Thursday, May 29, 2014

Invest when you young to get the higher return

Most young people do not think about the future especially the rich one. They think that the money cannot lose. Their parents also provide the cash to them. Whenever they ask money, the parent gives them. They think they can get the money anytime. They spend money for the useless things. They buy expensive cloth, expensive car, and others. Sometimes they go to a pub and dance until early morning. Supposedly, they can use money for important thing. They can save the abundant money so they can use it at the future. When you get money you can invest it. Do not spend all your money for today only. You will need it. When you have so much money, it is time to multiply your money. By select the right investment, your money will double in the future. It takes time to double your money. There are some investments that can increase your wealth. You can invest at capital market if you like or you can invest at the real investment. People like invest blue chip stock that can grow your money for long term. When you redeem twenty years in future, your asset will grow many times. The investment is different to the saving account or certified deposit. Sometimes we can win and sometimes we can lose. The younger can take thigh risk when they are young. When they lose they can find other money. On the other hand the old man cannot take the risk. They may have no job so they must be careful when they step their foot. The young can invest at education. They can find the master degree or doctoral degree that can increase your expertise. I believe your boss will increase your salary hen you hold the higher degree or other company will hire you. If you have less money, you can find the course that relevant your expertise. You can be an expert after attending the course. You can also consider to buys some real asset. Saving your money for your house where you will stay with your family. The house it is not cheap and it needs dozen years to saving money until you can buy it. You must be sorry when you do not invest at young. You will have not much money at old time and you can make money at the old time. Rarely the company employs the old man except you are the best employee.

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