Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The budget for the worker who has no field income

Not all people can receive salary like people who work for the company. Sometimes, they get money each three month. For example : The farmer who plant corn, sorghum, paddy rice can get money after harvesting the cerelia. It need at least three month.
Due advanced technology, some surfer prefers to work as the freelancer. They can get some project on internet. They will be paid after the project has done. Sometimes the employer does not pay them because they do not satisfy with the project or they may fraud you. They said that your work is bad whereas they use your work.
As the freelancer, you have uncertainty cash flow. Therefore, you have to create a budget that is specific for instable income. These are the steps:
1. List all expenses
The freelancer must have expenses too though they cannot make money every month. List the fixed spending such as debt, mortgages or house rent, income tax, insurance, food, and else. Do not forget to list semi fixed spending such as electric bill, heat bill, internet bill, cable tv, cloth, and so on. Sum all of  the month spending.
2. Sum the income that you might receive next month. You may get the benefit from service fee, royalty, consultant fee, and others.
 Alternatively, you count the income that  you receive last year than divided by 12. It can smooth your revenue.
Do not list the income too optimistic. For example, you will receive hundred percent of your project that you have done last month. Some boss may pay you next month but some other may not pay you. Some client want to pay you but they want to pay it next month. You have to compute the income carefully.
3. Compare the income with the spending. If the income is higher than the spending, you can allocate the excess to the saving or investment post. You can also buy something if you need it.
If, on the other hand, your spending is higher than income, you need to reduce the spending. Alternatively, you borrow the money from other. By borrowing money, you can fulfill the daily necessity for temporary. It is not good to add the debt, remembering the high interest that you should pay. The better ways to make your budget balance is reduce the spending. As a freelancer, you need to trim down any spending due you do not have fixed income.
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