Friday, May 31, 2013

How to make money when you are broke

When you are broke, you need to find money. You still need money for food, cloth, and settlement. Do not stop to make money until you get it.
Here are some ideas to make money when you are broke:

Short term construction

You can apply to the construction near your house. I believe some real estate company need the worker for construction. The salary is high because only few people who want to work as construction worker.  In Japanese, the construction jobs salary is very high.
The work is not easy. You should have strong body to do some jobs and some skill. You should be able to lift the heavy and climb high construction. The construction jobs can make your cloth dirty because you have to paint and mix the material. The construction job is also dangerous. If you are not careful, you will fall from the building.

Freelance writing
There are some jobs in writing article. You can write short article for 5-10 dollars. There are some blogger who need the article for their blog. They want other article because they have no time to write the content.
If you like traveling, you can be a travel writer. Write your experience in your last travel. People like to travel and they want to know the detail information about where they go shopping ,where they find the hotel, where they go by and others.You can also draw the map of the place and also give some useful tips  for the reader.

Work at a bookstore
Bookstore must need some person to keep the bookstore. You can apply the job at bookstore and you will get paid from it. It is not much but you can use the money to buy food, cloth and paying apartment fee. The job is not difficult. You should be patience to wait the customer. You should be able to explain the book and find the book that customer want.
Of course, you should love book. You must know book that the store sell with the price. Some bookstore gives bonus to the keeper who sells some books.
After working, some people may need message. Some message can make the people fresh. Some massages can heal certain diseases.
If you are able to message, you can make money from it. The professional massage will get more money.
Farm work
 Though the machine can harvest the grain and fruit, but it cannot pick the apple or the orange on the tree. Only human can harvest the fruit on tree. Go to the fruit field and ask some jobs. It is not difficult to harvest the orange or apple as long You are dare to climb the stairs and harvest he fruit.
When the cabbage or lettuce ripe, the farmer must need people to harvest it. You need to cut the vegetable from it leaves and collect it to the truck. Some cattle farm also needs people to shepherd their cattle. You can herd the cattle from the field to the cage.
Work in a hostel
I have see in bbc, a millionaire want to work in a hostel. He just get free room and free food. Surely, you can also work for hostel like clean the room or cook the food. You must be able to sweep the floor, or clean the window. You should also change bad cover and pillow.
You will get not only free food and room but also some money. The money may be not much but you do no have to buy food or pay the apartment fee. When you have so much money, you can find apartment and work for other company.

Sell the bottle or aluminum can for recycle. You can collect those items to make money. Some PET or polyvinyl can be recycled too.You may get dozen or thousand dollars from it. Explore the rubbish near your environment and you may get some recycle items.  Some store also

Resell stuff

Sell the stuff from you garage or warehouse at garage sales.Perhaps we still have old bicycle or old wardrobe that Your neighbor may need it. Clean the bicycle with first and you can also paint the bicycle. Do not forget to oil the chain and the pedal. I believe the buyer dare to buy the bicycle expensive.
You can also sell the stuff on internet. Here are so many surfers who need the old stuff because it is cheaper than the new one. Open a website or blog to promote the items and you might get call from the buyer soon.

Sell blood

It is not difficult to sell your plasma blog. Each time you donor the plasma, you will get $20 - $35. Surely, you should be mature or 15 to 59 years. You should also be health and you have no diseases. Keep your body health by consume good food and do some exercises. Some doctor suggest us to donor our blood because it keep our body health. Do not worry that you will loss your blood. Your lever and bone will work to make the blood.  After selling the plasma, our organ fast produces the new blood.

You can also make handicraft if you are able to make it. Some people find the unique handicraft. You can sell the handicraft at the website. provides the handicraft maker spaces to sell the handicraft.
I saw some shop sell the knitting such as scarf, baby heat, sweeter, gloves and others. You can do knitting in the night or after you back from your office.  Create some education toys from wood than paint it.

