Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why you need to increase money when retire

When you retire, it does not mean you can feel free. Perhaps there are some money that may harm you. Here are the cost that may harm you:

1. Maintenance the house
After you stay for twenty or thirty years, your house may damage. Perhaps the rain has damage the roof. Surely, you have to improve it or your house will break. The maintenance is not cheap, you have to pay the roof and the repairman service.
Some house needs improvement in the wall, the window, or others. If the retire want the best material, they should dare to pay more.

2. Kid Education
If you have still young child, you should fund the kid. Your kid college fee may need your money. Surely, you cannot ignore your kid college or you will need money to care them. For example: If they do not pay the college, they will stop to study. If they stop study, they cannot graduate the college. If they cannot graduate the college, they will be difficult to find jobs. If they have no jobs, you must help your kids to fulfill the daily necessity. Surely, you have other option to expel your kid from your house. It is your choice .

3. Health
Some sick retire may spend so much money for medical expenses. The young who do not keep the health will get so many diseases in the old time.
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4. Hobby
After retirement, some worker focus on the hobby. They use the severance to buy collectibles such as coin, stamps, painting and statue. A piece collectible is hundred thousand dollars. The crazy collector may spend the money for it whereas the real value of the coin is just dozen thousands dollars. The are tempted to collect the coin that is not important. Perhaps they think that the collectibles will generate money from them.
The maintenance of hobby is usually expensive too. A collectible do not need expensive maintenance but caring pet needs high cost. Example: Cats need the expensive food. My brother has six cats (one mom and five kitten). He needs $200 a month for cat feed, not included cat sand and vitamin. My brother also do not bath the cat to pet salon. He can bath the cats alone. Fortunately, the cat is health. We do not have to ask veterinary to cure the cats. In my country, the veterinary cost is not expensive just $ 10-$20. I believe the cost of veterinary is more than $ 100 in United States.

5. Child trouble
Perhaps your child owe some money to mafia. Surely, you should pay the debt or Mafia will kill your child. As a parent, you will not let any people hurt your child.

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