Sunday, April 28, 2013

The benefit of move back to your house

Every people dream his or her house where they can live together with his other family.  However, it is not easy to buy house because the price is increasing over many times.  We also face to economic meltdown than influence our money. It is hard to save money now.
Some unlucky person cannot pay the mortgage so the bank may seize the house. They have to find the shelter for their live. Some may rent the house or rent apartment. Of course, it is not cheap; you have to pay the rent monthly or annually so the monthly spending increases.
Here are the benefit that you can get when you moving back:
1. You can save the rent fee or room rent fee. Some people can spend at least 500 per month. Some others spend thousand dollars for it. You do not worry the landlord will ask you to pay the rent.
2. You can save in cleaning cloth.
Your mom may have huge washing machine. You do not have to pay the wash machine or laundry. It can save hundreds dollar a month. Off course, you should provide the detergent. You should also help your parent to fulfill their daily living cost.
3. We can share the light together
You do not have pay much electricity bill high. You can jointly pay the eclectric bill. It must be cheaper than you pay the electric bill alone. 
4. cheaper food spending
You can save some dollar when we live with your family. You can buy in bulk meat, vegetable, fruit, and others that is cheaper than buying in small quantity.They can save those food at refrigerator.
There are so many benefit in moving back to your home. You can also care your parent. However some people does not like to live together with the parent. They are worried that they will depend on the parent. Some parent spoil the children with anything.
They also do not want to move to the parent house which is also small. They worried the family will make the parent bothered.

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