Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pros and Cons budgeting your money

Creating budget is an activity to control the finance. It is similar to a handbook that guide us to spend what we need and find money to fulfill the daily necessity.

In an office, there are two employees who have different salary. Mr. Patrick is a high paid employee in the office who cannot fulfill the daily necessity. The salary is not enough for him whereas Mr. Straw, a lower paid employee, can fulfill the daily necessity. Mr. Straw also invests the money to stock and precious metal. Both, Mr. Patrick and Mr. Straw is married with two children.

Mr. Straw also creates the budget every month. He is very disciplined man and obey the budget. He never takes the credit to fulfill the daily necessities and he has no credit card. He prefers to buy anything cash so he never receive credit card bill letter. He has plan to school the children to medical school or university.

However, the budget also has some weakness. Mr. Straw always creates the budget every month. He always evaluates the budget at the end of the month. Sometimes Mr. Straw should work until late night to make correction.

Mr. Straw's lifestyle changes as the budget has written. He decreases some spending for other spending or investment. He prefers to go to office by bus or subway. He just uses the car at the weekend so he can thrift some dollar. Sometimes he tired to office because he uses subway.

Some people dub Mr. Straw as a miser people. They think he is able to use the car but he does not use it. Mr. Straw supposedly calculates the aggregate benefit of using car or subway. Using car may be expensive but he can arrive in the office early. He does not need to stand inside the subway. Unless Mr. Straw is still young or has health body. Going to office with subway is not problem. If Mr. Straw got sick, he will pay for hospital fee that it is not cheap and he must be rest.

The Mr. Straw should delete some spending because it is not recorded on budget. The budget makes Mr. Straw become spending mindfulness. Mr. Straw supposedly manages to increase the income. He can use the asset such as car to make money. He can rent it to the rental car. When he needs the car at the weekend, he can use it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to make your child rich

Some lucky child could be rich whereas they still young. The child rich must get good education from the parents. The parent has success to make the child rich.
In my country, a kid could generate money from his father. The father has taught them investment lesson.
Certainly, you can also make your child rich. To make your children rich you can give them money or you can teach them about business. 
1. Teach them some education
You can direct them to love some science. Explore what your child's talent. Few kid can generate money from games, software, anti virus, and others. Some talented writer have written the book while they were child. The best seller book can generate million dollars. In my country, a pair kid build an English language games for kids. He won the prize. I believe the kids can gain so much money.
2. Buy the land for them
The land price is never go down. It is a good investment for your child future. You can make property or estate above the land. Building a farm crop is also good idea amid the house price is low. Farm crop can produce cereal, fruit, and vegetables that you can it to the market.
3. Buy antique things
Some people can generate million dollars from unique things. There are baseball or basketball that is very expensive. Be sure to buy the original. You can save for your kids now and your kids might sell it someday high price.  
4. School the child
Education is the important things for the kids. Most success people are graduated from university. The university and college does not guarantee you get the right and good jobs. However, the university teach you about how to make money and how to life in this world. Some university start the business rather than finding a job. They prefers to apply the business knowledge from the university. They are more wealth than their friend who work for the company. The university direct them become successful businessman.
5. Investment
Some parent buy blue chip stock for the children future. Those investment can pay dividend every year. Some parent may get spectacular benefit.
In past time. the parent save some precious metal or stone. The kids could be rich by inherit those things. The parent should save it at safest place.
Rich is a destiny according to my opinion. No matter how you try, you still be poor if your destiny is poor. How to make your child rich

Monday, June 25, 2012

Personal Budgeting Concept

To manage the cash flow, some people create a budget. The budget helps people to track where the money go and where the money come from. Most government, municipal, organization also create budget to manage the organization finance. They afraid they missed some spending or income.
Creating a budget is not difficult. You need to understand the budget concept. Here are some concept about budget:

