Thursday, March 29, 2012

What investment that right for retirement?

The rule of thumb investment for retirement is that the retiree should invest at safe investing, due the most retiree cannot generate money again. The retirement is not enough nimble to find money like when they are young. The retirement stamina must be decreased after they have worked for dozen years.
Most financial adviser afraid the retirement will lose their money at high risk investment. They just provide 10% for high risk investment such as stock or junk bond.
1. Stock
Some company stock has lower risky due the company can generate some profit in tight economic. The company still pays the dividend to the stockholder.
Some foreign stock is also good option. Baidu stock from china could generate double digit return in 2010. Some country also has good stock company such as, Brazil, India, and Russia.
2. Mutual Fund
Few income mutual funds can generate little money. This investment is not safe as certified deposit but it can give more money. The mutual fund is also cheaper than stock or index.
3. Precious metal
The precious metal return is better than other investment today. In 2011, the gold return is more than hundred percent. Most people worry to the tight economic that when people are difficult to find money.
Gold demand is stable and never decline. That is why people tend to save this gold. In American Revolution, Most American citizen saves the gold and other precious metal. United States revolutionist must be difficult to gain money for buying weapon and supply.
4. Hard Assets
Land is an investment too. It does not take the maintenance. You can sell the land someday and gain more money from it. You can plant some cereal, fruit, vegetable on your land.
You can also open a farm to raise some livestock such as cattle, sheep, goat, and others.
In my country, some retirement buys coconut palm oil cost 3000 million each hectares. A month, we can generate net income $ 500. The rubber plant is also good due higher demand to rubber. You can employ some people to take care the plantation.
Real estate investment is also good option. We can generate revenue from this investment too. We do not have to employ someone to take care our real estate because the REIT manager has manage the real estate.
There is lot investment for retirement. Be sure, you you have construct right portfolio.

Stock versus Mutual Fund

Most small investor chooses mutual fund rather than stock investment due to small money that they have. An Investor can start investment at mutual fund with $100; meanwhile, we have to provide at least $5,000 for stock investing. On the other hand, the big investor whose has much money prefer stock than the mutual fund. They realize that the stock will give them more money.
Some rich man has financial adviser that assist them to build stock portfolio. hey does not want delegate fund manager to invest their money at mutual fund. They doubt that the fund manager can beat market performance or market index. Over two-third fund manager cannot make portfolio that can reach market index.
We do not know the strategy of the fund manager. Why most of them cannot reach the index? I am afraid that the manager set aside of the return for their saving. They can use the money for cover their loss next time.
Even we have read the prospectus of the mutual fund, it does not guarantee we can appraise the good mutual fund. There is a note below prospectus "The past performance does not reflect the future performance".
The mutual fund also charge some fee for the investor. They need money for company operation and paying fund manager. However, some mutual fund has no cost that is called no load fund. The return may higher than conventional mutual fund.
Even you have so much money but you cannot order the manager to buy a stock because investor has no right to manage the fund. You do not know how the fund manager generate revenue from your money.
The manager may do short selling to generate revenue in short time. They may borrow some stock from others and sell it. When the stock decreased, the manager will buy the stock cheaply and return back to the owner.
The manager could generate hundred percent gain with short selling but I believe they will not share to the mutual fund investor.
Mutual fund withdrawn can be done everyday. However, the investor should wait until the market trading close or in the afternoon.
Meanwhile, we can sell the stock anytime we want. When the stock in peak at the morning, we may contact our broker to sell the stock. We can use the cash at that time to buy anything.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Risk that can harm retirement fund

Some people fail to get the retirement due it some factor or risk. The employee should notice that some risk that can derail the retirement and they have to prepare with it. There are some action that you can do:
Losing jobs
Due economy tight, the company cut some spending including employee. They need to cut the spending in order to survive.
Losing a job could be harm for some people. They cannot contribute to the retirement again. The retirement fund must find the jobs to overcome this situation.
They can open a business to overcome the uncertain economic.
Sick and illness
Sick people cannot work well; the income and revenue must be decrease. The company may fire the employee who often alpha due their sick. The company must replace sick man with new health employee. The company does not want to loss with the sick.
If the sick is worst such as cancer, the employee should spend more money. They may withdraw the retirement fund. To cure the cancer, they should remove it from the sick with surgeon. The cost of the surgeon is pricey.
An employee should keep health. Do not eat any food that harm to the health body. The employee should sport regularly. There are some cheap sport like running, walking, biking, and others. The sport may not avoid you from sick but it can reduce the sick risk.
The recession
The recession affect our saving and investment and also our retirement too. Most stock fell and most investor sell the stock. They use the money for other investment. There is few investment that can generate return like gold and other precious metal.  Some retirement fund asset may decrease due to its decrease assets.
In economy tight, the goods and service price is also increasing. The increases goods make us spend more money for the same quality and quantity of goods.
Natural Disasters
The Japanese quake and tsunami has crushed so many building, crop field, vehicle, boat, power plant, and so. The insurance cannot replace the loss because the loss is predicted 2 billion dollars.
It is important to save your asset in various things. You can buy the asset at other place.
I hear that the divorced in West Country is pricey. I heard a basketball superstar has to share the assets with the ex wife.
In East country, the wife will not get the husband assets unless the husband permits him. It is illegal for wife to grab the former husband assets.
That is why some husband in West creates a pre-wedding contract that guarantee the assets.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to cut cable TV bill

