Friday, May 17, 2013

How to make money when you have debt

When you have so much debt, you may confused. For example, a clerck who has so much debt but he just got low paycheck. The entire of paycheck are paid for the debt. He does not get money again to buy food, cloth, and others. If you just use the paycheck, you cannot fulfill your daily necessity. Borrow money from other will not solve the problem. Your debt will increase and you will not pay the debt.
In long term, you can find another jobs that pay you more but you should also think the short time to make money.
There are something you can do to find fast money when you have so much debt:

1. Surround your neighborhood and house. Perhaps your neighboor need you to maintenance the house. Offers cleaning service to them. They may pay you dozen dollars for hours. The jobs is not heavy for health people. You can work for two hours at the house.
They may need to cut the grass or pour the water. We can also add the service. Surely, they will pay the additional cost. You can also add service to fertilize the grass.
2. Sell Plasma Blood
If you are health, you can sell your plasma blood. We can get $20-$35 each time we sell our plasma blood. Some doctor said it will not hurt you but it will make you health. The blood plasma will regenarate immediatley. By selling blood plasm, you also help people who need it. Some hospital may lack of the blood. You can sell the plasma again after four month. 
3. Recycling
Collect the bottle from the rubbish can if you dare to do that. You may ask your neighboor whether they have  the recycling things such as alumunium can, bottle, plastic, newspaper, and other. We can easily sell the recycle to the factory.
We can convert the rubbish to handicraft. In my country, people convert pvc bottle to ornamental lamp. They just need cuter to slice the pvc and then shape the bottle. They can also paint the ornamental lamp. We can also make bag from plastics by joint some plastics.

4. Sell your items
Have something can be used in the warehouse or garage? Sell in garage. Your neighbor may need the items and buy it. In some place, people often organize garage years periodically.
Upload the item’s photo that you want to sell at ebay.They may need your items.  Briefly describe your items and the condition of the items. Do no ever try to lie because it will be not good for your reputation.  
5. Paid Surveys
Find paid surveys in internet. You will get $10, $15, $20 each time you fill the questionnaire. Surely, only North American people can make money from the survey. You can also find some student who need people to fill the questionnaire.  The paid from the student may be not high as the paid surveys.
Be careful to scam paid surveys that are ton in internet. They just waste your time in internet. The fake or scam online survey just pay five or ten cents that you cannot withdrawn soon. You should wait until the payment reach $5-$10 that needs much time. Sometimes, you will not reach the payment.
6. Baby Sitting
Make money by caring other people's baby for dozen dollars per hours. Surely, you should be skilled in sitting baby. I believe most woman can sit the baby.

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