Supposedly the budget has purpose. The creator must know what the budget for. Most budget are made for living frugal. He or she should recognize the income and the spending.
The purpose is a corner stone to create the budgeting.We can allocate the income to some spending post. For example, we want go outside. We should allocate our income for vacation that needs thousand dollars. The creator can set on how long we plan to vacation. Perhaps we want go to vacation next three years.
The budget must be simple and you know what the mean of your budget. You can create the budget that different with other people as long you understand about it.
Use the spreadsheet software such as Microsoft excel or open source spreadsheet. Write your revenue items on the top of the spreadsheet and sum of all revenue. You can write the spending below or the following the revenue. Compute all of spending. Last, Diminish the revenue with the spending.
A budget must not be straight. It must be flexible to pay the unexpected spending. For example, we have set the cereal spending a thousand dollars a month. Unfortunately, the cereal price increases 10 percent. Reduce our cereal spending is not reliable you and your family will starve. That is why you have to pay the cereal and use money from other post such as leisure, and saving. At the end of the month, you can evaluate the cereal spending.
Budgeting for irregular income
Some people has irregular income that they can get anytime. The freelancer work usually generate irregular income. They cannot predict how much money monthly. Sometimes they do not get any money but sometimes they get so much money. The budget also consider irregular income that can balance the spending.
For freelancer, they can compute the average of income in a year. Sum of all revenue in a year and then divided with twelves ( the amount month in a year).

How much money that we should allocate on emergency fund?

Every people supposedly has emergency fund that can be used when they have no money. This money important as the capital for finding another job. It is difficult to newly unemployment to find a job when they have no money.
They also can use the emergency to fulfill the daily necessity. Even you have stopped work; you still need food and drink.
So how much you provide for emergency fund. Some finances expert has different opinion about it. The amount of emergency fund will depend of some factors, such as:
The expertness
Some expert employee has a good position in the company and the company is difficult to fire the expert. The expert is an intangible asset for company that has role to widen the business company. They do not have to worry the company will fired him except the company are really bankrupt. The bankrupt company will fire any employee including the experts.
If you are an ordinary employee and the company does not generate return, you should provide big emergency fund. I believe the company might fired you someday. 
Is your company where you work provides some severance? In my country, most company pay severance six times salary. If your company is very kind, you can reduce the emergency fund and put the money for investment or saving. Some country rules the severance for the employee or labor. However, an outsourced or freelancer will not get it.
Liquid assets
Liquid asset such as cash, precious metal, saving, and other can pay any necessity. These assets can be withdrawn anytime and used for emergency fund. If you have so many liquid assets, you might not need emergency fund.
Various incomes
Some person has multiple incomes from various sources. He or she get the money not only from the salary that the company pay monthly but also the business. They work for the company but they also open a business. The business can generate twice than his or her salary.
Beside business the employee also earn from royalty or goodwill. They create a patent or software that the company should pay it.
The number of family
A man should calculate the family need when calculate the emergency fund. If you have many kids, you have to provide high emergency fund.  The man should not forget what his wife and kids needs.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pros and Cons Buy in Bulky

People want to save their spending in order to side the bad economic today. One of the strategies to cut the spending is buying in bulky. Some people prefer to buy in a bulk to cut the spending due grocery store offers discount to anyone who buy in bulky. However, some people does not like to buy in bulky. Here are the pros and cons buying in bulky:
Grocery store or supermarket gives bonus to the buyer who buy in bulky. For example, the buyer gets free 1 bottle milk if they buy two bottle milks. The buyer can save one bottle of the milk. The grocery often gives discount to buyer who buys in bulk.
Save our time
We do not have to go to market everyday because we have buying in bulk. We can use the time for other activity such as leisure, finishing the jobs, and else.
Save the gasoline/gas
Since you do not go to market frequently, you can save the gasoline and gas. You do not have to drive the car to grocery frequently.
The food is not fresh
If you buy in bulk, you must put the food in refrigerator. The refrigerator can keep the food fresh for few days. If you put the food for week, the food will be dried. The foods such as vegetable and fruit will wrinkle for weeks. Certainly, you cannot eat the dried food and you will throw the dried food.
It needs cost
Since you use refrigerator, you have to pay the electric bill. The refrigerator also can increase the electric bill. Buying in bulk also require the storage. If your house wide, you can storage so many bulky goods.
Less varieties
Most supermarket or grocery offers goods with other goods that we may not need it. They want to sell out unsoldable things with the soldable things. If you think those good are not important for you, you do not have to buy those goods.
Supermarket just sell in bulky for certain goods only. You may not get what you want.

