Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to stay debt free

When we have so much debt, we must be worried. The phone ring often and we do not want lift the telephone up. It must be from the bank or credit company card that asks us to pay the debt down. 
That is why; we should be always debt free. Another reason to stay debt free is the cost of the debt is high. We should pay the principal and the interest that may increase in the future.
The first step toward stay debt free is to know your financial goals. Each people know what are the most important things for them. Write the goal that they can reach in short term, middle term and long term. The goal helps you to manage your money. You know very well where you spend money to some posts. On the other hand, if we have no financial goals, we spend he entire money fast. 
Second, you must build an emergency fund. Allocate six times your monthly spending that you can save at liquid investment. We can use the money when we need the money immediately. Some people use the money when they got fired. They do not have to owe money from other people or bank.
Three, do not owe other people’s money. The ultimate ways in staying debt free is not to owe other’s people money. Settle down soon your liability. The debt may increase your monthly spending. Without debt, you can save more and use the money for other purpose.
Sometimes people need debt to buy the big things such as house due our salary may be not enough to buy the house. The mortgage may help us to get the money however you should not use mortgage if you are not sure you can settle the mortgage. Some people buy mortgage but hey do not consider the money.  A person who want buy mortgage must be able to fulfill daily needs, paying bills, and other things.
Do not think you will settle the debt when you add the debt. Some people use credit card to buy mortgage. In my opinion, by using credit card you make a snow of debt that will crush you. You should increase your income before buy the mortgage. There are so much you can do o increase your income. You can do some side jobs or you can be a freelancer.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 ways to save when staring a business

It is difficult to starting a business because we should provide so much money. We spend money as the capital of our business; however, we can trim down some spending by do like this;
1.    Do not buy car
Most business needs car so we can meet the client fast with the car. We do no want to arrive late to meet the client. The client will not be happy with your late or they will not want to meet you again.  We can also pick the product from the factory fast. Unfortunately, the car is expensive and the cost of owning car is also expensive. You are better to used mass transportation such as train or bus to go everywhere. If you are afraid late, you should go early. You are better wait the client rather than client waits you. The client must be respect you if yu arrive in time.
2.    Use Open source software
There is so much open source in internet and you can download it free. Those open source may support your business such open Linux Operating System.  We can create the document by using open source word processors; we can create some slide by using open source; and else. We can also use wordpress to create our blog and website. Some great website uses the wordpress.
Buying software is not cheap. You should spend hundreds or thousands dollars.
3.    Buy used furniture
New office must need furniture such as filling cabinet, desk, chair, and other. You can find the used things to buy furniture or you can find the used furniture at flea market.  Negotiate to the seller to get the rebates. You can also check your warehouse perhaps you still have used furniture.
4.    Use the recycled
You have better to use recycled better which is cheaper than white paper. Use the refilling ink rather than buying the cartridge. The quality of the refilled is equal to cartridge ink.
5.    Do not buy the things you do not need
When you start a business, you must be temped to buy anything. Perhaps you wan to buy the painting for the office or flower vas. Those items are not important for your office. If you have much painting that you save in warehouse, you can use it or you can use your mom’s vas that she may not like it.
6.    Use free room
You must need at least one room as your office. Use a free room such as your empty room or garage. When your business grows, you can buy or hire a good room for your office.
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Monday, June 24, 2013

5 Mistakes in Grocery shopping

We must go to grocery shop periodically to buy food and some needs unless you eating out. There is so many products at grocery that often attract us. The grocery’s owner arranges the product to attract the consumer. The products looks talk to us and said buy me, buy me.
1.    Buying brand names
The brand names must be more expensive than the generic items. People think that brand name’s quality is better than the generic. Actually, some company produces either generic or brand names. The different of the product is the packaging only. I believe you will n buy he packaging if you know it.
2.    Not List
Before go the grocery sore, you have to prepare the list. Write what your want to buy at a piece of paper. You may need to buy bread, meat, vegetables, milk and others. You should also calculate the price and sum the total.
Without list, you can make impulse buying and you may waste the time. We may forget to buy the items that we need. We walk around the grocery When they are coming home, they buy some items that they actually do not need it.
3.    Bring Credit card to grocery
Credit card with no limit must tempt you to buy more and more. You are better to buy cash to brake the spending. Bring enough cash as you have calculated at the list.
4.    Not use coupon
I think coupon can save some dollar. There are some free coupon that offers 100% free product such as new ketchup, a small bottle of soda, a small pouch of detergent, and others.  Some coupon rebates up to 70% for a milk, meat, meat ball, fish and other. Some other coupon adds the quantity of the product. For example, you can get one if you buy one (buy one to get one free (BOGOS))
We can get the coupon from the local newspaper or internet. Clips the coupons and take them to the store that you can use the coupon.
5.    Buying Too Many perishable items
Do no buy too much vegetables and meat due it is perishable. Though, you have good refrigerator, the green vegetables will be dried in a week. You cannot cook dried vegetables and you will not eat it. Your child will not like the fruit that you save in refrigerator more over the meat that you have saved for weeks. The smell and the taste must be bad.
Some people buy to much perishable because the discount or rebates. They buy, for example, five bottles of milk because the price is same to two bottles of milk. You should not use the coupon for perishable income unless you have big family. 

As long you do not make some mistakes, buying grocery can save money.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Three steps to construct a good financial planning for beginners

