Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to cope when a family member cannot work because ill

Life is unpredictable. We want our body health but sick could attack us. Tough, we have kept our body health by eating health food, doing exercises, and so on. Some company will fire the ill employee because the sick man is not productive anymore. The company will replace the sick man with other man.
The company may pay the last salary and some severance for the ex employee. However, the money may be not enough for the sick man moreover the sick man is head family who responsible for the family. The worst, the wife may have no job. Some wife must apply a new job.  The wife may leave home to support the family. Perhaps a new problem will come. When the mom should work they should leave the kid who needs the mom.
Loosing the main of income source is a bread dream. For a couple months, the family can live from he severance, however, they should cope the situation. Here are some actions that you need:
1.    Use Saving or investment
It is time to use umbrella I rainy day. That is why we save some money. It is time you use the money. You may have some money that you have saved for yearly. The saving may help your finance for a while. However, you should make money before the saving run down.
Investment also can help you in this situation. Perhaps you have so much stock that you have invests for dozen years. You may just receive passive income for investment. Receive dividend yearly without doing anything.

2.    Re budget
Since the income side of budget decline, you have to make some adjustment in expenses or spending side. Trim the spending that you can. You have to reduce eating out that can save hundreds dollar in a month. Hiring the DVD is cheaper than going to cinema.  You have to spend less for entertainment budget.
You should also think to find the alternative income. You can start business now to make money.

3.    Support your family member
Do not blame the sick man but you should motivate him or her. It is not his or her mistakes that he or she suffer sick. The sick need your support and some motivation may help for them. They may recover from sick someday. The support can heal some disease especially psychomatic.

4.    Don’t be panic
Yes, most people will panic if someone ill in this family moreover the family member is the main source of the family income. They think they will not have money and they must suffer. They know they should cut some expenses especially for leisure. 

Panic does not help you. You have to construct the steps to cope your problem.  Stay calm side the bad situation.


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