Friday, May 31, 2013

How to make money when you are broke

When you are broke, you need to find money. You still need money for food, cloth, and settlement. Do not stop to make money until you get it.
Here are some ideas to make money when you are broke:

Short term construction

You can apply to the construction near your house. I believe some real estate company need the worker for construction. The salary is high because only few people who want to work as construction worker.  In Japanese, the construction jobs salary is very high.
The work is not easy. You should have strong body to do some jobs and some skill. You should be able to lift the heavy and climb high construction. The construction jobs can make your cloth dirty because you have to paint and mix the material. The construction job is also dangerous. If you are not careful, you will fall from the building.

Freelance writing
There are some jobs in writing article. You can write short article for 5-10 dollars. There are some blogger who need the article for their blog. They want other article because they have no time to write the content.
If you like traveling, you can be a travel writer. Write your experience in your last travel. People like to travel and they want to know the detail information about where they go shopping ,where they find the hotel, where they go by and others.You can also draw the map of the place and also give some useful tips  for the reader.

Work at a bookstore
Bookstore must need some person to keep the bookstore. You can apply the job at bookstore and you will get paid from it. It is not much but you can use the money to buy food, cloth and paying apartment fee. The job is not difficult. You should be patience to wait the customer. You should be able to explain the book and find the book that customer want.
Of course, you should love book. You must know book that the store sell with the price. Some bookstore gives bonus to the keeper who sells some books.
After working, some people may need message. Some message can make the people fresh. Some massages can heal certain diseases.
If you are able to message, you can make money from it. The professional massage will get more money.
Farm work
 Though the machine can harvest the grain and fruit, but it cannot pick the apple or the orange on the tree. Only human can harvest the fruit on tree. Go to the fruit field and ask some jobs. It is not difficult to harvest the orange or apple as long You are dare to climb the stairs and harvest he fruit.
When the cabbage or lettuce ripe, the farmer must need people to harvest it. You need to cut the vegetable from it leaves and collect it to the truck. Some cattle farm also needs people to shepherd their cattle. You can herd the cattle from the field to the cage.
Work in a hostel
I have see in bbc, a millionaire want to work in a hostel. He just get free room and free food. Surely, you can also work for hostel like clean the room or cook the food. You must be able to sweep the floor, or clean the window. You should also change bad cover and pillow.
You will get not only free food and room but also some money. The money may be not much but you do no have to buy food or pay the apartment fee. When you have so much money, you can find apartment and work for other company.

Sell the bottle or aluminum can for recycle. You can collect those items to make money. Some PET or polyvinyl can be recycled too.You may get dozen or thousand dollars from it. Explore the rubbish near your environment and you may get some recycle items.  Some store also

Resell stuff

Sell the stuff from you garage or warehouse at garage sales.Perhaps we still have old bicycle or old wardrobe that Your neighbor may need it. Clean the bicycle with first and you can also paint the bicycle. Do not forget to oil the chain and the pedal. I believe the buyer dare to buy the bicycle expensive.
You can also sell the stuff on internet. Here are so many surfers who need the old stuff because it is cheaper than the new one. Open a website or blog to promote the items and you might get call from the buyer soon.

Sell blood

It is not difficult to sell your plasma blog. Each time you donor the plasma, you will get $20 - $35. Surely, you should be mature or 15 to 59 years. You should also be health and you have no diseases. Keep your body health by consume good food and do some exercises. Some doctor suggest us to donor our blood because it keep our body health. Do not worry that you will loss your blood. Your lever and bone will work to make the blood.  After selling the plasma, our organ fast produces the new blood.

You can also make handicraft if you are able to make it. Some people find the unique handicraft. You can sell the handicraft at the website. provides the handicraft maker spaces to sell the handicraft.
I saw some shop sell the knitting such as scarf, baby heat, sweeter, gloves and others. You can do knitting in the night or after you back from your office.  Create some education toys from wood than paint it.

Some ship need crew for sailing. You can also apply as the crew. Perhaps you can clean the floor or cook for the ship captain. We can work and enjoy traveling with other people. Not all can people sail with expensive boat.
It is not easy for every people to do this job.  We must be able to swim.  If the boat sunk, we must swim.
 Photo by Bob Jagendorf

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