Every people supposedly has financial planning as a guidance to manage the money. It is not difficult to makes the financial planning. Seek out the information about financial planning from the book, magazine, internet and else. You can read the example of the financial planning. You can adjust it with your financial condition. Do not use the sample because it may be different with you.
Each people are different. For the rich people, they can spend so much money but for poor man, they should keep the penny.
Here is how the beginner can create a good financial planning:
1. Setting the goal
The first thing that you should do is to set the goal. Each of us is different and unique. We have different mind in setting the goal. Some one want to become the doctor, some others want to become a pilot. The different goal means the different ways to reach. A man who want become a doctor must provide more money than others who want to become a pilot. Studying in doctor need more money and time.
The goal should be fit to the financial condition. Do not dream of become a very rich man, reminding you just ordinary people. You will be difficult to make it come true. As an ordinary, we can set the goal to reach wealth. We can find the job at an office. Alternatively, you can open a business to get the money. Sometimes opening a business is better than getting a job.
We can setting either short term or long term goal. Short term refers to the goal that you can reach in short term, such as, buying gadget, paying the short term debt and else. Surely, you should consider why you buy those items. Perhaps the items help you to make money. For example, an internet marketer must need sophisticated gadget to promote the content via social media.
The Long term goal is something that we can reach in long term. We cannot reach in short term easily. For example, we want to hold one million dollar next  20 years. You must sure that your goal is attainable. Surely, you can increase the goal if you believe you are able to attain the goal.
Without a goal, you must be difficult to build a budget. You will have no plan because you have no aim to go. Therefore setting a goal is very important in financial planning.
2. Build a budget
A budget is the tool that is important for financial planning. The budget helps you to manage money to reach your goal. It records all expenses in one month. For the next month, we can share the money to the spending items such as food, mortgage, credit, utility bills, kid school fee, and else. List the details any food that you eat in a month. It is include cereal, vegetable, meat, fish, milk and others. You must have the bon from the grocery or store. You have better to keep it so you can count your food spending accurately.
With the budget, you can save the money monthly. You will not spend out the money before the end of the month. Some employee has spent out the monthly paychek before the end of the month. They do not know how to use money well. They spend money without a plan before. They also follow what they want. For example, when a factory launches a new cell phone, they buy the product whereas they still have a good one. They want have a new one to show it to their friend or family. Supposedly, they buy the new when the old damage or lose.
After making a budget, you should also be disclipline. Do not spend any items that you do not write down at the budget. For example, you should not buy the stereo or DVD, because you have not plan to buy the electronics at the month.  Plan to buy the DVD for next month so you can buy the dvd for the next month. You can punish yourself when you break a rule. You can reduce your entertain or leisure spending if you breaking the budget.   You can allocate the spending to cover the shortage of the budget.
3. Take the action
You can earmark the money for saving that is important for your future. When you do not work, you will get so much money from the retirement fund. Some old man cannot save when they young so they must work whereas the physic is not strong anymore.  It is not difficult to save your money. Allocate only one percent of your money for saving today. You can increase the percentage when your salary increases. The saving is important for short time. When your boss fired you, you can use the saving to fulfill your daily necessity. You can withdraw you saving until you have a good jobs or other income source.
Do no stack your money on saving only because the return is low.  You are better to invest your money for the future. Yes, the investment return is not good today but someday the investment will return on the track.  After the great depression, the sock return gave high return he investors. I believe the stock will give the high return next time.
Investment is not only stocks and bond. We can also invest our money in real asset.  The cattle may be a good investment too because the female cattle can bear one baby every two year. You must buy the land for shepherd. You can also consider sheep or goat. Those animals could bear two times in a year. Each female can bear 2-5 babies. The population of your sheep or goat can double in short time.
The farm land is also important too. There are some precious commodity such as corn, wheat, soy, and others. It must need large farmland to produce those commodities. You can start to buy small area first.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to side with windfall profit

Some people cannot stand with the poor living but some people cannot stand with rich living. Some unlucky people get windfall profit. A beggar may get a house from a kind person, a poor student may get dozen gold bar, a homeless get an inherent from unknown parents and so on.
When they get money, they do not know how to spend the money. Most people spend the entire money bust some of them save all the money. They go to Solomon Island to holiday that need thousands dollars. They buy luxurious car so they can so it to other people who ever tease them. I believe the money run out immediately. Buying a luxurious card need much money and the maintenance. The money just for the car but they do not get the money.
Some others people prefer to save the money. It is not wrong to save the money because we know we will use the money when we need it someday. However saving money cannot help people to get the wealth. Someday the money runs out.
Though we are poor man, it is not wrong to plan something. Perhaps we have dream to open a small business or to be a doctor. Here are some ways to spend your money when you get windfall profit:
1.    Investment
Some people believe that investment is a way to increase the wealth. I will save our windfall profit money. There are some cheap stocks that will increase when the crisis over. The business of the company is no over though the crisis. The company may pay the dividend to the stockholder.  Off course, only the good company that pay the dividend. Research the stock first before buying a stock. It will help you to find the right stock for you. Construct the portfolio that consist some stock such as infrastructure, retail, software, and else. Each stock is different. Some are goods in crisis but some other is worst in crisis.
You have better to get some suggestion from the financial advisor. The kind financial advisor may direct the right stock for you. Beside stock, you can invest your money on mutual fund, ETF, precious metal and others.
2.    Pay the mortgage or buy house
You are no rich until you have a house. A small house is enough for small family. You are better to pay off the mortgage soon so you will feel safe.  If you want to buy new house, it will be good too. Perhaps you want to live in a new environment or you can use the house to make money by renting it.
3.    Open a business
When you have so much money, you can open a business. Perhaps you want to buy a store that sell vegetable or fruit. We will get benefit from the store. Research first the business place because it can influence the sales. Sell what people want by hearing them.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to adjust smaller household budget

The budgeting is an important skill for our life. We should be clever to manage the budget. We must sure the budget balance. What we stream should not different with what we spend. It will be better when you have higher income.
If you have still high spending, you need to adjust it. There are some action to adjust to a smaller household budget:

1. Track your expenses

Write down all the expenses include the small amount of expenses in a month. Categorize the expenses to some category. It will help you to recognize the kind of expenses. You can separate the necessary need with unnecessary needs. When your income so small, you are better to leave the unnecessary needs. For example, you need to eat but you do no have to eat at restaurant. Eating out can increase your spending around hundreds or thousand dollar in a month. It will better to cook the food that is more health and cheaper.
People often buy an item hat they do not need it. A mom often buys too much cabinet to keep the newspaper or other things. Supposedly, she does not have to buy cabinet but she can keep the old newspaper in warehouse or she can sell the newspaper.
Sometimes a mom also spend does no realize that she has spent dozen r hundreds dollar. Sometimes a mom buys soft drink everyday. The price a can of soft drink is a dollar. In 30 days, she spends a last $30. Supposedly, he mom reduce the sift drink because it is expensive and It is bad for your health. The soft drink can lift our body weight.
Consider the annually spending such as insurance and taxes.  Divide the amount of annually tax or insurance to the number of month in a year. Allocate the ax or insurance spending in a years.

2. Reduce your food cost

No matter the economic condition. No matter who you are, you should still eat food. We should earmark money for the food spending. However we can trim down the spending. Do not eating out to save hundreds dollars a month  If you cannot avoid eating out, you can reduce it first. You are better to cook  your food alone and you can cook any food that you like. Some people suggest buying in bulk because we will get rebates. We can buy in bulk such as meat, chicken, bread, tissue paper, towel, and so on. Notice that the meat is easy to damage so you must consider he expired date.
Find the supermarket or grocery that sell the food cheaper. You can make bit research to find it. Buy the items that you need it. Do not buy any grocery items that you do need. Sometimes the discount often tempts us to buy more.

3. Reduce the utility bill of your household
Be sure the faucet closed down when someone do not use the water. To spray the grass or garden, you can use the used water. You can save your bath to spray the water. You can also it to wipe the window by using water. Harvest the rain with the drum. You can use it at the dry season.
Plug on the electric or gadget if you do not use it. Do not forget to plug of the charger when the battery is full. We need to reduce the electric bill in order to reduce our spending. Use save energy wash machine. Most wash machine suck high electric bill. Always turn off the light when you do not use it.
Be sure what you spend is what you need. Do not waste your money though you have so much money. You will need money when you have no job. We do not know whether we need the money someday. Sometimes, we should expenses so much money for health.

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Friday, May 31, 2013

How to make money when you are broke

When you are broke, you need to find money. You still need money for food, cloth, and settlement. Do not stop to make money until you get it.
Here are some ideas to make money when you are broke:

Short term construction

You can apply to the construction near your house. I believe some real estate company need the worker for construction. The salary is high because only few people who want to work as construction worker.  In Japanese, the construction jobs salary is very high.
The work is not easy. You should have strong body to do some jobs and some skill. You should be able to lift the heavy and climb high construction. The construction jobs can make your cloth dirty because you have to paint and mix the material. The construction job is also dangerous. If you are not careful, you will fall from the building.

