Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Five ideas to boost income

Most people often grumble with their salary due it very small for them. They find another income source but they are failed to get the income. Some people may decide to find another job however the salary is not higher as they think.
People seek out any opportunities to boost the income, balancing the increases spending. The inflation has increased the good and service price; whereas, the income has no yet increased. We must find the other income soon or we will be difficult to fulfill the spending.
Some people want to boost income to reach the financial goals. They think they will no be able to reach he goal if they cannot boost he income. If you are really want to boost your income, here are some ideas to boost income:
1. Teaching what you know
Perhaps we have some knowledge such math or Algebra. Those two subjects are horrible subjects for some student. Some students do not like it because it is difficult and not all parents can teach the kid. Off course, you should like teaching. However this is an opportunity to boost your income. Teach the elementary school and get money from it. You will be paid $50-$60 per hours.By teaching, you will increase your money and your knowledge. There is some website that finds some tutor or teacher. You can teach the lesson from internet and you do not have to go anywhere. I saw some Indian tutor teach math and algebra online.
Offers a writer workshop, organize the farm workshop, write a guidance book, a hunter guide, and else. If you a student, you can offer data analyst to the student who near graduate. They must need guidance to analyst the researcher. In my country, the student dare to pay $ 200 - $500 for the data analysist. You can also work as the questionnaire interviewer. Some professor needs primary data for the research. My friend also helps the doctor to finish the dissertation. She collected the data from the field. She finished the bachelor degree so the doctor was.
2. Find a roommate
This is easiest option to make money. You can make $500 to $ 1500 a month. To find a roomate, you can use the newspaper, Craigslist, and other. You can also ask your classmate who need a room. When you post the ads, some people may call you and ask about roommate. Perhaps they need a room that is cheaper. They may negotiate the price of the room. If they feel good, they will pay the room.
Make sure your roommate is a kind person. You can check the criminal background the roomate candidate. Interviews the room candidate before you decide to accept them.  Your roommate candidate will not object if you ask some question. You can appraise from the answer and the way he or she answers your question.
If you get good roommate, you will get benefit too. Some roommate may become your best friend. They will help you when you need something. You can also talk to your roommate when you feel lonely. It is better than you are alone.
Some people cannot live with other person so they are better not to find roommate. Perhaps the roommate makes them mad.
3. Stream passive income
Do you want receive income when you sit or sleep? The income is passive income that you do not need to work hard to get it. Receive the dividend from company stock or a business, get royalty from the book, receive tenant fee from the renter - there are a lot opportunities to stream passive income.
If you have much money, you can invest your money to profitable investment. You will receive the dividend once a year. Research any investment first before you invest your money. There are some financial consultants who can help you. The experienced consultant will help you to boost your income.
The hard job of streaming passive income is the up front work. You should spend more money or time for it. The investor who want stream income from dividend needs much money. The book writer who want the book published must spend time to write word by word. They must do also some research for the book. Creating passive income is not easy but you should try it.
If you have property, you can lend your property. Some homeless people try seeking house for rent because buying house is more expensive. You also lend your car o your fiend or neighbor. In my country, rent car is a good business because not all people can buy the car. They like hire the car for holiday at the weekend.
4.Drive for money
This is not little jobs. A full time driver can make $50,000. A employee or student can take the saturday or sunday delivery which average salary $300 per week. If you can ride bicycle, you can also work as a courier. We can send some food or mail to the office. You can make $800 per week. It
To apply the jobs, you need to appeal the commercial driver license. It is not easy to get the driver license. Sometimes we should examine over many times to get it. The police just give the license o whoever deserves to get driver license.
5. Buy Franchise

Are you confused in starting business? Why do not buy franchise. The franchise owner will guide you to start the business and make profit. Hey also help you to promote the business to other people. Most franchise has been recognized by people so you do not have to promote your business.
However, it is not cheap to buy the franchise. For example: a restaurant franchise require cash ranges $ 92,050 to $ 222,800. You need to save your money or salary first to buy the franchise.
The franchise is easier than starting a new business. In my country there is a franchise business. The fail ratio is only 9% and more than 80% success in the business. The franchise business is about selling Turkish Kebab.  The franchise has grow over many times and it also build some branch in Malaysia and Philippine.

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