Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to stay debt free

When we have so much debt, we must be worried. The phone ring often and we do not want lift the telephone up. It must be from the bank or credit company card that asks us to pay the debt down. 
That is why; we should be always debt free. Another reason to stay debt free is the cost of the debt is high. We should pay the principal and the interest that may increase in the future.
The first step toward stay debt free is to know your financial goals. Each people know what are the most important things for them. Write the goal that they can reach in short term, middle term and long term. The goal helps you to manage your money. You know very well where you spend money to some posts. On the other hand, if we have no financial goals, we spend he entire money fast. 
Second, you must build an emergency fund. Allocate six times your monthly spending that you can save at liquid investment. We can use the money when we need the money immediately. Some people use the money when they got fired. They do not have to owe money from other people or bank.
Three, do not owe other people’s money. The ultimate ways in staying debt free is not to owe other’s people money. Settle down soon your liability. The debt may increase your monthly spending. Without debt, you can save more and use the money for other purpose.
Sometimes people need debt to buy the big things such as house due our salary may be not enough to buy the house. The mortgage may help us to get the money however you should not use mortgage if you are not sure you can settle the mortgage. Some people buy mortgage but hey do not consider the money.  A person who want buy mortgage must be able to fulfill daily needs, paying bills, and other things.
Do not think you will settle the debt when you add the debt. Some people use credit card to buy mortgage. In my opinion, by using credit card you make a snow of debt that will crush you. You should increase your income before buy the mortgage. There are so much you can do o increase your income. You can do some side jobs or you can be a freelancer.

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