Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Mother regretful not to buy land

My mother's regret is not buying some land in an urban region near the capital city. She had so much money at the time. Her uncle, who was a military leader in that region, suggests her to buy the land twenty year ago. The uncle said that the land will increase because the urban people will buy the land fro settlement or other building.
Now, the price of land has increasing more than dozen years. The region is a favorite settlement for urban citizen because it is not far from the capital city. There are some mass transportation such as shelter buss, electric train and buss. There is highway that connects the region to capital city.
Now, my brother also builds a house near the urban. He wonders if my mother buys some land at the region. Surely, we cannot change the past. It is a good lesson for us to use our money right.
Saving is very important for our life but we should also use the money to make money. Investing some money in capital market can increase your asset too.
Off course, you should no forget to buy the asset. You have to buy at leas one house so you can live comfort at it. Some land is good for investment and the price can increase over many times after years. Off course, no all land can make money. Some bad land will not make money.
Before buying al and, you should check the certificate of land. In my country, a land could have three to five certificates. We do not know whether the certificate real or fake. Some clash occur because the certificate. Each side argues they have the land. In third country or underdeveloped country, the law enforcement is so pitiful. Sometimes a rich man can buy the law.
 Second, you can check the land master plan. Some municipal have land master plan. Buy he land tha is for settlement cause the price is very good.

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