Friday, June 22, 2012

What makes the collectibles expensive

As ordinary people, we must be confused to collector who want pay million dollars for painting whereas the painting is not different with other painting. The painting must be valuable so people want pay it expensive. The collector considers some factors, such as:

1. Old
The old things usually is expensive than the new collectibles. A two hundreds old coin is more expensive than the one hundred old coins.
Most old things are damaged because the material is not durable. A wood can be fragile in hundreds years and a bronze can be crushed in hundreds years too.
Most people do not keep the old thing. They prefer to throw the things than collecting it.

2. The owner
The owner also influences the price of the collectibles. If the collectibles have been ever used by the famous people, the price must be high.  For example, a Saddam's hat is more expensive than the other similar hat.
Some collector also hunt other famous people such as celebrity, politician, world leader, athlete and else. However, some collectibles from famous people sometimes is priceless. If the collectibles has no history value, It will be cheap.
I believe some us people will hunt Osama hat or AK 47 after he died. The collections of Osama could reach million dollars.

3. Limited edition
Some collectibles are made in limited edition, such as, basketball card, baseball card, ring, and others. Those collectibles must be more expensive than other collectibles.
Jordan basketball card must be expensive than other player card. Jordan who is the legendary basketball is printed in limited edition. Only lucky people who get Jordan card's. The card company just print few Jordan card due it is expensive to pay Jordan's royalty.

4. Few supply
The collectibles which is difficult to find is very expensive. The collector will buy expensive for rare collectibles. Perhaps the collector wants to pride the rare collectibles to the friend.
United States collector like collecting civil war collectibles such as sword. The south sword is more expensive than the North sword due its rare. When the war over, most of confederate war were crushed. We know the confederate loss in the civil war and they should eliminate the weapon. Only few confederate save the weapon. that is why the South collectibles is very expensive.
Some people try to change the north collectibles to be south collectibles in order to lift the price.

5. Certificate
When you buy the collectible, you need to ask whether they have the certificates. You can get the certificate from the factory or the collectible organizations. The certificate proves that the collectibles is real. Some collectibles has more than one certificate. Owning more certificates is better.

How employee make additional money while they still work

Today, an employee should be clever to generate money than before. The crisis cause some employee cannot fulfill the daily necessity. Ask to increase salary is impossible due most company also suffer loss. Finding jobs is not a good option too.
However some employee can generate money to fulfill their need. With doing some jobs, they can pay the mortgage, leasing, and other credit. The employee does not need to trim down the food expenses and they may still invest at stock or buy precious metal. Here are some option to add the revenue:

1. Extra hours
Your boss may ask you to work at extra hours. If you are health and strong, you can take the extra hours. The employee will get extra salary from your boss.

2. Teaching at night
Some professional or employee also teaches university or college at night. Teach any subject that is similar to your jobs. For example, a public relation of the company can teach about communication at the university. By teaching, an employee can share the knowledge and experience in the office. Most university need the professional from company to teach at their university.
You can also teach in the morning if your boss permit it.

3. Online business
An employee can open a business online. They can open an online shop that does need much money. They can start beginning the business with dozen dollars only. The employee can get benefit from twitter to promote their business. Working online does not need much time. You can do it after working at the office. You can also use rest time to do some online business. 

4. Be a consultant
Some employee can be a freelancer consultant. My friend is an accounting in a retail store but he also work for the accounting and tax consultant. He often fill the tax form and improve the tax form of some company. 

5. Writing
In my country, a worker from a  bakery become a famous writer. He used to work for the company from morning to the afternoon. He was only a high school graduated that baked the bread. In the night, he write some fiction article and send it to a fiction magazine. Now, he has published dozen fiction books. Surely, he does not work for the bakery company again.
If you like writing, you can also open a blog. Reach so many visitor with your blog and get money from ads or product.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Move from financial assets to hard assets

Uncertainty economic makes the investment return is not good. A certified deposit just give 2% interest rate per year that is far from inflation rate. The stock return is also not good in past decades. Some investor who invest for short time does not get the appropriate return.
Being worried by next bubble dotcom that loss some investor money, some clever investor remove their financial asset to hard asset. Hard asset is different with the financial asset because we can hold the asset. Meanwhile, we just hold the paper for financial asset. We have the part of the company by holding some paper.
Some investor change the investment to hard asset. They do not want take a risk with the stock. Some woman buy fashion collection such as famous brand handbags that they can wear it and sell whenever they are bored with it. This is not a profitable investment, however, it is better than investment. Woman also like jewelry especially gold. This shine yellow metal can be made become ring, bracelet, necklace, and ear stud.
The gold is stable and can give you high return but jewelry is little bit different with gold. The fabrication cost is high and most jewelry store will buy cheaply.
Most investor will prefer gold bar that value is very stable. Gold has been increasing recently due the dollar weaks and high inflation. Some investor are worried with uncertainty United States economic that looks not end. The gold bar is liquid and we can sell it at jewelry store, gold store, and others.
Silver may be a good option for hard asset. The silver increases is higher than gold increases. In last this year, silver increases 127%, gold increases to 28% and Palladium increases 58 %. some investors increase the percentage of precious metal in precious metal from 10% to 25%.
The gem stones that people use for it for jewelery is also good for the investment. The polished diamond increases 13% in past twelve month.  You can also invest at other gems such ruby and zamrud (emerland).
However, hard asset is not liquid as stock. There is no stock exchange for the hard asset. Keeping hard asset in house is also risky. That is why people keep the hard asset in safe deposit box that guarantee the assets. The asset owner should pay the cost of storage and insurance around $13,000 for a million hard asset every year.

Should I receive less paycheck

As the consequently of the high unemployment, some company decide to recruit low paying employee so they can trim down the company expenses. It is important for the company to reduce the cost, reminding their revenue has decreased since the crisis occurs.  The raw material cost is skyrocketing. Some government also increases the tax to increase budget.
Some fresh graduate may accept the jobs to find the experienced but some experienced employee may refuse the jobs.
Working for low salary may decrease the experience works bargain. Some economic or finance expert also said that some jobs has high opportunity cost, meaning you will lose some opportunity by taking the jobs. It is more terrible than being unemployment.
The experienced have ever enjoyed a high salary so it is difficult for them to accept low salary. They own house or car. They go to office by car. They prefer to find other jobs or opening a business. Opening a business can generate more money but you need capital to start it. Some unemployment can make money higher from business than when they are still working for the company.
If you have no money and business, you should take any jobs. In my country, a fresh graduate want to works for $65 a month. They have no choice. Some big company just want experienced employee only. The money is not enough for the employee necessity. However, they can save some spending by living with the parent. The paycheck is just enough for transportation, a cloth, and, lunch. They sacrifice to works for four hours than they can find other jobs. Some employee is success to do this strategy. I have ever seen that a doctor degree promote himself to work for food. He has no jobs so he needs some food. Asking other people or become a burglar is not a good way A burglar may generate thousand dollar a month but your pride will decrease. Perhaps, you will meet your family, neighbor, your lecture, your ex wife and else.
There are some benefits when you work for a company or firm whereas you just get little money, such as:
1. You still have a job
No matter how much your money that you will get, you still have job now. You can answer to someone who asks you where your occupation is. Your pride is still high if you have a job, even some people may mock you due its low salary. You can explain them where you works and how you works.
Perhaps you do not like stay home. By taking the jobs, you can go to office everyday. It might make you happy.
2. Your brain still work
An unemployment brain must does not work well because they do not use it. Perhaps they do not know how to sum the number with excel or spreadsheet. You may forget to copy a file or download a file.
Working can increase your knowledge and experience that will increase your value and expertness. The knowledge that you get from university may be different with your jobs. You will be able to work with words and spreadsheet. Some company may consider your experience to increase the paycheck. Someday you will be hired some good company that pay you high.
Staying at home without doing anything makes you crazy. Some people stress because they have no jobs. They become alcoholic because they drink too much. They think the alcohol can help them from unemployment. 
3. You get a network
By working, you will get new friend. Not all friends are a good man but you can get a few good men who help you. I get some friend in the university where I teach there. He asks me to teach at the school where he led. I am happy to hear that.
Surely, you should build a good relationship with your friend. Do not ever cheat them and make them down. Your reputation will be bad once you disappoint them.
Someday you need them. You can offer your business or stuff to them. You can also offers consultant service if you build a consultant company.
4. You get the project
Some jobs also offer the project to the employer. The projects are important to stream more income. You will work some jobs that make your experience and skill better.
5. You receive money
Is your salary enough? I am pretty sure it is not enough; however, you can save the money penny by penny. Use it to apply the other jobs. You can also use it to starting a business. It is better to get $100 than nothing. You can give it to your mother if you live at her house.

