Thursday, September 3, 2015

Easy ways to save your phone bill

After the cell invention, People “cannot live” without cell phone. They also hold the cell phone wherever they go. They use it when they wait someone or something. They connect to the friend, family and other people. To buy something, they may use it.
Using cell phone for long time needs much money; whereas, you need money for other spending. That is why you need to save your money by doing this. I get some idea from mint. Com:
1.       Use the other cell phone
A famous cell phone must be expensive. You can find others brand that have similar produce. You can use the Google search or you can find reference from your friend.  Compare the price and the quality by reading some reviews. Be clever to choose the right mobile devices for you.  
In developed country, people use the used cell phone and it is cheaper than the new one. 

2.       Use Budget
We must stick the budget in cell phones spending. You can use some Google apps or you can use the envelope budget. Set the budget that can monitor your spending.

3.       Pay bill automatically
If you pay the bill late, you will get the fine. You should pay the billon time. For the forgetful, you can use the pay bill automatically. In my country, we pay the bill at first so the cell company will not fine us.

4.       Use Public internet
In my country, the government office or public place also provide the internet for public.It is free and it can save your phone bill. You can turn off your phone and use the wifi.

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