Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to make money without investment?

The rich man can make money when they spend holiday on Bali or Hawaii. The investment return can increase their money and their wealth.  They can invest their money because they have money. They do not have to work hard but they get money from the investment. 
 On the other hand, poor man cannot invest money. It is hard to make money for them.  Sometimes they do no eat anything. However, everyone can make money.
People can make money from something else, such as:

1. Work for other people
If you want make money, you should work. Find jobs near your house. You can help your neighbors to cut the grass or pour the garden with water. You can also bath the other people dogs if you like pets. You can walk with the dogs to make more money.
You can apply jobs at the company. If you have good skill and experienced, you will get so much money.  Working for people or being an employee is a common way to make money. We will receive some money that we often call it salary after we finish the job. Sometimes we get the payment at the end of the month or at the beginning.
The salary may increase if you work for the company for long time. You also get promotion become manager so that you will receive more money.
Since long time ago people want to work for other who had much money. Samurai, Japanese knight, also hunt the boss who can employ them. The samurai will protect their boss and bosses asset. They bravely defend their boss until die.
2. Blogging
Some famous blogger got thousand dollars every month from the blog. Write five hundreds article for a blog to raise the traffic. Some blogger suggest fifty good articles. The blogger can make money by displaying ads on the blog. You are better to write the blog in English because English is the most used language.
Some blogger also got donation from the subscribers or visitors. Sometimes good visitors donate $ 10- $100. It is not much.
The blogger can generate much product y writing for a product. Describe the product with its strength and weakness. Some website dares to pay up to $100 for an article.
3. Selling online
Today, people can buy or sell something on internet. They can start to sell useless items that they save in garage. Upload the photo of your items to the eBay. The other people may interested to your stuff. They can make bid for the items. You can get more money when people desire buy your items.
You can also help people to sell their items. You promote the items and get profit from them. For example, your friends just want to sell the item for $40. You can sell it $50 and get $10.If you clever in selling online. You can buy used items at used market. Repair the items and sell it at your website. Some people may need your items too.
If you have no stuff, you can sell other stuff. There are lot books, VCD, cloth, and so much. Promote the Amazon product on your blog. You will be paid when the visitor hit the ads and buy the stuff. Get 4% to 6% commission each product.
4. Write a Book
Some famous writer can make million dollar from best seller book. Write any subject that you know. You can share the knowledge or experience in the book. People need tutor book or how to book. Perhaps you are good a gardening. Write the book like gardening a flower. Explain the step of planting  a flower. Write the tips to make a good gardening. Some mom may buy your book.
Perhaps, you have go to a place. You can write about the place and the history. You have to insert the interesting photo in the book. Write the important things and interesting place. People always want to traveler and may buy the book before going to a place.
You can also write e-book too. Some people prefer to read e-book than printed book due e-book cheaper. Write some words in the word and convert it to pdf. 
The royalty of book is about 10%. If you can sell million copies, you can be a millionaire too. Some famous writers get million dollars from their book.
5. Create Software
Perhaps, you can create personal finance software that help people to budget the money. Some company may be interested with your system. They dare to pay you thousands or dozen thousands dollars for it. The company may also need you to maintenance he software. In my country, a software creator becomes a millionaire because of his accounting software. The Malayan company has acquired the software and he gets so much money.
Some software creator can make passive income with its software. The creator will get cash once people buy it product. Off course, you should also improve the software so you can
6. Be a Tutor
Some people has a talent to teach something. We can get $ 60-$80 each time we teach the student. We have to increase our knowledge in math and algebra subject. Both subjects are difficult and the student often does not like it. That is why some parent also hunt for the algebra or math tutor for their kid.  Beside those subjects, you can also each computer tutorial. You can teach the student in excel or power point.  Though everyone can use excels or PowerPoint, not all people can create good presentation or spreadsheet. Teach them how to make those files good.
You can also be guide if you have experience in visiting specific place. You have to study the foreign language such as Spanish, German, Japanese and others. You will be guide of the outside tourist from Spanish, German and Japanese.  Some people may enjoy become tourist guide and they familiar with foreign people. Also learn about the tourist place and the history of the place. Sometimes the tourist wants to know the history of place.

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