Thursday, March 29, 2012

What investment that right for retirement?

The rule of thumb investment for retirement is that the retiree should invest at safe investing, due the most retiree cannot generate money again. The retirement is not enough nimble to find money like when they are young. The retirement stamina must be decreased after they have worked for dozen years.
Most financial adviser afraid the retirement will lose their money at high risk investment. They just provide 10% for high risk investment such as stock or junk bond.
1. Stock
Some company stock has lower risky due the company can generate some profit in tight economic. The company still pays the dividend to the stockholder.
Some foreign stock is also good option. Baidu stock from china could generate double digit return in 2010. Some country also has good stock company such as, Brazil, India, and Russia.
2. Mutual Fund
Few income mutual funds can generate little money. This investment is not safe as certified deposit but it can give more money. The mutual fund is also cheaper than stock or index.
3. Precious metal
The precious metal return is better than other investment today. In 2011, the gold return is more than hundred percent. Most people worry to the tight economic that when people are difficult to find money.
Gold demand is stable and never decline. That is why people tend to save this gold. In American Revolution, Most American citizen saves the gold and other precious metal. United States revolutionist must be difficult to gain money for buying weapon and supply.
4. Hard Assets
Land is an investment too. It does not take the maintenance. You can sell the land someday and gain more money from it. You can plant some cereal, fruit, vegetable on your land.
You can also open a farm to raise some livestock such as cattle, sheep, goat, and others.
In my country, some retirement buys coconut palm oil cost 3000 million each hectares. A month, we can generate net income $ 500. The rubber plant is also good due higher demand to rubber. You can employ some people to take care the plantation.
Real estate investment is also good option. We can generate revenue from this investment too. We do not have to employ someone to take care our real estate because the REIT manager has manage the real estate.
There is lot investment for retirement. Be sure, you you have construct right portfolio.

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