Freelance writing
There are some jobs in writing article. You can write short article for 5-10 dollars. There are some blogger who need the article for their blog. They want other article because they have no time to write the content.
If you like traveling, you can be a travel writer. Write your experience in your last travel. People like to travel and they want to know the detail information about where they go shopping ,where they find the hotel, where they go by and others.You can also draw the map of the place and also give some useful tips  for the reader.

Work at a bookstore
Bookstore must need some person to keep the bookstore. You can apply the job at bookstore and you will get paid from it. It is not much but you can use the money to buy food, cloth and paying apartment fee. The job is not difficult. You should be patience to wait the customer. You should be able to explain the book and find the book that customer want.
Of course, you should love book. You must know book that the store sell with the price. Some bookstore gives bonus to the keeper who sells some books.
After working, some people may need message. Some message can make the people fresh. Some massages can heal certain diseases.
If you are able to message, you can make money from it. The professional massage will get more money.
Farm work
 Though the machine can harvest the grain and fruit, but it cannot pick the apple or the orange on the tree. Only human can harvest the fruit on tree. Go to the fruit field and ask some jobs. It is not difficult to harvest the orange or apple as long You are dare to climb the stairs and harvest he fruit.
When the cabbage or lettuce ripe, the farmer must need people to harvest it. You need to cut the vegetable from it leaves and collect it to the truck. Some cattle farm also needs people to shepherd their cattle. You can herd the cattle from the field to the cage.
Work in a hostel
I have see in bbc, a millionaire want to work in a hostel. He just get free room and free food. Surely, you can also work for hostel like clean the room or cook the food. You must be able to sweep the floor, or clean the window. You should also change bad cover and pillow.
You will get not only free food and room but also some money. The money may be not much but you do no have to buy food or pay the apartment fee. When you have so much money, you can find apartment and work for other company.

Sell the bottle or aluminum can for recycle. You can collect those items to make money. Some PET or polyvinyl can be recycled too.You may get dozen or thousand dollars from it. Explore the rubbish near your environment and you may get some recycle items.  Some store also

Resell stuff

Sell the stuff from you garage or warehouse at garage sales.Perhaps we still have old bicycle or old wardrobe that Your neighbor may need it. Clean the bicycle with first and you can also paint the bicycle. Do not forget to oil the chain and the pedal. I believe the buyer dare to buy the bicycle expensive.
You can also sell the stuff on internet. Here are so many surfers who need the old stuff because it is cheaper than the new one. Open a website or blog to promote the items and you might get call from the buyer soon.

Sell blood

It is not difficult to sell your plasma blog. Each time you donor the plasma, you will get $20 - $35. Surely, you should be mature or 15 to 59 years. You should also be health and you have no diseases. Keep your body health by consume good food and do some exercises. Some doctor suggest us to donor our blood because it keep our body health. Do not worry that you will loss your blood. Your lever and bone will work to make the blood.  After selling the plasma, our organ fast produces the new blood.

You can also make handicraft if you are able to make it. Some people find the unique handicraft. You can sell the handicraft at the website. provides the handicraft maker spaces to sell the handicraft.
I saw some shop sell the knitting such as scarf, baby heat, sweeter, gloves and others. You can do knitting in the night or after you back from your office.  Create some education toys from wood than paint it.

Some ship need crew for sailing. You can also apply as the crew. Perhaps you can clean the floor or cook for the ship captain. We can work and enjoy traveling with other people. Not all can people sail with expensive boat.
It is not easy for every people to do this job.  We must be able to swim.  If the boat sunk, we must swim.
 Photo by Bob Jagendorf

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Friday, May 17, 2013

How to make money when you have debt

When you have so much debt, you may confused. For example, a clerck who has so much debt but he just got low paycheck. The entire of paycheck are paid for the debt. He does not get money again to buy food, cloth, and others. If you just use the paycheck, you cannot fulfill your daily necessity. Borrow money from other will not solve the problem. Your debt will increase and you will not pay the debt.
In long term, you can find another jobs that pay you more but you should also think the short time to make money.
There are something you can do to find fast money when you have so much debt:

1. Surround your neighborhood and house. Perhaps your neighboor need you to maintenance the house. Offers cleaning service to them. They may pay you dozen dollars for hours. The jobs is not heavy for health people. You can work for two hours at the house.
They may need to cut the grass or pour the water. We can also add the service. Surely, they will pay the additional cost. You can also add service to fertilize the grass.
2. Sell Plasma Blood
If you are health, you can sell your plasma blood. We can get $20-$35 each time we sell our plasma blood. Some doctor said it will not hurt you but it will make you health. The blood plasma will regenarate immediatley. By selling blood plasm, you also help people who need it. Some hospital may lack of the blood. You can sell the plasma again after four month. 
3. Recycling
Collect the bottle from the rubbish can if you dare to do that. You may ask your neighboor whether they have  the recycling things such as alumunium can, bottle, plastic, newspaper, and other. We can easily sell the recycle to the factory.
We can convert the rubbish to handicraft. In my country, people convert pvc bottle to ornamental lamp. They just need cuter to slice the pvc and then shape the bottle. They can also paint the ornamental lamp. We can also make bag from plastics by joint some plastics.

4. Sell your items
Have something can be used in the warehouse or garage? Sell in garage. Your neighbor may need the items and buy it. In some place, people often organize garage years periodically.
Upload the item’s photo that you want to sell at ebay.They may need your items.  Briefly describe your items and the condition of the items. Do no ever try to lie because it will be not good for your reputation.  
5. Paid Surveys
Find paid surveys in internet. You will get $10, $15, $20 each time you fill the questionnaire. Surely, only North American people can make money from the survey. You can also find some student who need people to fill the questionnaire.  The paid from the student may be not high as the paid surveys.
Be careful to scam paid surveys that are ton in internet. They just waste your time in internet. The fake or scam online survey just pay five or ten cents that you cannot withdrawn soon. You should wait until the payment reach $5-$10 that needs much time. Sometimes, you will not reach the payment.
6. Baby Sitting
Make money by caring other people's baby for dozen dollars per hours. Surely, you should be skilled in sitting baby. I believe most woman can sit the baby.

Friday, May 10, 2013

What Should be included in Financial Plan

People should make financial plan that is important for them. With the plan, you will know how to reach wealth. You know what you can prepare for to reach wealth. Without planning, we do not know where we go and we must lose in journey. When we go to in a place, we must prepare the map. We can choose the vehicle to go there. For example, you want to go to a place by car, bus or train.
To make the financial plan, you should include some essential or important element. In financial planning you should also include:

Figure your financial self
Check your financial health. Is the asset higher than the liabilities? Can you fulfill your daily necessity and month spending? Some people has high income but they cannot fulfill their spending. They spend too much money than they can generate.
List the entire of your asset. You may have a house that you stay inside. Guess the value of your house in dollar. You can see the price of the house today. Then, add your car as your asset too. Include the stock and precious notes as your asset. Count the market value of your stock or bond. Perhaps, you save some gold bar at the safe deposit box. You should record it as your total asset. Sum your entire asset.
List also the liabilities. You may have credit card debt, lease car, debt to other people. Record when you will settle the debt. Sum of all liabilities list and compare to the assets. If your asset higher than the liabilities, you are wealth. If, on the other hand, the liabilities is higher than the assets, you are not wealth.
Reach the wealth by reducing the liabilities. You can pay the debt soon for it. Do not borrow money again before your financial condition health. The debt cause your financial worst because you should pay it periodically.

