Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Personal finance tips for new graduated

Life after college is very difficult to some people includes me. I have no jobs for more than two year. Then i decide to open a business.  Certainty, I have no enough money and i was not able to manage money because i just make less money.
Supposedly, I should made action to manage my money. Here are several piece of advice for the newly graduated:
Live below your mean
Calculate your spending and try to trim down your spending. You can also make money. Find jobs or you can get freelancer jobs.

Do not borrow money again
If you have habit to borrow money, you should stop it. You do not have to use credit card because the interest is so high.

Do not ignored student loan
If you have student loan, you have to pay of the loan. Though the student loan’s interest not high, it will increase.

Prioritize your goal  
People have so many goals that they have to reach. Buying a new house or new car may be your goal. You can start saving to buy it. Though you just graduated the college, you can also save money for retirement too.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to invest your self

Investment is not only stock or bond. You can also invest to your self. I think this is the most profitable investment. When you use money for invest your self you do not spend your money but you save your money for your skills.
You have to kind to your self. Though you have bot much money but you should to   

Develop your skills
You must have a skill or every people have skill. Some people have developed the skill but some other not. You have to develop the skill to make more money. The employee would like ire the very skilled people. Here are some ways to develop your skills
Get higher degree. You can get the higher degree. For the high school graduate you may enter the diploma school. For the Bachelor, you can enter
Attend training that relevant to your skill. You can get the experience and the new tips and trick from the experts
Expand your knowledge. There al lot book and journal that can expand you knowledge.

Explore your creative side
The creative people must be a rich man. They can sell their idea to other people. To be a creative man, you can do like this
Read the book, magazine and others. There are story of creative people that may motivate you to become creative. Perhaps you have some idea from other people.
Learn a new a language. I also learn some language .I love Arabic language and I study at the elementary  
Learn cook. Perhaps your kids are bored with your cuisine. You can try to learn cooking something new.
Learn to create hand craft. Some and craft is easy to made. you can make it and get some dollar from it.

Nurture your mind and body
Read anything that you like. Certainly you should read the good thing only that can lead you better. Do not read any garbage that just produces other garbage.
Open your mind
Try to receive other people suggestion and forgive ourselves.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Open a business without quit job

Some people complain about their low salary. The salary is not enough to cover their monthly spending. The salary almost loses at the middle of the month. They must trim down their spending such as eating out, cloth, cable tv and others. Sometimes their find side jobs but they do not get enough money.
Therefore some worker opens a business to make money. As long your business does not disturb your job, you can open a business.  Perhaps blogging is a good choice for your business. To make money, you should have a good website that has thousands subscribers or thousand visitors everyday. More visitor you can get more money.
To make a good website, you should write dozen or hundreds good content. You can also hire writers or ghost writers to create a good content. You will generate the visits soon when you promote it to the social media. People will visit your blog and you will make money.
You can also open online shop to sell something. Perhaps you want to sell old book or kids’ toy and bag. There is some profit that you can get from it.
There are so many opportune today. You can also open a café near your house .Perhaps you have a favorite cuisine that people like it. Alternatively, you can sell the cookie or bread online. The visitors will ask you some cookies.
You can also sell your hobbies. Perhaps you save some photograph in your hard disk. You can sell it for a dollar or cents.  It will not disturb your working time.
When your business grow up you can ask other people to help you or you can hire virtual assistant. When your business become larger, you can decide to quit jobs. You should choice whether you stay at your last jobs or

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The sign of sick financial

The poor man must have sick financial because they cannot cover the spending. They have trim down the spending but they cannot cover the spending. It is debatable that the poor must have sick but some rich people also have sick financial. Hera is this signs
1.       They can cover the spending
Though, they can make hundred thousand dollar but their spending beyond the salary. They must owe money from other people. They should back the money and someday they will be bankrupt if they cannot pay the debt.
The sick man just fulfills the want but they ignore what their need. They supposedly cut the expenses. They can begin to reduce eating out, drink coffee at café, and watch the movie at cinema.  

2.       They have so much debt.
They should pas the credit card monthly and pay the car credit, house credit and education debt. The debt more than 30% of the asset is a dangerous. They have low ability to pay the debt with the asset.

3.       Have No financial Goal
Perhaps some people abandon the financial goal and they do not care about it. They think that financial goal is useless or they think they do not need financial goals because they have no money.Either you have money or no have money, you should have the financial gals.You can start 

4.       No Investment
The investment is good for our future. It can help you when you have no jobs or when you retire. The investment can multiply our asset. The return that you will get may

5.       No Emergency Fund
The emergency fund when you get the accident. When you stop working and you should find the jobs. The emergency  will help you to finance your live when you have no jobs or salary. The amount is not more than six times your routinely spending.

Friday, November 6, 2015

How to overcome the sick financial

Though, you have high salary but you cannot fulfill your spending. Your financial health must be sick, that is why you have to overcome or cure the sick. The sick will harm your finances. You will not save any penny and you have no retirement fund.
Perhaps there action can cure your problem:
1. List of your spending
What is the total of your spending? Perhaps you spend much for leisure only but you ignore the important things, you do not save or invest but you just buy useless things. Track the spending that you spends everyday. Write every spending that you use at the afternoon. Do not write the today spending at the next day. You must be forget to record all the spending.
2. Create a budget
This is a ways to term down your spending. By creating a budget, you know where to spend the money. You must obey the budget that you have made it or you cannot improve you financial health. By creating the budget, you know the balance of your spending and the income. Reduce the speeding when it beyond the income. You can also increase your income if you cannot or do not want to trim down your spending.
3. Crate financial goals
Perhaps you have the financial goals but you do not have the specific one.  You goal just want to be rich. We do not know the reach it .Is rich people who have the car in the house only.  A poor man has car or house but they still poor. You should make specific goals that derive you to work hard.
Perhaps you want to get one million dollars for next ten years. Then, you should save your moneys for it. You can also open a business or invest at some investment.