Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to protect your baby financial futures

I amaze to a student at the number one university in my country whose parents are cadger. I believe the parent will not be able to finance the college because the college fee is very expensive.The student can fund the college by small business. He sell the donuts to the other student .
I believe his parent are the best parent. Though they have no money, they can lead the kid to the univeristy. On the other hand, some parent who has so much cannot lead the kid to college. They just spend the time and they have no jobs. The parent has not succes to lead the kid.
Surely you must protect your kid. Here are:

Saving some money for them. You may use the money for their college fee or something. Earmark at least 10% for saving that including for children college. Sometimes the disease attack them

Life Insurance
Some parent worries they leave the kids alone. They prefer to buy the life insurance. The amount of money that they can get depend on the parents premium.

Invest the part of your money for the kid. There are some stocks that can makes money. You can share the return for their needs. Perhaps, they want to study algebra tutorial, or mathematical tutorial. It needs much money for it but it will useful for them in future.
Some parent buy Bond Series E to fund the kid education. The parent can inherit the investment to the kid.

Encourage them to learn
Tell them that you should learn or era will kick them. The world is very very wild. They should learn to get good grade. Learn to survive in this world.
Teach them to make money. You can teach them how to sell lemonade and cookies, sell newspaper, sell the items and others. Someday they become a good trader and rich man.

Good education
You should the best education for the children. It is good when you school them to the best school and university. They may get good knowledge. The office often seek out the best university graduated. The graduated must have good skill than other university graduates.
If you have no much money, you can teach them some skill. The skill might be useful for the future. Some kid can makes thousand dollar from their novels. People interest to their story. Some kid in my country has published story book.

Friday, March 14, 2014

How to check financial health by yourself

The financial check up usually is done by financial advisers. They interview you to gain the financial condition. They can appraise whether you are in health or sick after they analyze some factors. Actually, you can also check your financial health by your self. You should recognize the financial fact. Here some financial fact that you should know and it helps you check your financial fact:

See the net worth
The net worth is representative of wealth and it describe your health too. If you have so much asset relative to liability, you must be health and wealth. The asset that you have include car, land, building, investment, saving and others.  Undoubtedly. The asset can pay yourself. It can make money too. You can hire the assets to make money or buy the assets again.

Check the Cash flow
Check the cash inflow and the cash outflow from you. You may have so much asset but you may get it from credit or lease. It must be dangerous if you use much debt to buy asset. If your most asset are funded from debt, you must be in dangerous. 
Have you enough cash to fulfil your daily necessity?

Credit Score
How high is your credit scores? Higher, the better. You can borrow your money from other sides. The credit scores reflects the financial health. The higher score means you can pay off the debt on time. We can get the score from FICO.

How much investment do you have today? The investment could be a sign of the financial health. The investment is also asset of the person. It may increase or decrease, depending on market condition.

When the market bear, the value of asset decrease. On the other hand, the value will increase when the market bull.  The investment can also generate money. The stock usually pays dividend every years.
Do you have retirement fund? The retirement fund is important for the future. We can calculate the retirement fund too. The amount should be enough for your future.

Estate Planning
Have you something to protect your house. The insurance may protect your house.

Debt is the liabilities that we should pay it, such, as mortgage loan, credit, lease car, credit card, and others. The high debt means you are in danger. The ratio of debt to asset is not more than 30%. If you have more than 30%, you can bankrupt. You should reduce the debt immediatley.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Benefit on learning how to save

Some ant save the food during the spring because they will face with winter. In winter, they cannot works to gather food such as sugar, fruit, insect, and others. They will stay on their hole. They can eat when winter and they can take the holiday inside the hole.
A human supposedly can save like ant. We cannot work forever. We should retire someday because our body will be weak. When you retire, you still need money. It is important to learn saving the money. The benefit that we can get from saving are:

1. We know the saving important
Undoubtly, the saving is important. When we want buy a something that we cannot buy, we can save the money first. For example, The gold ring is $2000, while we just have $ 300. We can save the money until $2000 are gained.
The saving keep us from debt. When we sick, we can use the saving. The medical bill is very high.