The goal
What is the goal of your financial planning. People goal is to reach wealth. However, this goal is not clear. What is the definition of wealth? Each people have meaning. Some people think the wealth is a man whose has so many houses. Others people said that wealth is money.   We should have a clear goal. For example, we want $ 1 Million for next ten year.
The goals should be attainable. Consider the asset and your net worth. If your net worth is small, you should not set the goal too high so you cannot reach the goal. Calculate the money that you can get in specific time. We should be optimistic but we should able to calculate our ability.
The goal is also realistic. The employee should not set the goal to travel around the world. A common employee should think to reach wealth not leisure. They can set the goal to one place only where they dream to go there.

The budget
Budgeting is very important in financial planning. This tool can help you to reach the goal by the net worth that you have. A budget describe how much income comes to you and how much spending go out from you. Therefore, you can manage the money well.
The useful of budget is to earmark some money for the goal either short term goal or long term goal.For example: We want buy playsation next year. We can make the budget for buying the playstation. Earmark $30 per month, so you will collect $360 at the end of the year.
Making budget is not difficult. You can write what you can spend the last month. There are some spending items such as food, cloth, apartment rent, and others.  We have to eat everyday but we do not have to eat the restaurant because it is very expensive. We can cook the food in our kitchen tha is cheap and is also health. 
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The role of reduced spending in financial planning

Most article that talks about budget often mention about reducing the spending. We need to reduce the spending to balance our budget. We do not want our income is fewer than our spending. It make us bankrupt. If we have so much spending, we must borrow money from other people or bank. 
Reducing the budget is not easy too. We should be clever to reduce what kind the spending that we can be reduce. It is not wise to reduce the daily necessity such as wheat. For  example, we reduce half of our wheat every month. Your family will hungry when they just eat half of food. Reducing the quality of wheat is also not wise. Your kid may refuse to eat the food.
You can save on food by reducing the food. You can reduce a bit of meat or chicken meat. It is good for your health. Coupon is also a clever ways to reduce the food cost. The coupon can save $20 - $30 per month.
People should reduce the eating out eventhough they like it very much. You can save hundreds dollars in a month.
Before reducing the spending, you need to list all the expenses. We can track the expenses last month. Try to remember the spending that you have been spent last month. We can categorize the needs or the want. We just be able to reduce the unnecessary or unwarranty spending, such as eating out, go to cinema, gadget, and others.
By reducing the spending, we can save more money. By saving our money, we can protect from the uncertainty future. Someday we need the money for our daily necessity. If we got sick, we will need money. The children must also need money for their college.In economic meltdown, we can be fired by the company. We can use our saving to finance our needs. 
We can also earmark our excess money for investment too. The investment is important for our future and It can multiply our money in long term. We can be rich if we invest money at the investment. Unfortunately, the investment return is not good today. The interest rate so low or almost zero. However, some emergency country stock has double digit return such as chinese stock.
Reducing the spending can balance our budget too. If you just low paycheck, you have no choice to reduce the spending. Reducing the debt can make your budget health.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to save to buy house

Our ancestor live at the cave that can protect them from the wind and rain. They can also protect themself from the animal. As the civilization grow, they need house. A house is where the human can live. Every family need at least a house. They encourage to get the house. Here are some ways to save: 
1. Determine what kind house do you want  This is a important question for you. The house price is different each other, depend on the house type, the size of house, the location, and else. Research a bit about the house that you want to buy. Consider and calculate the time you need to buy the house. You will need more money, when you decide the house later. 

2. Budget for saving You need to earmark your income for your house. More money you save, more better. You can get the house earlier. Increase the income that you can do. If you have a good jobs, you may generate a high salary. If on the other hand, you get bad job, you just get low salary. Find side jobs or second jobs to increase your income. Teaching some knowledge and subject can make hundreds dollar per month.  If you plan to get house fast, you should earmark large money. It mus be heavy for you but i am pretty sure you can do it. 
Open an account that you will not withdraw except for house. You can save 5% from your salary or more than it. Save the money first before you use money for other things except for paying debt.
3. You can reduce the spending. You need to delete unnecessary and unwarranty spending for other purpose. You have better to have a house than watching the cinema everyweek.  there are so many things you can do to reduce the spending, such as: Use coupon to buy food at the supermarket and groceries. It does not reduce the spending much but you can save $20 - $40 per month.  Use the mass transportation such as buss, tram, train, to go to office or school  Use the save energy lamp to cut the electric bill. Turn out the light when you do not need it. 
In the spending side, you should use money for your need only. You can cut the entertainment spending. Find the alternative to cut down the spending. For example, you can start to cook your meals rather than buying the food because your cuisine must be health and delicious than other cuisine.
source :
Photo by: Tax credit

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The benefit of move back to your house

Every people dream his or her house where they can live together with his other family.  However, it is not easy to buy house because the price is increasing over many times.  We also face to economic meltdown than influence our money. It is hard to save money now.
Some unlucky person cannot pay the mortgage so the bank may seize the house. They have to find the shelter for their live. Some may rent the house or rent apartment. Of course, it is not cheap; you have to pay the rent monthly or annually so the monthly spending increases.
Here are the benefit that you can get when you moving back:
1. You can save the rent fee or room rent fee. Some people can spend at least 500 per month. Some others spend thousand dollars for it. You do not worry the landlord will ask you to pay the rent.
2. You can save in cleaning cloth.
Your mom may have huge washing machine. You do not have to pay the wash machine or laundry. It can save hundreds dollar a month. Off course, you should provide the detergent. You should also help your parent to fulfill their daily living cost.
3. We can share the light together
You do not have pay much electricity bill high. You can jointly pay the eclectric bill. It must be cheaper than you pay the electric bill alone. 
4. cheaper food spending
You can save some dollar when we live with your family. You can buy in bulk meat, vegetable, fruit, and others that is cheaper than buying in small quantity.They can save those food at refrigerator.
There are so many benefit in moving back to your home. You can also care your parent. However some people does not like to live together with the parent. They are worried that they will depend on the parent. Some parent spoil the children with anything.
They also do not want to move to the parent house which is also small. They worried the family will make the parent bothered.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hottest trend to make money

Last decades, some people use internet to make money. They believe internet, is a new giant power that make million dollars. With internet, we can sell anything and get commission from it. You can also work for foreign people. Some people collect five dollar from he gigs by doing something.
People try to make money to increase the wealth. They realize that there are some opportunity to makes money. Some things you can do to make money fast. Here are some hot trends to make moneys:

1. Franchise
Some people said that franchise can make money fast. There are some fast food restaurant that offers franchise. Some businessman can generate money for least one year. With the franchise, people can open restaurant easily. The franchise will advice the businessman to found the restaurant. They supply the food ingredient such as chicken, bread, cheese, vegetables, and others. The franchise also provide skilled waitress or they will train your waitress.
The businessman does not need to promote the franchise because they have name and brand. The consumer that loves the brand will come to you.  Most franchise business is success. You just need some money or place for your franchise. The place is very important because it can attract so many consumers to your restaurant.  A franchise in my country said that over 95% franchise can make profit.

