Saturday, September 22, 2012

5 Ways to save money on Food

The food is the component of the cost of living. We cannot live without food and we should buy food. However, we can save on food. The method can slash our budget for hundreds. You may save the money for pay off the debt or invest to the profitable investment.

1. Do not Eating out often
Some family often go to restaurant or cafe. At least they need $ 300 a month for it. They are difficult to reduce to eating out. Perhaps the mom or father are not clever to cook the food. They can reduce eating out from six times a week to three times a week. It may slash $150 per month.
2. Bring Lunch pack to your office
My father did not like the restaurant food. He brought the lunch pack that contain my mother cuisine. He like my mother food very much. The home food is more health than fast food. My mother not used to use MSG, dye, and preservation. With the lunch pack, we can slash $10 a day, meaning you can slash $250 per month.
3. Coupon
Despite the coupon does not give food much, It can slash little dollar  a month. The coupon are printed from the company that want to promote the product. The company give a sample product when you buy their product.
The company also give rebates or discount to the buyer. Sometimes the coupon give discount 20%, 30%, or 40%. Not every time, the producer give discount.
You can find the coupon on Facebook. Sometimes we can get the coupon on twitter too. Seek out the coupon from any media. A bottle of ketchup or a slice of pizza may be meaningful for you. 
4. Buying in bulk
The supermarket or grocery usually offers the cheaper product for buyer who want buy in bulk. However, we cannot save money for specific items. Example: Buying a bread in bulk may be not profitable for you. The bread is expired and few days, and you could not eat it.
The meat or chicken boneless could be saved for weak. Consider the amount of meat that you need with the refrigerator's space.
5. Produce food on your backyard
Plant fruit tree on your backyard. In four or five years, the apple will have fruit. You can slash little dollar from it. In great depression, the people raise the chicken at backyard. We can also raise chicken to get fresh meat and fresh egg.
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  1. No matter how much you earn in a month, you've to buy food every week to survive in this world. If you want to save money on this necessary item, then follow the financial tips mentioned in the article. Buy only those foods in bulk which will help you slash a dollar. For instance: milk. There is no point in buying breads in bulk. Buy fresh breads whenever you need it from the local market.

    Stop visiting restaurants and prepare tasty dishes at your own home. You can just check out the mouth-watering recipes from the Internet. Just buy the ingredients and cook food at home at half the price.