Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 Wrong ways to Rich

A man uses to leave the house at early morning and go home in midnight but he is not rich. He just gets money that enough for food and cloth only. Sometimes he must borrow money to pay the apartment fee and he cannot buy even a small house.  He also builds a small business to increase the income but the business cannot make money for him.

 He also finds a motivator to teach him rich but he motivator does no help him. The motivator just suggests him to work hard; whereas, he has worked so hard.
I believe that most people have worked hard but they are not rich. They have made some mistakes and pass wrong way to become rich. Here are:
1. Workaholic
To make money, people will suggest you to work hard. Yes, most people who want to be rich must work hard. Collect penny by penny and never stop until rich.  Some people think work from early morning to midnight will make more money than other people who work from 9 to 5. By working too hard, you will damage your health. As an ordinary man, we have to take the rest too. By forcing our body, we will get sick easily.
We cannot work in front of the computer in five hours. The experts suggest to rest every one hour. Too long in front computer could make your eyes damage. You also notice your eyes health because it is very important for your life. Staying in front of computer can make your body sick too. Do some exercises every one hour.
What we can do to reach wealth is smart working. BY smart working, you can work less and get money more. We have to delete the activity that has no value or less value. We work for value activity only. You can also find the right place that want pay you more. Consider to move when your boss does not pay you proper to your skill.
2. Not socializing
As social beings, we need to socialize. Human cannot life alone in a silent place. They must need food or cloth from other people. To be honest, we cannot make food or cloth alone. We need the vegetables or fruit from other people. We also need some needle to sew the cloth.
Do not just work alone. Find a friend mind-like to reach your ideal. You can work together with your friend. By working together, you can solve a hard problem together. Your friend may know something you do not know and you may know something that your friend does not know. You can share the info or knowledge together.
By socializing, you can tell everyone that you are an expert. They may hire your experts someday. You can also ask people to help you if you want to do something. For example, you need accountant for your small business. You can ask people near you to do the job.
Socializing means you build network too that will increase your opportune to make business. You can sell a product or your experts in your network.  Most freelancers or consultant has its network. They will share when there is an opportunity.
3. Stingy is different to saving
Indeed, we often see the stingy rich man.   They have never given anything to other people unless they would have been sure they got something. They calculate every penny that they give to other people. Most stingy man does no pay tip to restaurant service or repairman. They prefer to keep some pennies than giving it to other people. They may keep the tips in the jar.
By collecting penny, they will rich. They collect the penny for daily necessities. They may save hundreds dollar in a month. Most stingy man is also “frugal” too. They will not spend for expensive things. They just wear casual shirt and they will no buy the expensive jewelry.
The stingy may save hundreds dollars but they may loss thousand dollars. By stingy to other, you will loss your most friends. Most people do not like miser people and they keep away from stingy man. Most people will revenge for the miser people. Most people will be miser to the stingy man.
4. Stacking Money
Sometimes people think that rich people is people who hold a lot of money. It is not wrong because the rich is counted by the number of money. However stacking money cannot increase the value of money whereas the value of money decreases year to year. Every year the food price increases so your money does no mean with food. For example, the price of cow was $5 in 1880’s. Now, you have to prepare thousand dollars to buy a cow.
You are better to buy something rather than stacking your money. You may buy a car so you can go to office easily. The car value may decrease as he time goes by. However, you can use the car and the value will not decrease as the paper money.
I will be better if you use the money for starting business or buying business. By Starting business or buying a business, you may make more money or you can loss too.
Stacking at gold is a good alternative too. Unlike paper money, gold value is stable. Sometimes the gold value is higher than inflation rate. He gold investor often sells the gold when inflation occurs and they get more money.

5. Lazy charity
The miser people are very hard to allocate money for charity. They just distribute money for their own spending. Charity may decrease you money but it will help you someday. Someday when you bankrupt, you must be happy when someone raise their hand for you.
A research said that by charity, our mind will happy. I believe it also cure some disease.
In economic side, a charity can influence your personal tax. You will pay less he tax if you charity to foundation. 

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