Friday, September 25, 2015

How to save on lunch

As the worker or employee, we must stay at the office until the afternoon, meaning we have to eat lunch at the office.  Few people may go back to house to eat lunch because the house it is not far from the office. Other people eat lunch at the office or the cafe that near the office.
Eating lunch at the cafe is not cheap. You must provide five o ten dollar. The cost of your lunch will be $ 140 dollar a month to $ 280 per month.
If you live at the tighten budget, you must change it. You can reduce the cost of lunch by doing this:

1. Bring the lunch box to the office. You can save your money and you health more health food. Your wife may cook the best food for you. He may reduce the salt on your food or the sugar. I believe your wife will not add the worst food to your lunch box. The box may contain various foods such as bread, vegetables, meat and fruit.

2. Bring also bottle in water or biscuit.
Sometimes i need a snack at the working hours. If i hungry i eat one or three slice. You are better buy the biscuit on the market rather than buying at. You are better to drink water that is cheaper than a cup of coffee.

3. Fasting
You do not have to eat lunch at the middle of the day. You can fast two times a weeks.  As Muslim, we can fast on Monday and Thursday.

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