Monday, February 20, 2012

How to Cut College Cost

Studying in college is very expensive. Some good college charge high college fee.

Due to economic tight when the Greek crisis threat United States economic, we have to cut some spending including in college. Here is some cost that you can cut:

If your college is only 50 km or 80 km from your house or your college to house just need one to two hours trip, you are better to stay at your house as long your parent allow it. My college is three hours trip from my house. When I entered the college, I have made some preparation. My parents searched a room for me where is not far from my college. I did not need any transportation to the college.
Our Classmate also suggest to use laundry service because we have no time to wash our shirt, pants, blanket, cover bad and else. In our house, we can share to use wash machine with parent.

Rent a house need $500 per month. You also need food too whereas you can eat at your parent house. You can eat breakfast before going to college and eat dinner after arriving home. You can lunch at college cafe or you may bring lunch box to the college.
It is not wrong to live with your parents when you are still in college. In east culture, the parent funds the child college until they graduate from the college. When you graduate the college, you might find apartment.

Work for the university
Some university need student for doing some jobs such as research. The professor often order the student to survey to the people they make interview with some people. We can also teach as the assistant of our lecture. Surely, the lecture will accept the clever and diligent student only.

In my country, a professor forbade the kid to ride the car whereas he has car and money. He did not want his kid use car while other student was not able to buy any car.
The students who depend on parent's money supposedly use public transportation to cut college spending. There are some public transportation such as bus, tram, and electric train. If they have money, they can buy it.

A student needs some textbooks that cost $ 1,000 a year. We can get cheaper textbooks such as e-book, used text books, and others. You can borrow the textbook to your classmate. There are a lot ways to cut the college spending.
As the student, you do not need to buy brand cloth but generic bran. You can save much dollar on it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some freelance are tricked with their condition

Some freelances foil to get financial freedom and financial goal because they are tricked by themselves? Do they trick or cheat themselves? Actually, they do not cheat anyone but they are tricked by some of their condition. The condition makes them negligent and not serious to find money. Here are some conditions that are tricked them:
1. A Freelancer thinks that they have so much time
Some new freelancer does not realize that time is pricey. They cannot rewind the morning like rewind tape recorder. They tend to delay some jobs.
They think they have so much times because they do not need to go to office every day.
2. They think they have so much money
Some freelancers are satisfied with hundred dollars. They think they collect more money than an employee who works for a great company. It makes the freelancers lazy.
They supposedly to work hard due they have no fix salary. An employee with lower salary has medical benefit, pension benefit, and saving while the freelance has no benefit. The freelancer must provide money for their future due that has no company that protects them.
3. The freelancer has no target
Some beginner has no target what the revenue or what time they spend for their project. They tend to delay the jobs. They think they can do the jobs later because there is no one asks the project. Even the freelancer has no project; they have to set the target. For example, the freelancer should finish the programming project in two month.
The freelancer should realize that they should still work even they have no jobs or project. They can make improvement for last project so they can be expert.
4. There are so many disturbances
As a self employee, we get so many disturbances. When write the article, my brother ask me to fill monthly tax information. I cannot refuse it because I feel I can do it easily. After I have done the jobs, I forgot to write and I loss the idea.
When you stay at home, the house people may ask some help to you. We cannot refuse their requirement. Your wife may ask to sit your baby, while she cooks in kitchen.
5. Freelancers have no boss
Most freelancers want to be freelancers because they want to be boss. They are happy without boss. However, there is no people who angry when they make mistake.
They are not motivated to work hard like employee.

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Some Cheap Vacation

As an ordinary people, we need a break from our jobs. It makes our brain fresh. A man still need vacations even they are not rich. They can find cheap vacation near their house. After vacation, you have new spirit to do some of your jobs.
Here are some cheap vacations:

Find camping location near your house. Perhaps some national park allows people to camp at there. You just need tent for camping. Surely, you should provide some food such as cereal, bread, meat, fish and other. If the camping place provide so many food such as fish, you can provide the seasons, or butter. You can cook at the outside and eat the fish. Surely, you should provide food reserves or you will starve. You should make some preparation
In my country, people use to go to the university where there is a big lake. They are fishing and get some fish such as catfish, cichlids, carper, gourami, and others. They grill the fish near the lake. The university does not charge the ticket to anyone who stays at the lake.


There are some fish at river, lake, or water. You just need a fisher and bait. It does need much cost for fishing. You have to be patient to wait the fish.
You can bake the fish at the river or you can bring it to your home. The fish is fresh that is different with other fish. If you have so many fish, you can save it at refrigerator and it can save your money on food.

Climb Mountain
If your house near mountain, you can visit it. We are free to sit on there. You can climb at the morning when the air is still fresh. Climbing mountain can relax your feet and your lung will be fresh again. Some climber said when we are on the top of mountain or hill, you can scream very loudly to release your stress. To be honest, I have never do like that but you may try it.

