherit from the parents. He thinks that the father assets will enough to fulfill he necessity. 
 A Lazy man never learns so they will never pass any school. They think education is not useful for them. His parent order to study at school but they often absent without reason.
Every company does not need lazy man too. They will fire any lazy employee. The lazy will no have jobs so they will have money. I believe a lazy man will not be rich forever.

3. Have no skill
Every people must have a talent but not all people cannot grow the talent.  Sometimes people can find the talent after years. Example: My nephew is an driver assistant. He has spent dozen years as the assistance but he cannot drive the bus well. Finally, he tried opening a store in the front of his house. He buy the items from the grocery and sell it at the store. The store grown and he had the store.
It is impossible for unskilled people to reach wealth. The unskilled people cannot sell anything so the other people do not want to pay them.
Every people have skilled even a fool man. Unfortunately, most people do not know what their skill because they do not recognize themselves. Supposedly they try finding their skill. Perhaps a man cannot pass the university but he has writing skill. Why do not use is wiring skill. Some famous writer has not passed elementary school. They just learn and learn to sharp their written skill. They write a novel that pays them hundred and thousand dollars.
Thomas Alva Edison has never yet go the university but he found light bulb that people use it. He also found General electric company.

4. Have no jobs

I have never seen jobless people can become rich man unless they win the lottery or inherit money from a rich father. To be rich, you should make money. To make money, you should have a job
The unemployment has increase since the euro crisis. The Unemployment rate has hit the top level of unemployment. The company cannot employ the employee because they have little money. However, the economic tight is not a reason for you to quiet. You can seek out other jobs so you can stream the income. Try applying the company that needs your service. Perhaps they will call you. Do not ask high salary. Prove that you are right person for the company so the company will pay you high.
You can also consider being freelancer. You can do some jobs such as accounting, bookkeeping, writing, making a proposal and so on. Visit he website that need your skill. You can collect hundred or thousand dollar from the website.
Alternatively, you can start business. Some young man prefer to start business than seeking jobs. They are the independent people and do not depend on the boss. They can also collect profit more than the average rate of employee salary.

5. Have no marketing skill
We live in the world with other people. We can be wealth if we can sell something. The employee sell their skills to employer. They work for the company and the company pays them.  A doctor sale their knowledge and skill to the patient. The doctor get paid after exercise the patient.
If you cannot sell your skill, you cannot reach wealth. I heard some doctor cannot get jobs because they cannot sell their skills or knowledge. Today is online era, we can sell our skill through social media and social networking. Build a blog that promote your skill and knowledge. Someday people will buy your knowledge.
Some professional who hold degree are still poor. We do not doubt the skill of them but they cannot sell their expertise. Perhaps they shame to market themselves.
We have to able to market ourselves. Say to your friend or other people that you are expert in a subject.   If you are never tell your friend or other people, your friend will never know that you are an expert. Perhaps they hire other people other people to do something that you can do too. You must be regret when you hear your friend hires other people.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Financial advice for newly graduated

Some Australian young must return to the parent home because they have no jobs. During the crisis, the jobs opportunity is narrowing. The company has not received any employee because they have to minimize the spending.
After graduated from college, you must be confused where to go? The economic is so tight and the unemployment is so high. You may be difficult to find jobs.  However, you should responsible to your life. You have to make effort to reach wealth.