Watching cable TV is not an essential need. People will not die if they do not watch cable TV forever. Most financial experts suggest stopping cable TV to cut the monthly spending. However, you can cut cable TV if you can do like this:

Find the cheapest operator
There are some cable TV operator and they offer different bill. Find the best operator that offers cheaper bill. The best operator work professional that can serve you better. We do not want bad operator
Ask the discount
Some cable TV operator offers discount to the subscribers. In my country, the operator will give one month free for the subscribers who attract other people to subscribe the cable TV.
Select the program
Do not subscribe for 500 channels because you will not watch all the channels. Only subscribe the channel you like or you need. If you like watch movie, you can select movie channel. However, the channel TV sometimes does not satisfy us. The cable TV shows the movies that have been launched previous years. The cable TV just plays 600 films in a year.
It is impossible to watch hundreds channel whereas you work all day. An employee can watch TV three hours a day after work hours.
Cable TV charge on how long you use it
In my country, we can buy pre-paid voucher for watching the cable TV. The operator just charge when you watch TV. This ways can help you to reduce the bill. When you do not watch TV, you can turn off the cable TV. You can switch to free TV whenever the free TV provides same program or movie.
Use HDTV antenna
Use HDTV antenna rather than cable TV so you do not have to pay cable TV bill.

Share cable TV with your neighbor
In my country, a subscriber can share the cable TV with their neighbors. We can pay cheaper with the neighbor. I do not know whether United States Cable TV allow it. Ask the operator first whether they allow you to share with your neighbor.
If you feel cable TV waste your money, you need to end the cable TV subscribers. You can watch TV free that plays some movie too or you can hire some DVD that you can watch anytime.
We can also watch news from free TV. There is lot information at Free TV too.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to cut water bill spending

People cannot live without water. Most of human part contains water. Human cannot far from water. However the water supply is limited. There are some tips to reduce water bill.
1. Do not let the tap open
Turn off the water when you do not use it. If you find any leaks, you must change it. Changing the tap is cheaper than pay the water leaks.
2. Use washing machine that need little water.
Some washing machine can clean the cloth with little water. Do not use the machine to clean one or two cloth. Wait until the cloth can full the machine tube.
3. Take Shower
By taking shower, you can save 20-40 gallon water each you take shower. Certainly, you will pay cheaper water bill.
4. Checks the leaks pipe
If you find a leak you should contact pipe man.
5. Turn off the water when you do not need it. Some people may forget to turn off the spigot.
6. You do not have to pour the garden with water. Let your grass brown rather than pouring water to garden. Your grass will become green when the rain comes.
7. Pour the water at glass enough. Do not pour glass full so you cannot drink it all.
8. Patch the water when you wash the vegetable, meat, fish, and fruit. You can use its water to pour your garden. Some mother believes those water could make the plant grow. The water has function like fertilizer and it s bring some material that is similar to fertilizer.
9. Install Rain harvester at your house if you have wide backyard. You can use the water for bath; pour the plant, and others. In some region, people depend on rain water. They cannot buy the water because there is no water company. The soil also contains acid or basal water.
If you buy rain harvester, you can use the water for months.
10. Use water filter for your aquarium tank so you can use the water for months. Replace half water do not remove all water. Some Koi pond also use water filter so it does need fresh water. They may change the water when the rain comes.
11. Renegotiate the water bill to the people who have pool, garden, and pond. Some company may give you light bill.
12. Do not throw the water from the car wash. You can use the water to clean your window or peel the floor.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reason not to watch cable TV?