2. Writing freelance
Some website hire to write at their website such asassociatedcontent, hubpages, squidoo, infobarrel and so on. Some good member can make dozen or thousand dollar from the website. There are million people try to be freelance writer because it is not difficult. Some foreign people learn english and write the content and submit it to the website.
Some people prefers to build a blog or website to put the content. They can make one thousand or two thousand dollar a month. They can generate money from advertising such as Google Adsense, Yahoo publisher network, and so on.
You can make few bucks buy selling your content. Promote that you can write for some topics. Most blogger does no wan to tire and they hire the freelancer writer who write good article. The website or blogger will hire you again as long you write good article for them.
It is not difficult to write 500 words or a 1000 words article. You may need only twenty or thirty minutes to write the article. You can research the topic by reading the book or website.  You can also offers proofreading service for the amateur writers. Some of them need you to improve the article.

3. Rent a room
Do you have  so much room? You can rent to other people. A student can pay $500 per month for a room. If you have ten room, you can make $5000 per month. You can convert the garage room to a nice room. 
If you live near the college or the industry, you will be not difficult to find the tenant. Most students seek the cheaper room for staying. They just need it the room for sleeping or studying at the night. Most students spend his or her life in the university.
To promote the room, you can sticky the leaflet in campus or place the gigs at craigslist. The student will phone soon to ask the room soon.

4. Freelancer worker
Some employee offerss the jobs on internet. They want some research project done. They do not want to spend time by doing it. They offers to anyone who can finish the job. Some jobs duty just record the website and make a brief description about the website. I believe we can do the jobs easily. The salary may not much as worker as.
Some people also seek the people to make the presentation. They must be busy man so they hire other people to do the job. We can create a good presentation file. The presentation should be write in good English. The content of the presentation should be good too.
The freelancer can also work as virtual assistant. They can work through online. There are so many jobs they can do through online. My brother is an accountant for some company. He does not have to come everyday o the office. He jus comes once a week. He will finish the report at the end of the month and year.
We can work for some boss not only one boss so we can get money from some boss too. Some people work as freelancer than as ordinary worker because they can get more money though they cannot get pension. They can work for boss who can pay more; on the other hand, hey can refuse to the miser boss who do not pay appropriately.

5. Selling online
We can buy a unique things on internet. Some people use internet to sell the old items. Perhaps someone needs old item from us. By selling the items, we can get two benefits i.e, the empty warehouse and the money. You do not have to store the old item that you do not need anymore in your warehouse because it will make your warehouse full.
If we have no item, we can sell other people items. We just promote the items on our blog, facebook, or twitter.  We just get 4% commission from there. If we can sell more items, we can get more commission. Some blogger can make money from selling other people items. I have ever read a blogger can get $3000 dollar because he has sold an old car.
Selling online does not need much money. You just need computer and the internet connection. Then you can build a blog or website. The content of website must be similar to your product that you want to sell. Some people usually research the product before buying anything especially the electronic things. Some bookworm also read the review before they buy the book. They want sure he book is very good and they need to read it.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to cope when a family member cannot work because ill

Life is unpredictable. We want our body health but sick could attack us. Tough, we have kept our body health by eating health food, doing exercises, and so on. Some company will fire the ill employee because the sick man is not productive anymore. The company will replace the sick man with other man.
The company may pay the last salary and some severance for the ex employee. However, the money may be not enough for the sick man moreover the sick man is head family who responsible for the family. The worst, the wife may have no job. Some wife must apply a new job.  The wife may leave home to support the family. Perhaps a new problem will come. When the mom should work they should leave the kid who needs the mom.
Loosing the main of income source is a bread dream. For a couple months, the family can live from he severance, however, they should cope the situation. Here are some actions that you need:
1.    Use Saving or investment
It is time to use umbrella I rainy day. That is why we save some money. It is time you use the money. You may have some money that you have saved for yearly. The saving may help your finance for a while. However, you should make money before the saving run down.
Investment also can help you in this situation. Perhaps you have so much stock that you have invests for dozen years. You may just receive passive income for investment. Receive dividend yearly without doing anything.

2.    Re budget
Since the income side of budget decline, you have to make some adjustment in expenses or spending side. Trim the spending that you can. You have to reduce eating out that can save hundreds dollar in a month. Hiring the DVD is cheaper than going to cinema.  You have to spend less for entertainment budget.
You should also think to find the alternative income. You can start business now to make money.

3.    Support your family member
Do not blame the sick man but you should motivate him or her. It is not his or her mistakes that he or she suffer sick. The sick need your support and some motivation may help for them. They may recover from sick someday. The support can heal some disease especially psychomatic.

4.    Don’t be panic
Yes, most people will panic if someone ill in this family moreover the family member is the main source of the family income. They think they will not have money and they must suffer. They know they should cut some expenses especially for leisure. 

Panic does not help you. You have to construct the steps to cope your problem.  Stay calm side the bad situation.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to increase your saving in recession time

At the recession time, people are difficult to make money and they should pay more for spending. Though the boss whose has large factory feel difficult to get money when the recession.
On the other hand, Some people are easily to get money. Here are ways to make money when recession:

1. Take second jobs or side jobs
My friend teach for ten college to raise his income. He just get little money if he just teach a college. He teaches from a college to other college.
Some clerck whose hold master degree also teach at the afternoon. We can get $ 70-$80 each time we teach the college. If you have doctor degree, you will be paid more.
You can work after back to your home. Use your skill to make more money. There are some gigs in internet such as writing. Perhaps you can write article or some article. It is not heavy jobs to do it.

2. Open a business
You can strat the business to make money. Explore what kind business that can generate make money. Some business can make money fast.
Today, people can generate thousand dollars from blog. If you can write great content, you can generate couple thousand dollars in a month. You have to patient to the niche or subject of the blog.
The easy business is selling a thing. You can sell food

3. Generate income from asset
rent your room for hundreds dollars a month. Announce that you need room in the newspaper or craiglist. If you have more than one house, you can rent one of them.
You can also hire your land to the farmer. They can share profit from farm with you. You do not have to pay the tax because the tenant will pay it.

4. Sell Old Items from your house
Go to the garage, roof, or warehouse? Is there something that you can sell. You may change the items with little dollar. If you have some antique, you can get thousands dollars. I saw in pawn stars some people got hundreds or thousand dollars by selling the antique. Selling he antique is better than let it at the warehouse.
Promote your old items at craigslist to get the buyer. You have to promote the items through facebook or twitter.

5. Sell your hobbies
Do you like knitting? Some people can sell the knitting on internet. We can make money from there too. Some woman may need scarf or baby need nice heat.
Mom who can cook cookies may sell the cookies to neighbors. Perhaps they like your cookies because your cookie is very delicious. You can offer other people to buy your cookie. Promote your cookie through website, blog, facebook, twitter, and others.
If you have so much cat, you can sell it to the cat lover. Turn your hobby to business. It is not hard to do that. Raising cat for cat lover is not difficult. They can raise dozen or hundred cats easily.
Some people collect rare edition or old Marvel comics. They can sell it to get dozen or thousand dollars. You need to check your warehouse to see your collection.