1. Find the jobs

No matter how hard you try, you should find a job. Ask the people near you about the vacancy. They may have job vacancy information. It will be better if they recommend you to a company or institution.  Sometimes the classmate informs you a good position in their office.
You should be proactive. Promote yourself that you are n expert and the company or people will hire your service. Promote your self at social media too and prove that you can do as an expert.
Write a good application letter and curriculum vitae so the company may attract to interview you. Most newly graduate do not write good application letter. They just imitate the other people letter; whereas, we are different each other. By copying other people’s letter, we cannot promote ourselves well.
Make sure you apply the right jobs for you. Do not waste your time by working the jobs that you do not like. Apply the job that you like and fit to your education background.
If you cannot find jobs, you should consider to start business. Some unemployment can reach success after starting business. Use the capital that you have. Do not depend on money only.  Use your brain to make money.
2. Create a tight budget
Most young men do not think the future. They spend all the salary for the things that they supposedly not buy. They do not know exactly where to spend the money. Some newly graduated buy useless gadget. They jus want o show to their friends.
Supposedly, they earmark the money for saving. Saving is important to reach wealth. When you need the money, you can withdrawn the saving. I believe a newly graduated also needs money when they marry. After marry, they must need a house. Hiring apartment or house is sometimes awfully. When hey have kid, they must need more money too.
Creating a tight budget does no mean miser. You can still give donation or charity o other people. It makes you and other people are happy.
3. Learn about financial planning
Although you are not graduated from finance major, you need to learn about financial planning. This science will help you to plan your future and reach the wealth. It is not difficult to learn it. You can read the book that is written by Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, Robert Koyasaki, and else. If you have no much money, you can read the finance article in the website or blog.
What is your plan after graduating? You must need some money for your plan. Financial planning will guide you to reach your planning or goal. To reach the goal, you may save some money. You have to post or allocate the money for your plan to. Some people may have money than they can imagine. The asset increases over many times because they put the money in investment.
This science also tells you that you have save some dollar for your pension. Yes, you are still young but you have to think your future.  Apportion penny by penny for your old time and you will have the benefit of it.
He financial planning also help you to manage your money well. You can allocate the salary to various expenses such as food, cloth, gadget, leisure and other. It help you to limit your expense. 
4. Create emergency fund
Supposedly a student provide he emergency fund. Sometimes we should spend money for buying a book or make a project. A nice sudden know that he should provide emergency fund.
A newly graduated must need much money too. For example, they must to go to the office for an interview. Sometimes, the office is far from the house. They should buy a flight ticket which is not cheap for it. They can use the emergency fund to buy the ticket. The situation can worse when you have no money. You cannot buy the ticket and you cannot go to the office for an interview. As consequently, you will not enter the company.
When you still have no jobs, the fund can also help you to buy food and cloth. You can also pay the apartment fee. Remember, the emergency fund is limited, so you have to make money before your emergency fund deplete.
5. Do not buy a car
A new graduated does not need a car. The cost of having car included service, gasoline, and oil is so high. Your salary may be not enough for that. You are better to save your money for other post such as education. You may have interest to continue to master degree. The master degree graduate can get better and higher salary than undergraduate.
You can buy the car when you have so much money. Do not ask your parent to buy car and pay the cost.
6. Retirement fund
Most young man or newly graduated do not think retirement fund because they think they are young. They need so much money topsoil them self and they think retirement when they become older. Retirement fund is not the old man business but also young man business too. The young can gather more money than the old man can do. The sooner they invest at retirement fund, the bigger they receive the retirement fund later.
If you are businessman, you can earmark the business profit for retirement fund. Some retirement fund is flexible and have credit facilities so we  can borrow the money from it to enlarge our business.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Mother regretful not to buy land

My mother's regret is not buying some land in an urban region near the capital city. She had so much money at the time. Her uncle, who was a military leader in that region, suggests her to buy the land twenty year ago. The uncle said that the land will increase because the urban people will buy the land fro settlement or other building.
Now, the price of land has increasing more than dozen years. The region is a favorite settlement for urban citizen because it is not far from the capital city. There are some mass transportation such as shelter buss, electric train and buss. There is highway that connects the region to capital city.
Now, my brother also builds a house near the urban. He wonders if my mother buys some land at the region. Surely, we cannot change the past. It is a good lesson for us to use our money right.
Saving is very important for our life but we should also use the money to make money. Investing some money in capital market can increase your asset too.
Off course, you should no forget to buy the asset. You have to buy at leas one house so you can live comfort at it. Some land is good for investment and the price can increase over many times after years. Off course, no all land can make money. Some bad land will not make money.
Before buying al and, you should check the certificate of land. In my country, a land could have three to five certificates. We do not know whether the certificate real or fake. Some clash occur because the certificate. Each side argues they have the land. In third country or underdeveloped country, the law enforcement is so pitiful. Sometimes a rich man can buy the law.
 Second, you can check the land master plan. Some municipal have land master plan. Buy he land tha is for settlement cause the price is very good.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

