Monday, July 16, 2012

Benefit Passive Income

While you are sleeping, your asset increase. Some people from other side of world pay for your service or your goods. The passive income may add your income to fulfill daily necessity.
Everyone who has so many passive income must have some benefit like this:
1. Children
Some mom who has generate much passive income prefers to stop working. They want to raise their child by herself. Care the children seize all day. It is impossible to raise children while you are working. Some mom prefers hire baby sitter to raise the baby. Surely, it is not good because the children do not recognize the mom but the baby sitter.
2. Health
Some people can work for twenty hours. Surely it is not good for health. The worker can get heart attack at the young age. The man should be balanced. They man should work but they must take rest too.
By having passive income, you can take care of yourself. Do some exercises to keep your body health. Most employee cannot do some exercises because they have to work at the office.
3. Hobby
You can do some hobby but you still receive money. Some employee cannot take care of the chicken at the backyard because he or she should work all day. On the other hand, we can take care of chicken when we have income source.
Surely, you can stream some money from hobby. Sell the collection that you have. You can also breed cat or rabbit in your house and sell to the hobbyist. 
4. Volunteer
While some people need other hand, we can also help people to raise them. We can help them to build new house after flood. When you help people, you will be happy.
Some people prefer to works for unlucky people. Even they do not need money, they family still need money for live. By having passive income, they can work for some foundation or charity.
5. Travel
Have you visit great wall in China. Most employee can do because they have to go to office. They also have no money to fund long trip to China.
Only man who have much passive income can go to there. There are lot place in the world that you can visit.
We should use the benefit well. The man who has passive income does not mean he or she feel comfort and feel satisfy. 
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