It is important to make money in recession times. Try to find the idea to makes money.
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Three money management tips for single

My brother has high salary but he can save so much money. He often spend the money for leisure things. He buy the gadget; whereas, he has had new gadget. He also like cars and he has three cars. He also charity to our family. He used to give his nephew and niece five to ten dollars. That is why his nephew and niece also love him. He is a generous man.
The company that he work also provide health benefit. He will get some money when he sick. The company also provides retirement fund. He has so much money because he has not yet married. He does not need to pay the school fee for the kid. He also does not need to buy food and cloth for family. However, he should manage the money for the future. Someday, he will marry a girl and must fulfill the family needs.
I also suggest him to buy a house or land but he seem no hear me.   I believe he can collect so many assets by investing in stock or other investment.
Here are the money management tips for single:

1. Create a budget
We can set a part for the various spending. The budget help the single to manage their money. They can thrift the spending. The single should save more for the future. They maybe easy to get the money now but someday they will be difficult to find money. They should save so much money to cover them.
List the expenses that you use to spend. It is not difficult to do it. Write the expenses in a spreadsheet or note book.  The first expenses are the most important expenses such as food, cloth, gasoline, transportation cost, apartment fee, and so on. Then watch the list. You can reduce the item that you do not need it very much.
Separate the need to the want. The money is never enough to buy your want. You have to drive your self to buy useless things.  Reduce eating out o save hundreds dollar a month.
Be clever to spend your money too. Buy used things that are cheaper than new one. As long we can select the item, we can get the good items. We can buy used book or hire it at library.
A single will married someday and they need to save money for it. The cost of wedding is high too. In my country, the man should provide bride price for the woman. The bride price is not cheap.
Do no forget to allocate some money for saving. A least you need to allocate you salary to your saving.  The rule of thumb is ten percent. I hear Chinese labor can save 70% of their salary and they also invest he money at capital market. They could reach wealth soon though hey are jus a labor.

2. Avoid to buy everything
A single woman often buy the cloth, accessories, cosmetics, and so much. They want to looks beautiful. They can spend thousand dollars a month for spa, salon, and others.  On the other hand, a single man tends to buy gadget or electronics. They can save thousand dollars to satisfy their curiosity on the gadget. A single man also likes car or motorcycle. He can buy so many cars for showing to his friend. They want to
They have to press the desire to buy anything. You just need gadget to communicate to other people. You may do not need the feature of the gadget. Use the gadget until it broke and you can buy the new one.
3. Set the emergency fund
Set aside liquid cash for emergency fund. When you need cash immediately, you can use it. Some people who does not set the emergency fund will find debt to cover the living cost. They must  payback the debt with interest. Emergency fund or rainy day will avoid you increase debt.
Emergency fund is like umbrella in rainy day. The umbrella will protect us from the rainy day.
The amount of the emergency fund depends on your routines spending. If you spend more money, you have to set more money for emergency fund. Thus, multiply your monthly spending with six or twelve times. That is he rule thumb of emergency fund.
Where do we put the fund? Some people may hold the cash at the house. I think it is not safe. You can also put the emergency fund in short term investment or liquid investment so you can withdraw the fund wherever you need. 
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 ways on how to lift from poverty

The world is full of various people. Some people are rich but some others are poor. They are hard to find dollars for buying foods. Sometimes they must find food at rubbish. They hope the rich man throw the food to rubbish. I believe the food must be bad for health. They are forced to live in shirt without a settle. The cold often make them fever and the rainy make them wet. They just burn the fire in a barrel to warm their body.
Most people do not want to live in poverty though lazy man. People try hard from morning to evening to lift them from poverty.  Some poor people choose wrong ways to lift from poverty.  They sell the kidney for thousand dollars. I believe I will not lift the poverty. They still live in poverty and loose the kidney. We do no have to sell our organ to lift the poverty or play Russian Rolette for it because there are so many ways to lift from poverty?
There are some ways to lift you from poverty, such as:
1. Working
Most people get money from working. They will get paycheck everymonth from the company. The company also give the employee retirement fund, medical benefit, insurance and others. After work dozen years, you can lift the poverty. You may have car, house, and other. You can also consider working for government. Find the jobs that right for you.
Only few people will get the top position, such as Jack Welch. Most people will stay in down line or work as clerk. They may not rich but they can lift them from poverty. They can save dollar by dollars for long time.
You can work as a freelancer. If you have a skill, you can offer to other people or place ads in gigs. The people will pay you after you finish the jobs. At first time, you can offer free service or cheap payment service but after that you can charge expensive fee for your service.
Walk around your environment. Perhaps your neighbor needs you to paint the wall or house. You can also help your neighbor to cut the grass or others else.
2. Starting a business
In a developed  country, most people prefer to start business rather than working as employee. They believe that business can make more money rather than working as employee. They do not have to go to office everyday but they receive more money.
This is a fast ways to live from poverty. If you have marketing skill, you can get money fast. You can sell anything to other people to makes money. The return of selling could reach hundred percent in a short time. It is better than any investment today. For example, you buy a toy one hundred dollars this day and you can sell it for two hundred dollars. 
You do not have to have much money to sell anything. You can sell other people stuff to get the margin. Surely, you need to ask the permission first. Some blogger or website owner sells other people stuff for the commission. The commission is not much four percent but you can make more money. In my country, a internet marketer got $5000 per month from Amazon.

3. Saving
You may not have much income but you always set aside the money for saving. After long time, you will find your money so abundant. You can become wealth someday. I hear a poor man collect a penny by penny and he bring the penny by wheel. He buys the house after he collect the coin dozen years.
Saving is very important for every one no mater what is your prophecy. The rule of thumb is ten percent of your income. Place the saving first when you receive the salary. You can put the money at the safe place.
Saving does not mean you insert the coin to the piggybank. You can also save the money when you buy at the grocery. You can also use coupon to save some dollar.  You can save so much money from there. You can save the money or you can use the money for other need.
Saving is also important when you must spend for unexpected things. We cannot predict when we sick. Sometimes we must go to the hospital because a virus attacks us.

4. Investment
After saving money, you can invest it to the investment. If you are lucky, you can get benefit from it. Some people can get benefit from gold investing. They have invested their money to gold years ago. They know that the gold price will increase due economic meltdown.
On the other hand, the stock market investment is not good recently. Most market index declines so it can generate return to the investor. However, someday, the stock will rise to the peak. We do not know when it will happen.
Do not put your money to an investment only. You can allocate the money to various investment such as stock, ETF, mutual fund, and else. Consider the real asset such as land, farm land, property and else. The property price increases and you can also make money from it. Rent he property o whoever need it. 
Manage your investment well. Construct the portfolio that can reduce the investment risk. For young people, they can prefer the risky portfolio that consist risky investment. Thee risky investment is risky but it can make more money. For old people they are better to safest investment.

