Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Three secrets of saving

Some people are difficult to save the money because they always spend the entire income. The people who can’t save, must be curios to know how to save the money. They have tried to save but they failed.
Here are the secrets to save your money:

1. Create a budget
Budget can help you to save the money. You can allocate the income to your saving. Say, you can put 10% of your salary for saving. You can increase the percentage when your income increases. Some expert suggests 20% of your income for saving.
By creating budget, you can reduce you’re the spending that your really do not need. You can shift it to your saving.

2. Spend less than you can get
A smart people must spend less than they can get. They must realize that the income is higher than the spending. When your spending is higher than your income, you must trim down it. You should control the spending that you do not need. Perhaps you often to eating out or three time a week. You can control the eating out spending.

3. Saving at the beginning month
Before you spend your money for food, shirt or others, you should save the money first.  It will enforce you to save. Saving may load your money but you will get the benefit later or some day. Once you receive the salary from your boss, you put it to your saving immediately.
Most people save the rest money at the end of the month. They have goal to save it but later they forget to save, they buy the rest money for food or beverages.
It is not difficult to save as long you want to save. You can also consider increasing your income. You ca write for blog or you can help your neighbor to get some dollars.

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