Some ship need crew for sailing. You can also apply as the crew. Perhaps you can clean the floor or cook for the ship captain. We can work and enjoy traveling with other people. Not all can people sail with expensive boat.
It is not easy for every people to do this job.  We must be able to swim.  If the boat sunk, we must swim.
 Photo by Bob Jagendorf

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Friday, May 17, 2013

How to make money when you have debt

When you have so much debt, you may confused. For example, a clerck who has so much debt but he just got low paycheck. The entire of paycheck are paid for the debt. He does not get money again to buy food, cloth, and others. If you just use the paycheck, you cannot fulfill your daily necessity. Borrow money from other will not solve the problem. Your debt will increase and you will not pay the debt.
In long term, you can find another jobs that pay you more but you should also think the short time to make money.
There are something you can do to find fast money when you have so much debt:

1. Surround your neighborhood and house. Perhaps your neighboor need you to maintenance the house. Offers cleaning service to them. They may pay you dozen dollars for hours. The jobs is not heavy for health people. You can work for two hours at the house.
They may need to cut the grass or pour the water. We can also add the service. Surely, they will pay the additional cost. You can also add service to fertilize the grass.
2. Sell Plasma Blood
If you are health, you can sell your plasma blood. We can get $20-$35 each time we sell our plasma blood. Some doctor said it will not hurt you but it will make you health. The blood plasma will regenarate immediatley. By selling blood plasm, you also help people who need it. Some hospital may lack of the blood. You can sell the plasma again after four month. 
3. Recycling
Collect the bottle from the rubbish can if you dare to do that. You may ask your neighboor whether they have  the recycling things such as alumunium can, bottle, plastic, newspaper, and other. We can easily sell the recycle to the factory.
We can convert the rubbish to handicraft. In my country, people convert pvc bottle to ornamental lamp. They just need cuter to slice the pvc and then shape the bottle. They can also paint the ornamental lamp. We can also make bag from plastics by joint some plastics.

4. Sell your items
Have something can be used in the warehouse or garage? Sell in garage. Your neighbor may need the items and buy it. In some place, people often organize garage years periodically.
Upload the item’s photo that you want to sell at ebay.They may need your items.  Briefly describe your items and the condition of the items. Do no ever try to lie because it will be not good for your reputation.  
5. Paid Surveys
Find paid surveys in internet. You will get $10, $15, $20 each time you fill the questionnaire. Surely, only North American people can make money from the survey. You can also find some student who need people to fill the questionnaire.  The paid from the student may be not high as the paid surveys.
Be careful to scam paid surveys that are ton in internet. They just waste your time in internet. The fake or scam online survey just pay five or ten cents that you cannot withdrawn soon. You should wait until the payment reach $5-$10 that needs much time. Sometimes, you will not reach the payment.
6. Baby Sitting
Make money by caring other people's baby for dozen dollars per hours. Surely, you should be skilled in sitting baby. I believe most woman can sit the baby.

Friday, May 10, 2013

What Should be included in Financial Plan

People should make financial plan that is important for them. With the plan, you will know how to reach wealth. You know what you can prepare for to reach wealth. Without planning, we do not know where we go and we must lose in journey. When we go to in a place, we must prepare the map. We can choose the vehicle to go there. For example, you want to go to a place by car, bus or train.
To make the financial plan, you should include some essential or important element. In financial planning you should also include:

Figure your financial self
Check your financial health. Is the asset higher than the liabilities? Can you fulfill your daily necessity and month spending? Some people has high income but they cannot fulfill their spending. They spend too much money than they can generate.
List the entire of your asset. You may have a house that you stay inside. Guess the value of your house in dollar. You can see the price of the house today. Then, add your car as your asset too. Include the stock and precious notes as your asset. Count the market value of your stock or bond. Perhaps, you save some gold bar at the safe deposit box. You should record it as your total asset. Sum your entire asset.
List also the liabilities. You may have credit card debt, lease car, debt to other people. Record when you will settle the debt. Sum of all liabilities list and compare to the assets. If your asset higher than the liabilities, you are wealth. If, on the other hand, the liabilities is higher than the assets, you are not wealth.
Reach the wealth by reducing the liabilities. You can pay the debt soon for it. Do not borrow money again before your financial condition health. The debt cause your financial worst because you should pay it periodically.

The goal
What is the goal of your financial planning. People goal is to reach wealth. However, this goal is not clear. What is the definition of wealth? Each people have meaning. Some people think the wealth is a man whose has so many houses. Others people said that wealth is money.   We should have a clear goal. For example, we want $ 1 Million for next ten year.
The goals should be attainable. Consider the asset and your net worth. If your net worth is small, you should not set the goal too high so you cannot reach the goal. Calculate the money that you can get in specific time. We should be optimistic but we should able to calculate our ability.
The goal is also realistic. The employee should not set the goal to travel around the world. A common employee should think to reach wealth not leisure. They can set the goal to one place only where they dream to go there.

