Monday, April 2, 2012

Financial Planning for retirement

As the age become old, the employee should plan their financial planning. They must need money especially when the company retires them. Some retiree may need little money due their children has become independent but some parent may have one or two sons that need money.
Here is the retirement financial planning that retirement need:
1. Sell the big house and buy the smaller house. As you become old, your child will leave you and they may buy house for the family. There is some empty space that you do not need it. You can offers the big house to big family. I think you can save the excess cash for investment. With small house, you do not need to make maintenance.
2. Evaluation the investment. Most retirement does not want to invest at high risk investment that needs adrenalin. Invest at precious metal is also good to save their wealth.
Some retire does not afraid to allocate hundred percent of the portfolio to the stock that pay dividend. I think they must evaluate the portfolio due to tight economy. They can buys land, farm, cereal field, and else. Do not use one basket to bring your eggs.
3. Take side jobs that does not make tired. The retirement can collect little dollar from it. Some retirement cannot stand if they should stop working. My father has planted some cassava after retirement. He wanted to enjoy the retirement with some work.
Some retirement can open an online business that does not need capital and human power. The retirement can works for three hours a day.
4. They need to prepare where they live
A Village where there is no noisy may be good for retirement. The living cost on the area may be cheaper than in the city. You can save some dollar by living in village and breathe fresh air every day.

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