Friday, July 31, 2015

How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Eid has passed, but it seems no one has seen employment completed. Plans were made passionate swallowed as such. Want to do that one has not been completed but others are also not finished as well. I was confused as well if so.Do the whole job only smoothly at first only and is not finished as I have set. I read an article this article well passable for working at home. Hopefully I can to resolve the many agendas that. From the article mentioned that we do is: 1. Controlling work space The point is that no one should disturb us when it works, if a new type two letters there is a calling, or a new laptop blame phone sounds so long we did not settle. 2. Having a schedule and to do list This is what I have I know that I have to do some things like making books business feasibility studies, and make power point and novel. Until now, the new novel I'm working just temporary. I was determined not to mention the need to work on the exam toefl, Gmat test and the other is I have to make again. Oh yes I should make a proposal as many as 200 pages, and I also have to keep a journal least a month to promote myself. 3. Do not forget to leave office The point is discipline in work. If we realize our work with a lot less time then we will work quickly and motivated. We will not lazy and procrastinate. 4. Do not Play Email. This is what we often do because we play a lot of e-mall just simply say hello to friends, uncles and cousins, but we are so not working. 5. Do not work all day If you do not feel at home for a day's work because you will feel relaxed just yet then you'll be able to work. You must still comply with the schedule and a list of your work.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Advantage of Paying Yourself First or Saving

I have read an article from the get rich slowly about paying your self first . Our teacher said that we should have save the money. Perhaps your parent also said the same word. By saving, you can use the money later. Perhaps you want to buy a motorcycle that is expensive. You can buy now because you have no enough money. Perhaps,you need to go to the dentist because there is a small hole in your teeth or other thing. Saving is very important though I By paying yourself you can get the advantage or benefit from it: You use to live less I Often saw some people that buy expensive cloth while the salary is so low.They often eat at the restaurant whereas, they just make hundreds dollar a week. Certainly, they will not save any penny because they also spend money. Supposedly they prioritize the money for investment that is useful fro the future.Then they can use the remain for any spending post. Your saving and investment become priority You do not worry that you cannot save or invest the money because you save your money first. Saving becomes automatically You are forced to spend mindfully when you receive less money, you must think to reduce the spending. You eliminate any entertainment spending or you may think to buy at grocery. Photo by: