Monday, February 18, 2013

Top Five reason you will never rich

Every people want to be rich. I rarely find someone who want to be poor. However, not all people can reach wealth. Some of them have tried to reach wealth but they fail. They work from nine to five to collect penny by penny. Sometimes people has make mistake that cause them become poor. Hey do o realize their attitude make them poor.
Here are the top reason why people fail to reach wealth:

1. They believe that they were born to be poor
Some people think they were born as a poor man due their father are the poor man. Yes, it is true that a poor man will be difficult to rich; however; it is not impossible to change the fate.
A poor man lives in limit. They are difficult to eat moreover paying the school fee. They think the destiny will not be different with their father or ancestors. They just take it and they do not want to change.
The mindset influences their action so they never try to change their life. They just submit to on their destiny. They do not work hard because they think they will not rich.
Only few people who has poor father do not believe it. By switching their mindset, they can find a way to wealth.They work hard to reach the wealth. They save penny to penny for their education. They believe the education can get good jobs.
Some people prefer to open a business with small money. The business increase gradually and they become a new rich man. Do not believe that you cannot change your destiny.

2. Lazy
There is no place for lazy people. The lazy people cannot reach wealth unless he or she get inherit from the rich parents; however, someday the asset will loss. The lazy man do not try to increase the inherit from the parents. He thinks that the father assets will enough to fulfill he necessity. 
 A Lazy man never learns so they will never pass any school. They think education is not useful for them. His parent order to study at school but they often absent without reason.
Every company does not need lazy man too. They will fire any lazy employee. The lazy will no have jobs so they will have money. I believe a lazy man will not be rich forever.

3. Have no skill
Every people must have a talent but not all people cannot grow the talent.  Sometimes people can find the talent after years. Example: My nephew is an driver assistant. He has spent dozen years as the assistance but he cannot drive the bus well. Finally, he tried opening a store in the front of his house. He buy the items from the grocery and sell it at the store. The store grown and he had the store.
It is impossible for unskilled people to reach wealth. The unskilled people cannot sell anything so the other people do not want to pay them.
Every people have skilled even a fool man. Unfortunately, most people do not know what their skill because they do not recognize themselves. Supposedly they try finding their skill. Perhaps a man cannot pass the university but he has writing skill. Why do not use is wiring skill. Some famous writer has not passed elementary school. They just learn and learn to sharp their written skill. They write a novel that pays them hundred and thousand dollars.
Thomas Alva Edison has never yet go the university but he found light bulb that people use it. He also found General electric company.

4. Have no jobs

I have never seen jobless people can become rich man unless they win the lottery or inherit money from a rich father. To be rich, you should make money. To make money, you should have a job
The unemployment has increase since the euro crisis. The Unemployment rate has hit the top level of unemployment. The company cannot employ the employee because they have little money. However, the economic tight is not a reason for you to quiet. You can seek out other jobs so you can stream the income. Try applying the company that needs your service. Perhaps they will call you. Do not ask high salary. Prove that you are right person for the company so the company will pay you high.
You can also consider being freelancer. You can do some jobs such as accounting, bookkeeping, writing, making a proposal and so on. Visit he website that need your skill. You can collect hundred or thousand dollar from the website.
Alternatively, you can start business. Some young man prefer to start business than seeking jobs. They are the independent people and do not depend on the boss. They can also collect profit more than the average rate of employee salary.

5. Have no marketing skill
We live in the world with other people. We can be wealth if we can sell something. The employee sell their skills to employer. They work for the company and the company pays them.  A doctor sale their knowledge and skill to the patient. The doctor get paid after exercise the patient.
If you cannot sell your skill, you cannot reach wealth. I heard some doctor cannot get jobs because they cannot sell their skills or knowledge. Today is online era, we can sell our skill through social media and social networking. Build a blog that promote your skill and knowledge. Someday people will buy your knowledge.
Some professional who hold degree are still poor. We do not doubt the skill of them but they cannot sell their expertise. Perhaps they shame to market themselves.
We have to able to market ourselves. Say to your friend or other people that you are expert in a subject.   If you are never tell your friend or other people, your friend will never know that you are an expert. Perhaps they hire other people other people to do something that you can do too. You must be regret when you hear your friend hires other people.

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