If you have no job at all, you have taken the jobs. I believe you will not satisfy with the paycheck, however, you can find other ways to stream other income. You can also start business such as online business to add your income.Some employee does the jobs after working hours. I heard a blogger still work though they just receive little dollar from it. He worked at the day and write at the night. When he got thousand dollars from blogging, he stops working. 
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Investment in Collectibles

Collectibles may be not a good investment recently due to the crisis economic. People avoid buying luxurious things including collectibles because they need money for other important needs.
If you have so much money, you can buy some collectibles. When the economic recovery, you can sell the collectibles at high price. There are some collectibles that you can use as long term investment, such as:
1. Coin
The coin has been used by Roman Empire before Christmas born. The Ancient Greek also used the coin as the transaction tools. The oldest coin is found in Lydia, Turkey. Along time ago, people use precious metal such as gold and silver as the coin material. The coin was a valid payment at that time. People can buy cattle, cloth, crystal glass, with that coin. Some coins were also made by cupric.
Some collectors keep the coin for their collections. The old and rare coin price is so expensive far from its nominal value. 
United States also old gold coin.
2. Weapon
Some weapon has history value. There are so many antique weapons from middle ages to civil war era. The collector find Flintlock riffle that was the modern riffle in the era. Some colt or revolver from 18th century or Wild West era is a good collectible too. Some country forbids the firearm collection you need to get permission before collecting firearm.
The sword is also famous collectibles too. Most swords were used by important people or famous people. In my country, the old sword price is so high. Only
3. Stamp
British was the first country that use stamp for post service. The oldest stamp in the world is British stamp.
4. Money
Paper money is also a good collections. Keep the paper money in money album. The old money price is expensive too if you can keep the conditions of the collections. 
5. Painting
The old painting that was made on middle age is very expensive. Its price could reach million dollars. Some famous painter also creates million dollar painting. 
6. Sport Card
United States print card for basketball and baseball. The card contain the information about the player and his photo. The famous player cards worth million dollars such as Babe Ruth Baseball card or Shaquille O'Neal basketball card.
If you got the uniform, you can keep it. Someday, you may sell it to the collector or fans. The uniform must be expensive if you sell it to the collector.
Some player also has winner ring that is very valuable.
You can collect some antique things for long term investment. You must remember that the collection is not liquid investment. We can sell it when we meet the right buyer and we cannot sell anytime we want.

The cost of having a car

Owning a car is a dream for most people. We can go to anywhere easily by car. Hold the steer make our feeling so happy. Some people are proud to other people due its car. They often proudly exhibit to other people.
For the rich people, owning a car is not a problem because they have so much money. On the other hand, ordinary people must be hard to pay some cost like this:

1. Maintenance and service cost: After run for thousand kilometers a car owner supposedly check the car. The engine must be erode after working hard.The owner should replace the engine oil so the machine can work well.
2. Insurance. Some country oblige the car owner to buy the insurance. The insurance insure the traffic accident and pay to the victim of traffic accident. Some car owner also insurance the car from accident and loss. There are so many thieves that want stealth new car.
3. Parking. If we want go to office by car, we should hire the parking lot. It is not cheap to hire the park. In New York, you have to pay $ 1000 per month for a car.
4. Ticket. Some country forbid car enter the city. London charge £ 16 each time the car enter the city.
5. Toll fee. Passing through street often got traffic jam. We can use highway to avoid the traffic but it need cost.
6. Depreciation. The car value is decreasing. The car decrease 35% at the first time. After first time, the depreciation rate is around 10%. It is caused by the old machine that cannot work as the new car.
7. Driver. Some luxurious car needs driver or chauffeur and it is not cheap. The owner should pay at least 1,200 per month.
8. Gasoline or Gas. The car need gasoline or gas that cost $3 to 4 per gallon depend on the world oil price. When Arab world stop producing the oil, the oil price may hit $6 per gallon. At least you will need $ 500 per month.
9. Washing car
To keep the car sparkling clean, the owner should wash the car periodically. The owner can wash with car shampoo and water. If they have no time, they can wash in washing car machine that use automatically large brush and foam. In a few minute, the car will be clean.