Local History Sites
Perhaps your house is near a history site. Your place may near the battle area. There are some historical places that are built by the local government. This place collects some historical stuff. Your kid may need some knowledge about the history for the history class projects.
The Museum that collects the archaeological things such as coin, artifact, sword, gun, flag and else charge little money.

Some Zoo is free. In my country, a rich woman found a bird reservation near her farm field. There are lot birds that perch on the tree. The woman forbids any people disturb the bird in the land. This is the best place for refreshing. You can mats and watch the bird.
I believe some rich people in your country found free zoo. The collection of animal may be not complete but it can be a good vacation for you.

City Park
Some big city plan city park in the middle of city that is to supplies fresh water for the city. We can breath some fresh water on that place for few hours. There are lot tree and plant that reduce our stress. Some city park is free.
We just need transportation to go there. We can use taxi, bus, tram, or train. If the city park is close to your house, you can walk or ride bicycle to there.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pros and Cons work as Freelancer

The advent internet helps some worker work from home. They do not have to go to office every day. They can also work for the foreign company where the distance is hundred of thousand miles from their home.
With the internet, an employee can sell their program, software, or else to other people. It can increase our bargain; meanwhile, the company can get cheaper employee from underdeveloped country. Some qualified freelancer can work better than the employee.
A freelancer does not have to stay on office for 8-9 hours. They can still at home while they are working. Some mom can sit the baby while she works. They can save time when they work at home.
However, freelancer is not right for some person. The worker who wants monthly salary will be disappointed when they work as freelancers. There is no monthly salary for a freelancer. They will be paid after finishing the project or the jobs. Sometimes the money is not equivalent with our work. The jobs orders pay you due you are the beginner. When you become experts, you will be paid high.
Most Freelancers has no retirement fund because the company does not pay the contribution for the freelancers. In economic tight, some company prefers freelancers so they do not have to pay the retirement fund, medical benefit, and insurance. They need to cut some spending in order to keep the company live.
People who have no retirement fund may be difficult to find money when they retire. A freelancer supposedly save more money due they have no retirement fund. They can set apart of salary to profitable investment such as shares, precious metal, bonds, and else. The freelancer should set much money that the employee who has retirement fund due the uncertainty of freelancer is so high.
A freelancer usually has no boss; meanwhile, he has no man that helps him work. It is difficult to employ other people because the freelancer should pay the salary. There is no boss that will angry to freelancer or cut salary when we late.
There is no boss does not means the freelancer will work better. Sometimes new freelancer will be lazy when there is no angry boss that presses them. A freelancer should be diligent. They should have target and construct the schedule. They should finish the jobs on the schedule.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stay Positive in tight economy

Some people prefer to jump from high tower or hang the neck with rope. They think they cannot stand live at the world whereas suicide does not solve the problem. You have to responsible your act to God. Suicide will not solve your problem. You may leave your problem to people near you. Your wife or legacy should pay your debt.
You should stay positive with current condition. Your negative mind will not help you to solve your problem. Here are steps to make you stay positive:
1. Count your blessing

Today, you can breathe fresh water free. It is a great bless beside money. Some people cannot breathe the air directly. They breathe with oxygen tube that is pricey. They must bring the tube wherever they go. The small pipe always sticks at the nostril. Today, we may get headache because we have no money. Some other people have cancer in their head. You should gratitude for your health. You are lucky if you just got headache. Some people should in pain because of anxious disease.
If you are laid on hospital, you should pay so much money. If you stay longer in hospital, you may sell your house to pay the hospital costs. Further, you should pay the cost of surgery for cure yourself. When we sick, you must be difficult to find money. We just laid and we can do anything. Some writer may write but the common clerk will not be able to work at the hospital
Some people stay positive while they sit on wheel chair. If you can walk on your feet, why do you still sad? If you count the blessing, you will not be able to count it.