Here are some reasons why you are better to end the cable TV subscriptions:
1. Cable TV is expensive
A subscriber of cable TV has to pay $ 50 to $ 100 a month to the cable TV operator. Actually we can use the money for other important spending.
2. Cable TV waste time
If you are not wise, you can spend so many times at TV. It is not good for you. Due economic tight, you should work more hard to generate more money. Cable TV can disturb our jobs and it could postpone some jobs. Our notice may direct to the TV rather than our jobs.
3. Increase your electricity bill.
Since you spend more time at cable TV, you waste so many energy. You have to plug the antenna to the electricity. It does need much energy but your bill must increase.
4. It is not good for your child. The child may watch the TV all day if you do not forbid them. They will be lazy to study and they will be fool. The elementary level child likes something new like cartoon or movies. They are difficult to miss the TV program.
5. The cable TV plays last year TV
Even we subscribe premium cable TV, we cannot watch newest movies. The TV cable just play previous movies that we may watch it last year at DVD or HD TV.
6. We cannot manage the schedule
The schedules of movie are stacked by the cable TV operator so you cannot manage your time to watch. It may disturb your jobs schedule too.
7. We cannot intermit the film
Certainly, we can miss the part of the film if we want to go to toilet. We cannot also rewind the film too so we can see the missing part. We may leave the best scene or the important part of the film. Meanwhile, we cannot delay to toilet because it can make us sick.
8. Cable TV often plays the old film or program over many times
I see some program has been played in free TV. The cable TV use the previous program
9. Your live quality decrease
Watching five hours cable TV does not change your destiny and it cannot produce money. Find a job outside and generate few money or Find jobs at internet. There are some jobs that you can do such as writing and blogging. If you spend five hours in writing, you may become a good writer someday.

The cable TV may loss you and you should reduce your time at that.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Reason Not Watch TV

TV is the most famous entertainment things in the world. We are free to watch TV every time. We can watch some cinema, movies, and film. TV broadcast the news that may useful for us. The weather information informs us to prepare from hard rain.
However TV gives some bad effect to the watcher. Like a drug, we are difficult to not watch TV. This is the shortcoming of watching TV:
1. The energy cost will increase
Undoubtedly, TV needs energy even a save energy TV. You have to pay the bill each month.
2. Watching TV too much damages your eyes. When we watch TV, our eye accommodate with the TV light. Sometimes I can stand with the light. If you watch TV our, your eyes will tears. The tears in eyes because the eye tired to accommodate
3. Alienate you from reality
Some TV show is unrealistic program. The TV teaches us how to dream but it does not teach us make us rich. However some talk show program can enrich our knowledge.
4. Delay your project
Some freelancer delay to finish the job because the TV program or movies is so excited. They forget that they must finish the jobs tomorrow. Finally, the client will not give jobs to the freelancer.
The freelancer is easy to be tempted by TV because they work at their home where they are free to turn on the TV. Some company also provides TV so the employee can watch it. I think the company should turn off the TV.
5. TV can make you lazy
Some people prefer watch TV than sport. They can spend time for hour while they do not do some exercises for five minutes only.
Actually, they can do some exercises while watching TV. Sometimes I watch TV and do some exercise. I use stick for sport. Sometimes I swap the floor but the TV is still on.
6. Waste your money and time
Time is pricier than money. When you watch TV you waste so much time. Some people can watch six to twelve hours a day.
We may not stop watch TV but we should limit time at TV. Reduce our time in TV step by step and you will be free from TV.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some cheap sport that makes you health

Who want to be a sick millionaire? I think only few people. In my opinion, the health is an important asset beside cash, gold, stock, car, and else. The sick man cannot enjoy the money. They must spend most time at bed or hospital. The doctor forbids the sick to eat certain food and the sick must reduce sugar, salt, or fat. I think the rich man must be suffered.
A rich man supposedly keeps their health. Sport is a way to keep the body health. It can lift the body immunity and reduces heart attack risk.

Unfortunately sport is very expensive. Some gym charge expensive fee for the member. If we have little money, we can still do sport. There is some sport that is cheap:

1. Running
You can run around your neighborhood. It is free. Some people can run for five kilometers a day. If you are health, you can run for long distance.
There are some benefits in running. It can reduce the fat or cholesterol in your body.

2. Walking
You can walk with your pets at your environment. It does not good for you but also your pets. The pets will be happy to walk with you. Walking is good for fat man and it does not hurt the knee.

3. Biking
Buy a bike for you. A bike is not expensive and the maintenance is not expensive. You can buy used bike if you have little money. Biking is good for heart.
NB: You have better to consult with the doctor about what kind sport that is suitable for you. Doctor may forbid running for the fat man due it could harm to the knee.

4. Sand sack
Fill the sack with sand and hang at a garage or warehouse. You can hit or kick. Hit hundred times and you will be tired. This tool is used by Karate or boxer.

5. Stick
Find used stick at your warehouse. You can move your hand with stick. You can use rattan or bamboo stick that is cheap. I use to exercise with the stick twice a week.

6. Swimming
In village, we can swim at Lake or river free. Be careful with Crocodile or Piranha. If you live near beach, you can swim every day. I think some pool is cheap. We can swim once or twice a week. Swimming can train our breath and it is good for heart and asthma. The air above the water usually cleans so the people are use to breath with fresh air.

Some Cheap Vacation

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