Monday, October 26, 2015

When you stop working

Most worker dream to life after retires. They can imagine to live at the Bahamas were they can spend the live at there without thinking anything. They just lay down on the carpet and get the sun shine.
For the worker whose has so many pensions, they can chase the dream. But not all people can each there. Most people do not have enough pension money. They have to work hard to love them.
The company must not like to accept the old man as the labor because the old man is not strong enough to produce their product or their service.
Off course, an old man cans still works. Some company accepts old man as the worker but only few. You can apply to the company that receives the old man as the officer.
In my opinion, we do not have to quit job even we old. We can still work that can make money. Quiet or go to the another place does not make you happy. 

You can find jobs that you like and do not make you tired. Alternatively, you can also open a business too. Business does not make you bother. You can do the jobs when you want of curse you will get less benefit when you do not do your business.
When you get old you must get experience from the latest jobs. Some company will pay you high. Your experience must be precious.
You can save the salary for your future too. Perhaps you will longer live that need more money. The pension or your saving could not cover your spending.
As the old man you should notice your heath too. Do not work until late night that can make you sick. You should not forget to pray to Allah and do some exercises.    
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Sunday, October 18, 2015

How you and your community can improve finance

In my country, people have eastern culture that is better to Western culture. In Eastern culture, we accustomed to give prize to other people. We do not hope the other people give back. I do not deny that few people give the prize for something. They want the people give back to them.


I see an article at get rich slowly. You and your community will help our finance. Here are the ways:

Share purchases

Buying grocery is cheaper than buying single product. You can buy the food grocery and share to your community. It is better than buying grocery for you only. You should provide the large refrigerator to save the meat or the fruit at it.

The community can list the member that need some product and they gather the money and buy the product at grocery store.


Share excess

Certainly, you will not leave the excess cuisine in your wardrobe. You have better share it to your neighbor rather than rotten. My mother usually gives the neighbor the cuisine and they like it.

We have helped them and we do not have to throw to garbage. You should help the poor people near your community by give them some food. Perhaps it just  

I wonder to plant some fruit in my front yard such as tomatoes, egg plant or sour soup. I will give the fruit if i have excess of the fruit. My neighbor has two jack fruit trees. She usually gives some jack fruit to us.


Share labor

In my country, people help to build a house but i just find it at the village. The city citizen does not help each other when they build a house. They must hire the labor to build the house.Perhaps you can help your neighbor to cut the grass for free and they will do it for you to someday.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How to work less to get more money

This title is fun to me. In my mind, we have to work hard to make money. We must work harder to get more money. After you read the article; you must realize that we could “work less” to get more money. Some people work for 8 hours and do not get much money. Then he thinks to add the work hours but he does not get much money.
The point is they must work that can make money. Here are the ways to work for more money:
1.       Work first for the jobs that make money
Some people just browse in front of the led but it cannot make more money but they just spend much time at the computers. Supposedly, they prioritize the jobs or activist that makes money. They are better make an article or make a paper rather than the browsing. Certainly we also need browse the internet but we should limit it.

2.       Work for the jobs that can make money in future.
After finishing your jobs that make money, you can also consider to work that can make money in future. Perhaps you want to write a blog or a book. The blog may not give you much money today but someday your blog will generate much money for you.  You can also visit the social media to promote you as the writer or as a professional. Someday they may hire you for a certain project.

3.       To do the list
A human min is limited and sometimes they forget to do the task. I believe you must have a task that you should do. You should prioritize the jobs that make money than you place the activity that make money in future.

4.       Hire the assistant
To be honest, I am lazy to entry the data and make a presentation. If you have money and you are busy, you can hire a assistant that do these jobs. These jobs make you tired and you lose a precious time that you can do for other activity.
Fr the beginner whose just start the new business, we must do all the jobs. It is good for us to know all the business that we have. After the business grows, you should consider employing other people. By hire people, you have a good act for other people who need money for him or his family.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gold for retirement

I have ever written in my blog that gold is not an investment but many
people use the metal as the investment because the price of gold never
decline. The decline of gold is for a moment and then the gold will
back to stable again.
The gold is unlike a stock that the price volatile. You cannot make
short sale or you cannot take the benefit in a moment. You can
generate the return after the years or dozen years.
Gold cannot grow stock or the tree that can produce some fruit for
you. Gold weigh cannot change, meaning your gold number will not
increase. When you put a kilogram of gold, the weigh will not
increase to 1.1 kilogram. Gold will not bear other gold.
Someday you should use the gold to buy a business because it can
generate so much profit. You can sell the gold and use the money to
buy a store where you can sell food and beverages. You can also buy
some assets such as house, car, and laptop. These assets may increase
your money too. You can use your laptop to make article and you will
be paid for it. You can hire the car for some dollar or you can rent
your house for the student or worker.
To be honest, I will buy some asset such a land or house. Above the
land, I will build a farm such as rubber or palm oil plantation. The
rubber plant generate abundant money when the world rubber price high
and so the palm oil.
When inflation occurs, people will not buy our gold because they have
no money for that. They will buy the food from us rather than gold for
Gold is important but you should not buy your money for gold only. You
can save gold for 10% of your assets like other experts say. The other
assets or 90% others; you can put it to other assets or investment.