The budget
Budgeting is very important in financial planning. This tool can help you to reach the goal by the net worth that you have. A budget describe how much income comes to you and how much spending go out from you. Therefore, you can manage the money well.
The useful of budget is to earmark some money for the goal either short term goal or long term goal.For example: We want buy playsation next year. We can make the budget for buying the playstation. Earmark $30 per month, so you will collect $360 at the end of the year.
Making budget is not difficult. You can write what you can spend the last month. There are some spending items such as food, cloth, apartment rent, and others.  We have to eat everyday but we do not have to eat the restaurant because it is very expensive. We can cook the food in our kitchen tha is cheap and is also health. 
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The role of reduced spending in financial planning

Most article that talks about budget often mention about reducing the spending. We need to reduce the spending to balance our budget. We do not want our income is fewer than our spending. It make us bankrupt. If we have so much spending, we must borrow money from other people or bank. 
Reducing the budget is not easy too. We should be clever to reduce what kind the spending that we can be reduce. It is not wise to reduce the daily necessity such as wheat. For  example, we reduce half of our wheat every month. Your family will hungry when they just eat half of food. Reducing the quality of wheat is also not wise. Your kid may refuse to eat the food.
You can save on food by reducing the food. You can reduce a bit of meat or chicken meat. It is good for your health. Coupon is also a clever ways to reduce the food cost. The coupon can save $20 - $30 per month.
People should reduce the eating out eventhough they like it very much. You can save hundreds dollars in a month.
Before reducing the spending, you need to list all the expenses. We can track the expenses last month. Try to remember the spending that you have been spent last month. We can categorize the needs or the want. We just be able to reduce the unnecessary or unwarranty spending, such as eating out, go to cinema, gadget, and others.
By reducing the spending, we can save more money. By saving our money, we can protect from the uncertainty future. Someday we need the money for our daily necessity. If we got sick, we will need money. The children must also need money for their college.In economic meltdown, we can be fired by the company. We can use our saving to finance our needs. 
We can also earmark our excess money for investment too. The investment is important for our future and It can multiply our money in long term. We can be rich if we invest money at the investment. Unfortunately, the investment return is not good today. The interest rate so low or almost zero. However, some emergency country stock has double digit return such as chinese stock.
Reducing the spending can balance our budget too. If you just low paycheck, you have no choice to reduce the spending. Reducing the debt can make your budget health.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to save to buy house

Our ancestor live at the cave that can protect them from the wind and rain. They can also protect themself from the animal. As the civilization grow, they need house. A house is where the human can live. Every family need at least a house. They encourage to get the house. Here are some ways to save: 
1. Determine what kind house do you want  This is a important question for you. The house price is different each other, depend on the house type, the size of house, the location, and else. Research a bit about the house that you want to buy. Consider and calculate the time you need to buy the house. You will need more money, when you decide the house later. 

2. Budget for saving You need to earmark your income for your house. More money you save, more better. You can get the house earlier. Increase the income that you can do. If you have a good jobs, you may generate a high salary. If on the other hand, you get bad job, you just get low salary. Find side jobs or second jobs to increase your income. Teaching some knowledge and subject can make hundreds dollar per month.  If you plan to get house fast, you should earmark large money. It mus be heavy for you but i am pretty sure you can do it. 
Open an account that you will not withdraw except for house. You can save 5% from your salary or more than it. Save the money first before you use money for other things except for paying debt.
3. You can reduce the spending. You need to delete unnecessary and unwarranty spending for other purpose. You have better to have a house than watching the cinema everyweek.  there are so many things you can do to reduce the spending, such as: Use coupon to buy food at the supermarket and groceries. It does not reduce the spending much but you can save $20 - $40 per month.  Use the mass transportation such as buss, tram, train, to go to office or school  Use the save energy lamp to cut the electric bill. Turn out the light when you do not need it. 
In the spending side, you should use money for your need only. You can cut the entertainment spending. Find the alternative to cut down the spending. For example, you can start to cook your meals rather than buying the food because your cuisine must be health and delicious than other cuisine.
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