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The benefit of owning a stock

No one insane people said that the stock is better investment today. As the economic condition bad, the stock investment also becomes worse. Some stock does not pay the dividend again. Its price is also decreasing due to low demand of this investment.
However, some optimistic investor believes that the economic will recover. They think it is time to buy the cheap stock. They can buy the expensive stock cheap. Here is the benefit of owning company stock.

1. You own the company
By owning stock, you and other shareholder are the owner of  the company. If you have majority stock, you can lead the company. The majority shareholder has right to decide the company where they go.

2. You can sell it anytime
Stock is very liquid and you can sell it anytime you like. You have better to sell when the stock reach the peak.  Learn the statistical or technical of the stock. They have peak or valley. There is some sign that the stock will increase or decrease. A clever investor should buy the stock cheaply and sell it expensive.

3. Get the dividend
Some good company that can generate revenue will share the dividend to the shareholders. They want share Dividend can also increase the stock price. The company that always pay dividend to the investor is Blue Chip Company. It is not difficult to recognize the blue chip company. The stock market list some company that is included as Blue Chip Company.

4. Generate capital gain
The stock price is volatile. Sometimes it increases to the top but sometime it go down to peak. Before the dotcom bubble, the dotcom stock could rise over many times. Some investor get benefit by selling it.
Today, the stock price tends to decrease, but someday the stock will increase. Surely, you have to buy the right stock not junk stock. The right stock has some sign that you can analyze at the financial statement.

5. It does need saving and maintenance
Owning stock is not bored the holder or investor. The investor can save the stock at their house or the can save to the broker or safe deposit box that cost little money. You can save the stock at wardrobe or other safe place.

Certainly, the company stock is risky investment too. The investor can loss all entire money in a moment.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

How the stock investor should do when crisis

Most Investor worries to their money in stock. The market index trend is decreases in three years after the sub mortgage crisis. Some investor has decided to sell all the stock and buy other asset that can give some benefit. Buying hard asset also guarantee the value of money. For example, buying car can increase our asset and we can use the car. Even though, the car price will decrease but it is not much.
It is the right investor to sell all the stock that they have; however, they do not just follow all people that sell the stock. The investor need to analyze the company whether they can generate revenue or not.
Selling the stock may decrease the profit of your stock because the demand is so low and no one want to buy the stock. Unless you believe that the company cannot operate again, you can sell all the stock. It is better to suffer small loss than suffering big loss.
Moving from stock to other assets is good but you must be sure that you move to right step.
Some investor put the money at certified deposit or bank account. The bank will guarantee our money but we cannot get satisfy return on those investment. The certified deposit interest is only two percent.
Some investor tries precious metal such as, gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. This investment is also good too. However, silver price had decreased on May 5th. This is a sign that that the demand of the metal decreases. Some investor may sell the silver for their necessity.
Despite of decreases silver, the silver is stable. It will not fall to the deep valley as the stock. The gold may be a good alternative to save your money recently. The gold bar has increased to 27 % in past twelve month. I believe no one stock that will give return as high as gold. People believe gold will never fall.
Some investor may buy the property such as land. The land keeps the value of asset but we should pay the land tax. We can rent the land to the farmer or businessman. They may use the land for farm crop or business.
I think we can put our investment in stock just 10% of our asset if we are risk avoider. The risk lover can put 40 to 50% asset to the stock.

