Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to increase your saving in recession time

At the recession time, people are difficult to make money and they should pay more for spending. Though the boss whose has large factory feel difficult to get money when the recession.
On the other hand, Some people are easily to get money. Here are ways to make money when recession:

1. Take second jobs or side jobs
My friend teach for ten college to raise his income. He just get little money if he just teach a college. He teaches from a college to other college.
Some clerck whose hold master degree also teach at the afternoon. We can get $ 70-$80 each time we teach the college. If you have doctor degree, you will be paid more.
You can work after back to your home. Use your skill to make more money. There are some gigs in internet such as writing. Perhaps you can write article or some article. It is not heavy jobs to do it.

2. Open a business
You can strat the business to make money. Explore what kind business that can generate make money. Some business can make money fast.
Today, people can generate thousand dollars from blog. If you can write great content, you can generate couple thousand dollars in a month. You have to patient to the niche or subject of the blog.
The easy business is selling a thing. You can sell food

3. Generate income from asset
rent your room for hundreds dollars a month. Announce that you need room in the newspaper or craiglist. If you have more than one house, you can rent one of them.
You can also hire your land to the farmer. They can share profit from farm with you. You do not have to pay the tax because the tenant will pay it.

4. Sell Old Items from your house
Go to the garage, roof, or warehouse? Is there something that you can sell. You may change the items with little dollar. If you have some antique, you can get thousands dollars. I saw in pawn stars some people got hundreds or thousand dollars by selling the antique. Selling he antique is better than let it at the warehouse.
Promote your old items at craigslist to get the buyer. You have to promote the items through facebook or twitter.

5. Sell your hobbies
Do you like knitting? Some people can sell the knitting on internet. We can make money from there too. Some woman may need scarf or baby need nice heat.
Mom who can cook cookies may sell the cookies to neighbors. Perhaps they like your cookies because your cookie is very delicious. You can offer other people to buy your cookie. Promote your cookie through website, blog, facebook, twitter, and others.
If you have so much cat, you can sell it to the cat lover. Turn your hobby to business. It is not hard to do that. Raising cat for cat lover is not difficult. They can raise dozen or hundred cats easily.
Some people collect rare edition or old Marvel comics. They can sell it to get dozen or thousand dollars. You need to check your warehouse to see your collection.

It is important to make money in recession times. Try to find the idea to makes money.
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