5. Write a book
Some book writer can make million dollar from book. If you have talent to write, you should start now. Increase your skill to write by writing in blog. Someday they become a famous writer in the world.
Everyone is an expert like Seth Godin said. Why something do no write that you know it very well? The people may buy your book.

You should work hard to lift you from poverty. Do not hope that gold rain come to you.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why a retiree should saving his money?

The retirement is an element of financial planning. The financial planning is said not completed if it does not include the retirement. Either employee or businessman needs retirement fund. Those funds are important when they retire from company. We realize that we cannot work forever. Old man cannot work fast as the young man. Some old man has disease. They cannot stand for hours or sit in the front of the computer for hours. That is why the company retire the old man and replace them with young man. The company want the efficient and effective employee or labour to gain profit.
After retire, the retiree has no paycheck from the boss.If the worker has a business, they can generate money from there. The business revenue can replace the paycheck. However, not all retiree has business, so they just expect the money from retirement fund.
If you save much money in retirement fund, You can withdrawn much money too and reversely.
When the worker near retire,  the spending could increases. Perhaps they need big fund for kid education. The college fund is high today especially medical school.
When you retire, you may need to maintenance your house because you have used it for dozen years. The leak roof should be improved or it will damage the other part house. For the retirement who has not yet pay the mortgage off, they need so much money.
For the freelancers or businessman, they should contribute to the retirement fund too. They are different from employee which the company cut the retirement fund from the salary directly. The freelancers or businessman should earmark the payment and business profit to the retirement fund.
To get the great retirement fund, people should contribute early. They can start to contribute at twenties. The money will grow over many times. They will withdraw more money than employee who starts contribute lately. Example, Mr Jones started contribute the retirement fund at 20. He used to paid $100 each month. Now, Mr Jones decide to withdrawn the retire after 50 years work. He will get  equals. On the other hand, Mr Thorn used to contribute $100 but he started to save at 40. He also withdrawn at the 70. Mr Thorn got equals
We can see Jones got more money than Mr Thorn despite those two employee contribute $100. Jones has started to contribute earlier than Thorn.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 Wrong ways to Rich

A man uses to leave the house at early morning and go home in midnight but he is not rich. He just gets money that enough for food and cloth only. Sometimes he must borrow money to pay the apartment fee and he cannot buy even a small house.  He also builds a small business to increase the income but the business cannot make money for him.

 He also finds a motivator to teach him rich but he motivator does no help him. The motivator just suggests him to work hard; whereas, he has worked so hard.
I believe that most people have worked hard but they are not rich. They have made some mistakes and pass wrong way to become rich. Here are:
1. Workaholic
To make money, people will suggest you to work hard. Yes, most people who want to be rich must work hard. Collect penny by penny and never stop until rich.  Some people think work from early morning to midnight will make more money than other people who work from 9 to 5. By working too hard, you will damage your health. As an ordinary man, we have to take the rest too. By forcing our body, we will get sick easily.
We cannot work in front of the computer in five hours. The experts suggest to rest every one hour. Too long in front computer could make your eyes damage. You also notice your eyes health because it is very important for your life. Staying in front of computer can make your body sick too. Do some exercises every one hour.
What we can do to reach wealth is smart working. BY smart working, you can work less and get money more. We have to delete the activity that has no value or less value. We work for value activity only. You can also find the right place that want pay you more. Consider to move when your boss does not pay you proper to your skill.
2. Not socializing
As social beings, we need to socialize. Human cannot life alone in a silent place. They must need food or cloth from other people. To be honest, we cannot make food or cloth alone. We need the vegetables or fruit from other people. We also need some needle to sew the cloth.
Do not just work alone. Find a friend mind-like to reach your ideal. You can work together with your friend. By working together, you can solve a hard problem together. Your friend may know something you do not know and you may know something that your friend does not know. You can share the info or knowledge together.
By socializing, you can tell everyone that you are an expert. They may hire your experts someday. You can also ask people to help you if you want to do something. For example, you need accountant for your small business. You can ask people near you to do the job.
Socializing means you build network too that will increase your opportune to make business. You can sell a product or your experts in your network.  Most freelancers or consultant has its network. They will share when there is an opportunity.
3. Stingy is different to saving
Indeed, we often see the stingy rich man.   They have never given anything to other people unless they would have been sure they got something. They calculate every penny that they give to other people. Most stingy man does no pay tip to restaurant service or repairman. They prefer to keep some pennies than giving it to other people. They may keep the tips in the jar.
By collecting penny, they will rich. They collect the penny for daily necessities. They may save hundreds dollar in a month. Most stingy man is also “frugal” too. They will not spend for expensive things. They just wear casual shirt and they will no buy the expensive jewelry.
The stingy may save hundreds dollars but they may loss thousand dollars. By stingy to other, you will loss your most friends. Most people do not like miser people and they keep away from stingy man. Most people will revenge for the miser people. Most people will be miser to the stingy man.
4. Stacking Money
Sometimes people think that rich people is people who hold a lot of money. It is not wrong because the rich is counted by the number of money. However stacking money cannot increase the value of money whereas the value of money decreases year to year. Every year the food price increases so your money does no mean with food. For example, the price of cow was $5 in 1880’s. Now, you have to prepare thousand dollars to buy a cow.
You are better to buy something rather than stacking your money. You may buy a car so you can go to office easily. The car value may decrease as he time goes by. However, you can use the car and the value will not decrease as the paper money.
I will be better if you use the money for starting business or buying business. By Starting business or buying a business, you may make more money or you can loss too.
Stacking at gold is a good alternative too. Unlike paper money, gold value is stable. Sometimes the gold value is higher than inflation rate. He gold investor often sells the gold when inflation occurs and they get more money.

5. Lazy charity
The miser people are very hard to allocate money for charity. They just distribute money for their own spending. Charity may decrease you money but it will help you someday. Someday when you bankrupt, you must be happy when someone raise their hand for you.
A research said that by charity, our mind will happy. I believe it also cure some disease.
In economic side, a charity can influence your personal tax. You will pay less he tax if you charity to foundation. 

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to make money without investment?

The rich man can make money when they spend holiday on Bali or Hawaii. The investment return can increase their money and their wealth.  They can invest their money because they have money. They do not have to work hard but they get money from the investment. 
 On the other hand, poor man cannot invest money. It is hard to make money for them.  Sometimes they do no eat anything. However, everyone can make money.
People can make money from something else, such as:

1. Work for other people
If you want make money, you should work. Find jobs near your house. You can help your neighbors to cut the grass or pour the garden with water. You can also bath the other people dogs if you like pets. You can walk with the dogs to make more money.
You can apply jobs at the company. If you have good skill and experienced, you will get so much money.  Working for people or being an employee is a common way to make money. We will receive some money that we often call it salary after we finish the job. Sometimes we get the payment at the end of the month or at the beginning.
The salary may increase if you work for the company for long time. You also get promotion become manager so that you will receive more money.
Since long time ago people want to work for other who had much money. Samurai, Japanese knight, also hunt the boss who can employ them. The samurai will protect their boss and bosses asset. They bravely defend their boss until die.
2. Blogging
Some famous blogger got thousand dollars every month from the blog. Write five hundreds article for a blog to raise the traffic. Some blogger suggest fifty good articles. The blogger can make money by displaying ads on the blog. You are better to write the blog in English because English is the most used language.
Some blogger also got donation from the subscribers or visitors. Sometimes good visitors donate $ 10- $100. It is not much.
The blogger can generate much product y writing for a product. Describe the product with its strength and weakness. Some website dares to pay up to $100 for an article.
3. Selling online
Today, people can buy or sell something on internet. They can start to sell useless items that they save in garage. Upload the photo of your items to the eBay. The other people may interested to your stuff. They can make bid for the items. You can get more money when people desire buy your items.
You can also help people to sell their items. You promote the items and get profit from them. For example, your friends just want to sell the item for $40. You can sell it $50 and get $10.If you clever in selling online. You can buy used items at used market. Repair the items and sell it at your website. Some people may need your items too.
If you have no stuff, you can sell other stuff. There are lot books, VCD, cloth, and so much. Promote the Amazon product on your blog. You will be paid when the visitor hit the ads and buy the stuff. Get 4% to 6% commission each product.
4. Write a Book
Some famous writer can make million dollar from best seller book. Write any subject that you know. You can share the knowledge or experience in the book. People need tutor book or how to book. Perhaps you are good a gardening. Write the book like gardening a flower. Explain the step of planting  a flower. Write the tips to make a good gardening. Some mom may buy your book.
Perhaps, you have go to a place. You can write about the place and the history. You have to insert the interesting photo in the book. Write the important things and interesting place. People always want to traveler and may buy the book before going to a place.
You can also write e-book too. Some people prefer to read e-book than printed book due e-book cheaper. Write some words in the word and convert it to pdf. 
The royalty of book is about 10%. If you can sell million copies, you can be a millionaire too. Some famous writers get million dollars from their book.
5. Create Software
Perhaps, you can create personal finance software that help people to budget the money. Some company may be interested with your system. They dare to pay you thousands or dozen thousands dollars for it. The company may also need you to maintenance he software. In my country, a software creator becomes a millionaire because of his accounting software. The Malayan company has acquired the software and he gets so much money.
Some software creator can make passive income with its software. The creator will get cash once people buy it product. Off course, you should also improve the software so you can
6. Be a Tutor
Some people has a talent to teach something. We can get $ 60-$80 each time we teach the student. We have to increase our knowledge in math and algebra subject. Both subjects are difficult and the student often does not like it. That is why some parent also hunt for the algebra or math tutor for their kid.  Beside those subjects, you can also each computer tutorial. You can teach the student in excel or power point.  Though everyone can use excels or PowerPoint, not all people can create good presentation or spreadsheet. Teach them how to make those files good.
You can also be guide if you have experience in visiting specific place. You have to study the foreign language such as Spanish, German, Japanese and others. You will be guide of the outside tourist from Spanish, German and Japanese.  Some people may enjoy become tourist guide and they familiar with foreign people. Also learn about the tourist place and the history of the place. Sometimes the tourist wants to know the history of place.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Top Five reason you will never rich

Every people want to be rich. I rarely find someone who want to be poor. However, not all people can reach wealth. Some of them have tried to reach wealth but they fail. They work from nine to five to collect penny by penny. Sometimes people has make mistake that cause them become poor. Hey do o realize their attitude make them poor.
Here are the top reason why people fail to reach wealth:

1. They believe that they were born to be poor
Some people think they were born as a poor man due their father are the poor man. Yes, it is true that a poor man will be difficult to rich; however; it is not impossible to change the fate.
A poor man lives in limit. They are difficult to eat moreover paying the school fee. They think the destiny will not be different with their father or ancestors. They just take it and they do not want to change.
The mindset influences their action so they never try to change their life. They just submit to on their destiny. They do not work hard because they think they will not rich.
Only few people who has poor father do not believe it. By switching their mindset, they can find a way to wealth.They work hard to reach the wealth. They save penny to penny for their education. They believe the education can get good jobs.
Some people prefer to open a business with small money. The business increase gradually and they become a new rich man. Do not believe that you cannot change your destiny.

2. Lazy
There is no place for lazy people. The lazy people cannot reach wealth unless he or she get inherit from the rich parents; however, someday the asset will loss. The lazy man do not try to increase the inherit from the parents. He thinks that the father assets will enough to fulfill he necessity. 
 A Lazy man never learns so they will never pass any school. They think education is not useful for them. His parent order to study at school but they often absent without reason.
Every company does not need lazy man too. They will fire any lazy employee. The lazy will no have jobs so they will have money. I believe a lazy man will not be rich forever.

3. Have no skill
Every people must have a talent but not all people cannot grow the talent.  Sometimes people can find the talent after years. Example: My nephew is an driver assistant. He has spent dozen years as the assistance but he cannot drive the bus well. Finally, he tried opening a store in the front of his house. He buy the items from the grocery and sell it at the store. The store grown and he had the store.
It is impossible for unskilled people to reach wealth. The unskilled people cannot sell anything so the other people do not want to pay them.
Every people have skilled even a fool man. Unfortunately, most people do not know what their skill because they do not recognize themselves. Supposedly they try finding their skill. Perhaps a man cannot pass the university but he has writing skill. Why do not use is wiring skill. Some famous writer has not passed elementary school. They just learn and learn to sharp their written skill. They write a novel that pays them hundred and thousand dollars.
Thomas Alva Edison has never yet go the university but he found light bulb that people use it. He also found General electric company.

4. Have no jobs

I have never seen jobless people can become rich man unless they win the lottery or inherit money from a rich father. To be rich, you should make money. To make money, you should have a job
The unemployment has increase since the euro crisis. The Unemployment rate has hit the top level of unemployment. The company cannot employ the employee because they have little money. However, the economic tight is not a reason for you to quiet. You can seek out other jobs so you can stream the income. Try applying the company that needs your service. Perhaps they will call you. Do not ask high salary. Prove that you are right person for the company so the company will pay you high.
You can also consider being freelancer. You can do some jobs such as accounting, bookkeeping, writing, making a proposal and so on. Visit he website that need your skill. You can collect hundred or thousand dollar from the website.
Alternatively, you can start business. Some young man prefer to start business than seeking jobs. They are the independent people and do not depend on the boss. They can also collect profit more than the average rate of employee salary.

5. Have no marketing skill
We live in the world with other people. We can be wealth if we can sell something. The employee sell their skills to employer. They work for the company and the company pays them.  A doctor sale their knowledge and skill to the patient. The doctor get paid after exercise the patient.
If you cannot sell your skill, you cannot reach wealth. I heard some doctor cannot get jobs because they cannot sell their skills or knowledge. Today is online era, we can sell our skill through social media and social networking. Build a blog that promote your skill and knowledge. Someday people will buy your knowledge.
Some professional who hold degree are still poor. We do not doubt the skill of them but they cannot sell their expertise. Perhaps they shame to market themselves.
We have to able to market ourselves. Say to your friend or other people that you are expert in a subject.   If you are never tell your friend or other people, your friend will never know that you are an expert. Perhaps they hire other people other people to do something that you can do too. You must be regret when you hear your friend hires other people.