How college student makes money

The duty of college student is study. They have to get good GPA so they can apply jobs at any place. Some parent forbids the student works for money. They afraid the kid will not finish the college or university. Some students who works or open a business often stop studying. They think they do not need to finish the college or university because they have so much money. Their parent must be disappointed after they sacrifice so much money in college.
The student actually can make some money and enlighten the school cost. Some jobs do not disturb the college such as,
1. Work for the professor. Some professor needs assistance for teaching or research. The student may assist the teacher to search the article, book, or browsing to find the subject. The professor often need handout for his lecture. The student can create a good presentation with PowerPoint or presentation.
Some professor has research with the company or the university. If the research has high budget, you can get high salary too.
The benefit of working for professor, you can get two benefits i.e, money and knowledge. If you want works for professor, you should have high GPA.
2. Writing for media or website
Some talented student can get money from media. Writing does not bother the student study. They can write an hours every day. The student can get $ 50 each article post in media. They also can make book. In my country, some elementary school can publish dozen.
3. Selling anything
My friend sells shirt or pants to the classmate. Perhaps the profit is not much but you can use the money for buying book or cloth. I have ever buy text book and get much revenue. If we have no time, we can also sell anything that student need it.
4. Online business
Due to advance internet, people can sell or buy anything on internet. Why do not you create online shop to sell book, CD, DVD, bag, Shirt, and else.
5. Investing
Most rich student will invest the money at stock or mutual fund. They can get little dollar from those investment.
They can seriously continue those kind jobs after finishing the college.

Pros and Cons Investing in Silver

People talk about silver that price is increasing more than hundred percent for past twelve months. This metal return is higher than the gold. This white shine metal has different characteristics with gold. Not all people use silver due its corrosive. The Silver is easy to dirty because the air can affect the shine of the color. The owner should clean the metal periodically. They can use clean cloth and polish it. To prevent the shine metal, some owner also polishes it with addictive chemical.
Most silver are used for jewelry, accessories, handcraft, spoon, watch, and else. Some country also uses silver as coin.
Silver is different to gold that can be used for various such as electric cable, processor, fake teeth, electronic component, and else. Its corrosive character makes this metal is not good for electronic use.
Like other precious metal, silver has a risk We have to pay the saving deposit box to keep silver. The cost is about $ 13,000 for every million dollars.  The deposit box guarantee our silver security and will change your silver if someone steal your silver from deposit box. 
Silver is not too good for jewelry due to its white shine color. Most people do not use silver as jewelry especially rich people.
The weight of silver is heavy. A troy ounce of silver price is only $ 35. You can buy a ton of silver for $ 1,125,400.00
Another disadvantages of investing in silver that is not liquid or you are difficult to cash it immediately. You have to find the jewelry store or silversmith that want to buy your silver.
Due to its limited purpose, the demand of silver is lower than the gold. I hear that the silver price just decreased. In May 6th 2010, the price drop to 10%. This is the biggest decreases price due to dollar become strong. Most precious metal has reversely movement with dollar currency. When dollar is strong, the precious metal decreases and reversely.
However, silver can be a good alternative investment. The silver price may fall but it is difficult to fall again. The silver could reach high price due to the panic investor who want to keep their money.
We can keep this metal as our investment. The investor should know when the right time to buy silver. They can buy when the silver decrease and sell it when the price is high.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Pros and Cons New House

House is a basic needs for human. A family supposedly has a house where they live. They can sleep under the comfortable house roof. The family member can meet together and share what they have meet at the outside.
A family can buy new house or old house. If they have much money, they can buy any house. There are pros and cons buying new house:
New house mean new building
The new house usually has strong construction. The cement still sticky to stick the brick and sand. The plywood or steel frame that supports the house is very strong. A new house color is colorific due the owner paint it with new paint.
Some developer builds a new model of home. Perhaps there is a water heater that uses solar power.
New Environment
You must get new environment they may be different to previous environment. Perhaps, there are some neighbors that also help you. Reversely, the owner may have a bad neighbor who makes them sick.
The durable
The house can be used for dozen years or hundreds year. It also depends on material that the developer uses. Be sure that the developer use durable material so you do not have to service the house. 
It does need some improvement or service
The new house does not need improvement. The frame still strong and you do not need to replace it. The roof is new so it can protect you from hard winter or hard rain. Perhaps, you will service or maintenance it next ten years.

Very Expensive
A new house must be expensive. The mortgages must be expensive too. The owner should allocate so much money for mortgage payment. It is not good to use mortgage recently due interest rate is very high.
The tax
Due its expensive price, the owner should pay higher tax than old house.

New house means new experience
There are no people who ever stay at the house. so no one know the advantages or disadvantages of the house. There is no one who can explain how live at the house. 
New community
New house means new community and new neighbor. The owner should adapt with new community. Perhaps they have habit and culture that is different to you.
Before buying a new house, you need to consider the pros and cons. If you prefer the pros of the new house and you have so much money, you can buy new house.