Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to find Financial Planners

If you have so much money, you may need financial planners who advice you to make you more money. The financial planners helps you to build your financial planning. For the common people who does not know about finance they need the financial planners
There are so much people who offer their service as the financial planners. Do not to be tempted with the persuade from fraud people. There are some tips to choose the financial planners, such as:
Have Certified Financial Planners
Having a CFP certificate does not guarantee, the planners is a good financial planners; however, this is the first screen to select the financial planners. Most people whose hold CFP certified has advance financial knowledge. Not all of the financial degree has the certified financial planners. The people should pass the examination to get the CFP certified. I have ever seen the CFP exam that is very difficult.
The payment structure
Do not use the financial planner who ask the commission. The financial planner tend to suggest some product. the financial planner will get the commission from the company that has the product. The financial planner make unbiassed valuation. They said that the product is the best and can generate much money.
Ask the people near you
Get recommendation from people near you. They may have a good financial planner too. They have experienced to use the financial planner for years.
See the list of financial planners on National Association of Personal Finance Advisers. There are so many names of financial planners.
See the code ethics of Financial planner
Each Financial planner has own ethics code. Be sure to choose the financial planners who has "fiduciary" code ethics.
Selecting a Financial planner is very important because they may help you to grow your finances. The mistakes in selecting financial planner could make you bankrupt.

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