Friday, August 21, 2015

5 Habits that you should hav ebefore 30s

some people said that it is difficult to break habit when we reach 30s. That is why we should use to do some habits that help us to reach wealth.  Here are five habst that you should do:

Create and stick budget
To be honest I am a lazy person that create a budget. Without a budget, you cannot take the control of your finance. You do not know where your money go. Sometimes  we do not realize that we have spent all money one week.

Life below your mean 
like the wise man say that we should live below mean. We can use generic product and drive a cheap car. We do not have to daer to do it.

Manage Credit wisely 
I prefer to avoid any debt including credit card.To me,it will eat our ncome.

Build For emergency fund 
Set a part of your income for emergency fund. SO you do not need to borrow money for repair car,or maintenance your house

Save for retirement 
You should realize that you need the money after retire. That is why you should save for the retirement now

source :heraldonline

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