2. Nothing last forever
Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, has dozen tons of gold. He and his family have corrupted Egyptian assets. He has led Egypt for more than 30 years. As Arab people call for Revolution, he must go outside Cairo. With Social media support, Egypt people protested Egypt government and they want Mubarak resign. The protest needs two month to decline Mubarak. Recep Tayyep Erdogan, Turkish premier, has warned Mubarak that every man will die someday. He appealed Mubarak to resign for his people but he refused to did it. He prefers to use his steal hand to crackdown the protestors. 
Even rich people could become poor in a moment. This world is not real and nothing last forever.
The crisis will be over someday. I am pretty sure about it but I do not know when it over. After great depression in 1930’s, US people bounce back. The Capital market will back. Some stock price will increase. We will gain return on capital market. The company will pay the dividend to the investors.
3. Do what you can do today
It is not good to think your destiny today. You may not make money now but you have to work now. Plan some action that you can do today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.
Do not wait the gold will fall in front of you or hope some friend or family help you. They may forget you or they are not able to help you now.
Find some jobs that can generate money. If the neighbor pays me to cut grass, I will take the jobs. Little dollar can become million dollars.
Do not refuse the jobs though it does not give you much money. You are better to keep working than staying in your house. By working, you can get experience and you can keep your pride.
I have no jobs for long time but I never stop working. I have opened a business when I have no job. Today I still write for blog and some website and generate few dollars from it. Someday I will get thousand dollars from it. I just work what I can do today. Do not wait until tomorrow.
4. Learn from past
Some people invest at wrong investment such as stock or mutual fund. Those investments are not good due some company suffers lost and they cannot pay dividend to the stockholder. They also put the money on stock only that make them suffer big loss. Supposedly they invest at various investments such as stock, ETF, mutual fund, retirement fund, and others.
We should generate money from various sources to fulfill our needs. When the company fires us, we can still generate money from our business or royalty.
Set a part of your money to productive asset such as farm, plantation, or else. Some finance expert suggests selling the stock and buying the stock.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Freelancer versus employee: which side are you?

Some people choose as freelancer while some other prefers as employee. The freelancer thinks that the freelancer is better than an employee because they can get more money. They can stream income from various sources such as payment, royalty, goodwill, and others. They can still work to for some university or school that needs experienced people.
Meanwhile, the employee feels comfort with the monthly salary. They can receive regularly payment from the boss that the freelancer does not receive it. With regular payment, the employee can manage the money easier than the freelancer.
The employer also set aside the salary to retirement fund such as IRA, or 401k. Those retirement fund can be withdrawn when you retire or when you quit working.
Some company facilitates the clinic that you can visit when you sick. The clinic provides some medicine. You do not have to spend money when you got sick. Some company allows you to bring your kids to clinic.
The company also pays insurance for you. When you got accident in factory or office, the company will pay the health cost.
However, not all company will pay the medical benefit, retirement fund, and insurance. Some company employ outsourced employee that has no right to get those items. The employee also grumbles to lower salary. Sometimes the claim payment is low.
As an employee, we should attend at the office at the morning and go home at the afternoon. If the boss orders you overtime, you may work overtime or not. The boss will pay your overtime. On other hand, freelancer does not need go to office every day. The freelancer can start work when someone orders the job or project. With so many empty times, they can do anything to collect some money.
A company usually retires the employee at 55 or 60 old years. The old man is not productive for the company so they should replace the old man with the young people. After retire, the employee must be difficult to find jobs. On other hand, freelance workers do not recognize retire. They can work as long their body health. Some company still hires the old consultant for doing some projects.
Some freelancer prefer to work for themselves and be own boss. They do not want any boss that angry to them or order them; meanwhile, an employee should obey what the boss said. Some boss makes the employee mad because he or she often shout load.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Miser people vs. frugal people

It is very difficult to distinguish between frugal people or miser people. We cannot accuse someone as stingy people when he use coupon to buy the bottle of ketchup. On the other hand, we cannot say a director is kind person when he donate thousands dollar for Japan Earthquake donation. The judgment of miser and frugal is depend on the human value that they have.
I have read the Walt Disney comics that describe Uncle Scrooge misery. Uncle Scrooge who is Donald Duck Uncle ate breakfast free although he is the richest duck in duck world. He walked at the park to find ripe apple. He use the stick to reach the ripe apple. He drinks from the park too. He enjoy the free breakfast from the nature. As a rich duck, uncle scrooge needs information. He took the newspaper that people leaves at the park chair. He sits on the chair and read the newspaper.

I think Uncle Scrooge is miser people.
Most miser people does not want share to other whereas sharing is good for them. Some people in my country believe that share can cure some diseases. The sick people give to poor people some money and ask them for pray.
The miser people give the used things. They will not give the best things or stuff on their lives. In the budget, they will never allocate charity. On the other hand, a frugal allocates some of money for charity. They want to share to unlucky people.
A miser people charity when he get the money higher than he expected. Sometimes they give to people for their benefit. For example, they gives expensive prize to the land owner so the land owner will sell the land to the miser people. The miser people know that he will generate money from the land over many times. A miser people realize that there is no free lunch.
They think what they have because they have been working hard. There is no people who help him.
A miser people do not consider the brotherhood of family. They can not tolerate with the brother for money business. Sometimes, they black mail the brother to pay the debt. Sometimes they seize the brother asset with no mercy.
You should not be miser. Misery cannot save your money. Your money may increase when you donate to foundation or unlucky person.
Photo by : Jeff Kern