Friday, December 4, 2015

Writing a business that you can do without leaving or quit your job now

Last article, I write about opening a business without quit a job. One of the alternatives the business is writing. You do not have to quit jobs when you decide to write. You just need to set one or two hours for writing. You can make hundred or thousand dollars.
First you need to build a blog or you can write for some website. Unfortunately, most paid article website has been closed because they cannot generate money from the adsense. You can tray to build a blog.
Most the amateur writer cannot sell the book for the first time unless they are a talented writer. The publisher do not want to print the book because it is very expensive. The risk that book not sold out is so high. As a businessman, he will avoid the risk.
I prefer to write at blog to make money. Today, I have not get money yet but someday the people will know me and they want to print my blog. I also put adsense in my blog too. Once people click the as, I will receive some penny. The blog has not so much visitors. I dream the blog will generate thousand visitors a day. I also put the pay[al widget so the visitors can donate to my blog.
It is not difficult to write 300 word article, I juts need 10-20 minutes for that. I usually do before teaching. I am not bothered doing the article and it is very easy.
I also have tried to write for newspaper and I got $50. Unfortunately,

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