Thursday, June 7, 2012

How college student makes money

The duty of college student is study. They have to get good GPA so they can apply jobs at any place. Some parent forbids the student works for money. They afraid the kid will not finish the college or university. Some students who works or open a business often stop studying. They think they do not need to finish the college or university because they have so much money. Their parent must be disappointed after they sacrifice so much money in college.
The student actually can make some money and enlighten the school cost. Some jobs do not disturb the college such as,
1. Work for the professor. Some professor needs assistance for teaching or research. The student may assist the teacher to search the article, book, or browsing to find the subject. The professor often need handout for his lecture. The student can create a good presentation with PowerPoint or presentation.
Some professor has research with the company or the university. If the research has high budget, you can get high salary too.
The benefit of working for professor, you can get two benefits i.e, money and knowledge. If you want works for professor, you should have high GPA.
2. Writing for media or website
Some talented student can get money from media. Writing does not bother the student study. They can write an hours every day. The student can get $ 50 each article post in media. They also can make book. In my country, some elementary school can publish dozen.
3. Selling anything
My friend sells shirt or pants to the classmate. Perhaps the profit is not much but you can use the money for buying book or cloth. I have ever buy text book and get much revenue. If we have no time, we can also sell anything that student need it.
4. Online business
Due to advance internet, people can sell or buy anything on internet. Why do not you create online shop to sell book, CD, DVD, bag, Shirt, and else.
5. Investing
Most rich student will invest the money at stock or mutual fund. They can get little dollar from those investment.
They can seriously continue those kind jobs after finishing the college.


  1. If a college student decides to work, he/she must seek out part-time jobs with flexible hours that can accommodate his/her academic schedule and initially limit the number of hours. The younger you would start to have a business, the greater money you can earn and working while studying could also strengthen your resume. Moreover, a part-time work during the school year could turn into a full-time summer job so keep up the good work! :)

    Carmella Bezio

  2. I prefer to starting a business than work for other people. It makes more money. I agree with you.