Thursday, August 13, 2015

Diversifying Income, Should I?

When we are not satisfied to our salary now, you can consider finding another job. You probably not dare quit job because you have no idea to make money. It is better to keep working at the same place rather than quitting. You can try making other income or you diversify income. You may get little money from your office but you can make money from other source. There are some reasons that you may need to diversify your income. Emergency The company may fire your whenever they want. You should prepare yourself by streaming more income Retire Early If you decide to retire early; you must have some source of income. You do not have to expect the income from office because you have so much money outside the office. You ca decide to retire early when you have so much money. Quit Jobs Fund When you quit from a job, you will not get money. You still need money because you need to eat. The income from other source will help you to eat. Perhaps you can go vacation from other income. Tired To working You do not like your job because the boss is so mad. You can use other income to quit job. soucre :david ning

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