Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Personal finance tips for new graduated

Life after college is very difficult to some people includes me. I have no jobs for more than two year. Then i decide to open a business.  Certainty, I have no enough money and i was not able to manage money because i just make less money.
Supposedly, I should made action to manage my money. Here are several piece of advice for the newly graduated:
Live below your mean
Calculate your spending and try to trim down your spending. You can also make money. Find jobs or you can get freelancer jobs.

Do not borrow money again
If you have habit to borrow money, you should stop it. You do not have to use credit card because the interest is so high.

Do not ignored student loan
If you have student loan, you have to pay of the loan. Though the student loan’s interest not high, it will increase.

Prioritize your goal  
People have so many goals that they have to reach. Buying a new house or new car may be your goal. You can start saving to buy it. Though you just graduated the college, you can also save money for retirement too.

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