Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Financial Planning for 30's

What is financial planning for the thirty? This is almost similar with financial planning for twenty or forty. The Thirty may take high risk reminding they are still young. They have health body. They can works in various places. As a young man I work at least for three office. Surely, I spend most time at an office. I got the paycheck from those office If I work the project.

In thirty most of us can generate more money because we reach the top of the health. You should use it to prepare your future. Here are some financial planning for thirty.

1. Retirement Fund
Yes, you should think about retirement fund though you are still young. The early you save money, the more you will get the money after retirement. The retirement fund can fulfill your daily need after you retire.

2. Housing
A young man need the house too. It is not good to live with parent moreover you have married. If your parent ask you to live with them it is not problem. Perhaps they want to ask help for you. In retiree, they do not like living alone like other people. 
Though, you live with parent, you can buy the house if you have money. You can rent the house to other people.

3. Start a business
In Japan, there are some creative young that found creative business. They create some anime and cartoon film that make money million dollars.
when you still young, you can start a business. You can take care of the business after work.

4. Saving and investment
Save your paychek and then invest at profitable investment. This time might be not good for investment but someday the investmet will rise up again.

5. Living Frugal
Do not think that you can make money forever. Someday the company may fired you and you will be poor. Do not use the brand product while the generic product is not different in quality. Do not follow other people style because they may have high salary.
We can save much through this lifestyle. Dozen, hundreds, or thousand will be useful for us.

6. Emergency fund
Set aside money for emergency fund. The amount is depend on your daily needs. The emergency fund is usually six times 

7. Education
Perhaps you want continue to the master degree or doctoral degree. You can make money after you graduated from higher college or university.

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