Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to use salary to reach financial freedom

Only few employee can reach financial freedom due they just have little salary. Sometimes the salary is not enough for them because the cost of living is higher than the salary. No matter how much your salary, you can use it to reach financial freedom.
Do not trust to people who say the employee cannot reach financial freedom. Create some action to use your salary.

1. Saving the part of salary
Even you just get hundreds dollar from your boss, you should save little money. Saving is important for emergency fund that you can use whenever you need.
Saving keeping the value of your money and keep pace with price of goods. Due the downturn economic, the goods price are increasing.
Some employee saves money for the business capital. Founding a business needs money to buy the material, to hire the employee, to market the business. 
2. Invest wisely
little money that you invest can grow to abundant money. The investment is very important for your future too. When you retire, you wan withdraw the money.
While you still receive the money from boss, you can invest it to risky investment. Despite the bad economic, little stock can generate more money. In China, the stock return has hit double digit return. You will never find the stock at other place. Seek out the investment at the new emerging country such as Brazil, Russia, and India.
3. Education
There are so many employee who enter the college or university or college. You should choose the marketable subject such as accounting, management, IT, nursery, and others. Those major can make more money than others subject.
After graduated from the college, you can ask the boss to increase your salary. The boss may consider your education to raise your salary. If your boss do not care to what your requirement, you may find other boss.
4. Setting the goal for future
What is goal for the short term, middle term and long term. The goal can encourage you to work more hard. The goal should be match with your salary.

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