Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to save to buy house

Our ancestor live at the cave that can protect them from the wind and rain. They can also protect themself from the animal. As the civilization grow, they need house. A house is where the human can live. Every family need at least a house. They encourage to get the house. Here are some ways to save: 
1. Determine what kind house do you want  This is a important question for you. The house price is different each other, depend on the house type, the size of house, the location, and else. Research a bit about the house that you want to buy. Consider and calculate the time you need to buy the house. You will need more money, when you decide the house later. 

2. Budget for saving You need to earmark your income for your house. More money you save, more better. You can get the house earlier. Increase the income that you can do. If you have a good jobs, you may generate a high salary. If on the other hand, you get bad job, you just get low salary. Find side jobs or second jobs to increase your income. Teaching some knowledge and subject can make hundreds dollar per month.  If you plan to get house fast, you should earmark large money. It mus be heavy for you but i am pretty sure you can do it. 
Open an account that you will not withdraw except for house. You can save 5% from your salary or more than it. Save the money first before you use money for other things except for paying debt.
3. You can reduce the spending. You need to delete unnecessary and unwarranty spending for other purpose. You have better to have a house than watching the cinema everyweek.  there are so many things you can do to reduce the spending, such as: Use coupon to buy food at the supermarket and groceries. It does not reduce the spending much but you can save $20 - $40 per month.  Use the mass transportation such as buss, tram, train, to go to office or school  Use the save energy lamp to cut the electric bill. Turn out the light when you do not need it. 
In the spending side, you should use money for your need only. You can cut the entertainment spending. Find the alternative to cut down the spending. For example, you can start to cook your meals rather than buying the food because your cuisine must be health and delicious than other cuisine.
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