Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Truth about Debt Consolidation

Due the economic tight, they need money for consume or other things. Some people borrow money to unsecured loan such credit card because the approval process is easy and they will get money soon. They   do not have to guarantee your asset to unsecured loan; however, most unsecured loan charge high interest. They use credit card to buy anything and finally the bill bubble. They are difficult to settle the debt because they have no money. A telephone call often disturb them o pay the debt payment soon and it make you mad.
Some people choose debt consolidation in order to settle the debt. They think the debt consolidation will help to settle the debt. They will pay the debt with low payment each month so they can pay off the debt and they still have money to fulfill monthly expenses.
However, some finance experts doubt in debt consolidation. Only few people are success to settle the debt with consolidation. Debt consolidation does not work for most people though the debt consolidation sounds great. We can negotiate the interest that increases your debt.
I agree with Dave Ramsey’s argument that the debt consolidation makes money off of you. Who are people want to loss in their business? I do not think there are no people who want loss in its business. So the creditor does not want to loss too. They will find a way to return back their money with the interest.  It is better than the debtor will not pay their debt.
For example you have debt $30,000 that consist a two year loan $10,000 at 12% and a four-year loan at 9%. The monthly payment for $10,000 loan is $517 and $583for $20,000. You need to provide a least $1000 a month for your debt only. It must be hard to provide thousand dollars a year.
With debt consolidation scheme, you do not have to provide $1000. Perhaps you just pay $640 per month on 9% interest by negotiating to creditor and rolling into one. However it does not mean decrease your debt but you should pay more. The lower payment means you longer the loan. You will pay $46,080 to pay off the loan. Just pay “only” $ 40,392 if you pay $1000 monthly. The difference is $5,688 that you should pay if you decide to use debt consolidation.
Do you want to pay more? Some people think they can settle the debt if the creditor ease them. To me I will settle the debt soon. I contact the creditor to pay off the debt soon. I will sell my asset such as stock mutual fund or precious metal and tight budget to reduce the monthly asset. I will not go eating out unless I pay off the debt. I prefer to pay the debt than eating out. 
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