Monday, June 24, 2013

5 Mistakes in Grocery shopping

We must go to grocery shop periodically to buy food and some needs unless you eating out. There is so many products at grocery that often attract us. The grocery’s owner arranges the product to attract the consumer. The products looks talk to us and said buy me, buy me.
1.    Buying brand names
The brand names must be more expensive than the generic items. People think that brand name’s quality is better than the generic. Actually, some company produces either generic or brand names. The different of the product is the packaging only. I believe you will n buy he packaging if you know it.
2.    Not List
Before go the grocery sore, you have to prepare the list. Write what your want to buy at a piece of paper. You may need to buy bread, meat, vegetables, milk and others. You should also calculate the price and sum the total.
Without list, you can make impulse buying and you may waste the time. We may forget to buy the items that we need. We walk around the grocery When they are coming home, they buy some items that they actually do not need it.
3.    Bring Credit card to grocery
Credit card with no limit must tempt you to buy more and more. You are better to buy cash to brake the spending. Bring enough cash as you have calculated at the list.
4.    Not use coupon
I think coupon can save some dollar. There are some free coupon that offers 100% free product such as new ketchup, a small bottle of soda, a small pouch of detergent, and others.  Some coupon rebates up to 70% for a milk, meat, meat ball, fish and other. Some other coupon adds the quantity of the product. For example, you can get one if you buy one (buy one to get one free (BOGOS))
We can get the coupon from the local newspaper or internet. Clips the coupons and take them to the store that you can use the coupon.
5.    Buying Too Many perishable items
Do no buy too much vegetables and meat due it is perishable. Though, you have good refrigerator, the green vegetables will be dried in a week. You cannot cook dried vegetables and you will not eat it. Your child will not like the fruit that you save in refrigerator more over the meat that you have saved for weeks. The smell and the taste must be bad.
Some people buy to much perishable because the discount or rebates. They buy, for example, five bottles of milk because the price is same to two bottles of milk. You should not use the coupon for perishable income unless you have big family. 

As long you do not make some mistakes, buying grocery can save money.

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