How Financial Plan Help you in recession

Normally, people will be difficult live in recession. They could be fired by the company because the company may not need them again. They will difficult to make money while they should still spend money. Finding a job is not an easy jobs. The employee demand low but he supply is so high. Most unemployed want to get jobs. I saw some doctoral degree offers themselves to work for food only. It is a pitiful story. Getting doctoral degree needs much money but they just get food. The recession makes us suffer.
However, Some people can get benefit while in recession. They are clever to create the financial plan. They can stream more income while other people are very difficult to get one dollar. Her are how financial plan help us in recession:

1. The financial plan has planned to create a good portfolio
Some people who own gold bar, gold coin, silver and other precious metal can make more money. The gold price has hit $1700 troy oz and it could hit $ 2,000 anytime. The people must be more wealth than before.
We invest in various investment both real asset and financial asset. Land and property is also good investment now because the price never decline. Some investor sells the stock and use the money to buy land or property. Though the stock return is not good now but you do not have to sell the entire stock. You have better keep the best stock. When the economic recover, the stock will increase and you will get high return.
2. The investment portfolio
The financial plan does not invest at the capital market agressively. Due the recession, they invest few stock only. They reduce the stock in their portfolio except some defenssive stock that can make money. The defensive stock including food company, retail company, and others. People still use soap or tooth paste even the economic is very bad.
The best portfolio may no give you much money at the recession time; however, the investment also gives return too.  We should be clever to construct a good portfolio.
We invest money to cumulate money that we need it at the future. We can use the money when the kid goes to university.
3. Own house
The house price has been decreasing since the subprime mortgage. The decline price is almost half of previous price. You can settle the mortgage immediately if you have money. By owning house, you do not have to pay the mortgage or pay the house rent. You do not have to move from an apartment to another apartment.
Owning some house can increase your wealth too. Some people buy the cheap house for business. They repair the house and paint the house. They sell the house to any people who hunt a house. You can also rent your apartment to student or worker.
4. Own crop and farm
People need food and beverages. If you have so much crop that produce abundat wheat and oat, you can make money. People need wheat and oat for bread and bubur. In the recession, they may reduce the cereal but they cannot avoid to use it.
Financial plan also suggest you to buy the productive property. You can buy it cash or you save first to buy the land. The price for land increase yea o year. You will no sorry if you buy the land. Surely, you have to research the land first and make sure the certificate of the land.
5. The credit
I do not like to owe money. In recession, the interest rate lows. The government want the businessman borrow money to operate the company. With the interest rate near zero, you can slash the company spending or cost. However, most businessman has no money so they cannot borrow the money thought the debt at zero.
Personal finance plan teach us not to borrow money. We can calculate the profit and the loss of credit. We should pay more cash by using credit. We are better save the money to buy something than credit to buy something. I must be cheaper but I need good commitment. If you use the money you will not be able to buy the item.
6. Retirement fund
If we contribute the retirement fund dozen years ago, we can get benefit now. The retirement fund help when we loss the jobs. You can use it to found a new business or build a crop farm. A personal finance also suggests us to allocate money for retirement fund because we cannot work forever. The company will retire the old man because they are no productive again. By using old man, the productivity of the company goes slowly.
The financial plan counts some money hat you will receive after you do no work again. Of course, it also consider your lifestyle. For employee they may save 10% of salary for retirement fund. On he other hand, a man without a fix jobs such as freelances should put more than 10%. They may put 15% for the retirement.
When they retire, they receive payment from the retirement fund. The amount might be similar to monthly payment. They can live without work. They can buy food, cloth, and other item and they can stay in their house comfort.
7. If you saves 10% of your paycheck as you have planned in your financial plan, you can use the money now. Saving is important thing. You can use when you use money immediately. Sometimes we face with unexpected expenses. Perhaps our car his garage and we should repair our car. We can use the saving first.
A recession time, we should expense more money because the price of things increases. We can use your saving to cover our spending. Off course you should consider to reduce your spending or increase your income.
Financial plan help you to live below our mean. We should have commitment to obey the financial plan. Spend wisely and increase your spending to reach wealth.
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