Sunday, January 27, 2013

How freelance make more money

The freelancer is a dream job for some people. The freelancer does not need to go to the office everyday. They can work whenever they want and wherever they want. A Freelancer is not similar to 9 to 5 slave who work from 9 am to 5pm. They do not have to punch absent card in absent machine or the company cut the salary.
Some people prefer becoming freelancer than the worker. They are free to express themselves. They can choose the boss who want pay them more. They do not have to do the jobs which If they do not like a boss they can serve other boss. Because of this, they are called as freelances.
Though, the freelancers do not receive monthly payment but they can get more money than an employee as log they can manage money well. They can save the money to investment or saving. A freelancer should save more money.
Being  a freelancer, you can make more money. On the other hand, the freelancer spending is not much as the employee. Here are the reason my freelancer make more money:

1. Despite the freelancer do not receive monthly salary, they can generate more money.
If they can get some project, they can make so much money. A Freelancer should be clever to seek out the jobs opportunities.  They can find at craigslist or internet that seek their service. They can also ask the friend or relative the service. 
The payment of the freelancer will increase when they have so much experience. For example: the experienced writer can get $40 each article easily, while, the amateur is difficult to get $5. Because of his, a freelancer should sharp heir skill and ability. They need to read more books and consult to the expert. They will get new knowledge
2. The freelancer does not need to pay high tax
In my country, most the online business has no pay the tax due the goverment has not yet to determine the tax laws. Some blogger who get thousand dollars have not yet paid the tax to the government. The government is going to create the freelancer income tax; however, the freelancers refuse it.  They said ha the government has not yet support the freelance jobs.
In my country or other underdeveloped country, the government has not create the freelance’s income law.

3. The freelancer has more time than the employee
An employee must work from 9 to 5. Sometimes the boss offers worktime to the employee. After arriving house, they must be tired. In my country, a worker could arrive home at 10 o’clock because the distance from the house to the office is so far or about 100 km. It takes three hours to arrive at the office. 
 As a freelancer, you have much time and you can use it to start the business. Do not waste your time for useless things. As a freelancer, you should be creative to make money. You can find another client who wants to hire your service. You can promote yourself on social media by posting your project. Tell them that you are able to do some project.  Some people who read your promotion may contact you soon or later.
You can also build a business too. While you have no project, you can care your business. The business may increase your income too.
Some mom can take care the kid and they do not have to go outside. They can stop the project for a moment when the baby cry and they can continue the work after the baby calm. The mom can generate more money and the baby grow health. Because of this, some mom prefer to work as a freelancer.
5. The Freelancer can stream more than one cash flow
An employee just receives one source income from the boss. Sometimes the boss gives also bonus and honor. Unlike the employee, a freelancer has no monthly salary but they get some money from the client. They can get money from various source, depending to what kind freelancers. A good freelancers can write a popular book, useful software, technology and else. The freelancer may stream the royalty from it. They can write a book or build a blog when they are free.
When they have no jobs, the freelancer can do some business. They can get money from the business. They can also offers maintenance service o he client. Sometimes a client meets the trouble with software or they want additional service from the freelancers. 
The freelancer should save more than employee can save. It is because they do not have pension fund. They can also stream income from investment such as stock dividend, mutual fund net asset value, capital gain and others.
6. The freelancer spending is lower
The freelancer do not need to go to office everyday.They do not need to buy gasoline for the car or they do not need to go to office everyday. They can slash $ 10 per day. They do not also pay the bus fare or bullet train ticket.  They can work at the house when they got jobs. They can meet the client when the work has done.
An employee need the nice shirt or uniform too; while, a freelancer does no have too. A freelancer can wear casual shirt that is cheaper than informal shirt.  An employee needs a good suite to attend the meeting or meet the client. They want looks professional by other people. A good suite price at least thousand dollars.
7. The freelancer lifestyle is llittle
The freelancer is very different with the employee. They do not have to play golf periodically or Visiting a gym like employee. Those activities need at least thousand dollars in a month. The freelancer does not need to register to any club.
The freelancer also does not need to eating out to talk with the client. He or she can talk with the client on chat, twitter, and e-mail. Sometimes an employee goes to the restaurant or café to celebrate the promotion.

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