2. Know how to save
It is not wrong to save the money at can or save box but it is not effective. Sometimes saving money in your house is not save. some of your family member may grab the can. The cleptomaniacs guest may stealth your money.
Saving the money too long in the piggy bank can damage the paper. If you put the money at the roof, the lick may eat your money.
Some people think that saving at bank is better than piggy bank. I  admit that saving at the bank is safer than saving in house. We can get the interest and our money safe. The government will guarantee our money at the bak. However, the return is not equal with the bad economic today. The increasing stuff price is higher than the return. We should also pay the administration fee and ATM fee every month.
In this bad economic we can save money in gold shape. Their return is so high. Investing money at the stock market is not profitable now.
3. Commit to save
Saving need a hard commitment. Without it, you will be fail to save your money. Do not grab the money before the money is enough to buy what you want. The uncommitment people always use money for unnecessary things. You must force yourself to save the money though you just have low income. What you save everyday will become abundant someday. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

How to recession proof to your money

Accelerate to pay the debt
When the recession hit, your money might be decreased. You should pay the debt soon before the recession hit. When the recession hit, the interest rates will skyrocket too. The debtor should pay more.

Spend less
Reduce your expenses to balance your budget. You can reduce the most unwarranty or unnecessary needs. Unsubscribe the cable TV immediately. You won't died if you do not watch cable TV. Do not go to cinema for watching new movies. Play the DVD in your room. The DVD film is not different with cinema film. You can hire the DVD cheap.
Realize that you are not rich, use the generic cloth that is not different with the brand cloth.

Smart spending
Buy in bulk some food that you can save in refrigator. You can save meat, fish, or eggs for months. Supermarket sometimes offers discount for specific items. You can buy any items that you need.
Sometimes the supermarket offers discount to some items that you may do need it, such as, brand cloth. Though, the discount is higher but it still more expensive than generic product. There are some trick that seller to attract more spending. Use your brain to make the smart spending.

Why do not save some food in refrigator? You can buy in bulk to get cheaper products. In 1930, some people plant the vegetable or fruit on backyard or frontyard. They can save some dollar from it moreover they can sell the fruit or vegetable to the neighbor or market. Raise some chicken at your backyard to produce meat and eggs.

Do more of yourself
I feel bad if I do not order other people to paint my house. The unemployment rate is so high in my country. However, if you have no money to employ someone you are better to do yourself.
Some employee may fire the chaveur and drive alone. They can save hundreds dollars per month. You can also repair your roof too if you can climb the roof.

Stream more income
We should be astute for finding money. Find side jobs that can double your income. There alot of opportuny jobs in internet. I heard some people can get dozen or hundred dollars from there. You can finish the project at night or early morning before, you go to work. At the saturday or sunday, you can work full time for your side jobs.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

How to live in a low income

Most the newly graduated just receive low paycheck. The company know that they has no experience in and they know that the newly will receive any jobs. The economic also influences the employment demand. Getting low paycheck is not happy. We cannot buy something that we need. Our salary may enough for hire an apartment moreover hiring a house.
If we live in low income, we have to survive. We can some make action to survive, such as:

1. Find side jobs
It is good to stream income from other source. You can work after working from the office. Some employee find projects from internet. They can make presentation or fill the spreadsheet. Collect cent by cent from the jobs.
Why do not help your neighbor to make money. Your neighbor's wall may need a new paint. You may get $5 perhours for it. If you are not afraid of highness, you can also fix the leak in the roof.
If you can teach some knowledge, you can generate make money.

2. Create a tight budget
For the low income, they may deny the entertainment or leisure expenses. They should consider the very essential for their lives such as food. Do not subscribe TV cable because you will pay much for it.

3. Trim down the food expenses
To trim down the food expenses, they can use coupon. They can get two product each they buy one product or they can get sample product. Some coupon also offers rebates if you buy the product.
Choose the generic food rather than brand product because the generic is cheaper than the brand.

4. Move to your parent
If you have no money, you can move to your parent. You can trim down some expenses if you live at there such as food, laundry, and so on. It may be not good for some people. The spouse should adapt with the parent. However it can save hundreds to thousand dollars.

5. Saving
Despite of low income, you must save your paycheck or salary. Do not withdraw the saving for unnecessary things such as eating out, watching at cinema, and else. You may withdraw the saving if you have no money to pay the food or your kid needs money for schoole fee. You can also use the money for starting business. Try buy some items and sell it at garage sales. When the business grows, you can hire the store.