Friday, May 10, 2013

The role of reduced spending in financial planning

Most article that talks about budget often mention about reducing the spending. We need to reduce the spending to balance our budget. We do not want our income is fewer than our spending. It make us bankrupt. If we have so much spending, we must borrow money from other people or bank. 
Reducing the budget is not easy too. We should be clever to reduce what kind the spending that we can be reduce. It is not wise to reduce the daily necessity such as wheat. For  example, we reduce half of our wheat every month. Your family will hungry when they just eat half of food. Reducing the quality of wheat is also not wise. Your kid may refuse to eat the food.
You can save on food by reducing the food. You can reduce a bit of meat or chicken meat. It is good for your health. Coupon is also a clever ways to reduce the food cost. The coupon can save $20 - $30 per month.
People should reduce the eating out eventhough they like it very much. You can save hundreds dollars in a month.
Before reducing the spending, you need to list all the expenses. We can track the expenses last month. Try to remember the spending that you have been spent last month. We can categorize the needs or the want. We just be able to reduce the unnecessary or unwarranty spending, such as eating out, go to cinema, gadget, and others.
By reducing the spending, we can save more money. By saving our money, we can protect from the uncertainty future. Someday we need the money for our daily necessity. If we got sick, we will need money. The children must also need money for their college.In economic meltdown, we can be fired by the company. We can use our saving to finance our needs. 
We can also earmark our excess money for investment too. The investment is important for our future and It can multiply our money in long term. We can be rich if we invest money at the investment. Unfortunately, the investment return is not good today. The interest rate so low or almost zero. However, some emergency country stock has double digit return such as chinese stock.
Reducing the spending can balance our budget too. If you just low paycheck, you have no choice to reduce the spending. Reducing the debt can make your budget health.

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