Saturday, May 31, 2014

Invest is not share only: the alternative ways to invest your money

Some people generalized that share is an investment. Certainly, the share is an investment but it is not the only investment. There are some varieties of investment that you can use to grow up your asset. Some people may no realize that they have invested in certain place. The students who study at the college invest their time and money at education. Most student hope they will get benefit from it at the future. After graduated, they can apply to some company who want to pay them. They will receive money that s called salary or wages every month. A student study hard until night to get good mark and high GPA. They believe when they have good mark, it is easy to get the jobs. The company likes to recruit the clever student because the clever can make the company benefit. The company will not hire the stupid student. It is very hard to get good mark. Some people study until mid night. They type papers up to hundreds page. Sometimes they have gone to the lab for practicing. For four years, you should graduate from the university. I think it s not easy. When we at college, we do not get salary. When we connect to other people, we also make an investment. Getting a good friend, meaning we have a good investment. Your friend is greatest investment in world. They will help you when you need, and you will help them when they need. It is not easy to find a good friend. Only few people will be kind to you. Most of them are bad people. They juts want to help you because you have helped the. Whenever you down, they do not care about you buy they are happy when you fall. Most people just believe the importance but they will leave you when you fall. In a China phrase “Honesty is the currency that is valid everywhere”. When people trust you they will give everything to you. They may give you money to open a business. We can share the benefit to the people who have share money. When people do not trust you will be difficult to reach the success. People do not give you money moreover jobs, they feared that you will steal the money. They also fear because you will not finish the jobs. It is not easy to keep people trust to us. Once you lie, they will never believe you.

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