Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to side with windfall profit

Some people cannot stand with the poor living but some people cannot stand with rich living. Some unlucky people get windfall profit. A beggar may get a house from a kind person, a poor student may get dozen gold bar, a homeless get an inherent from unknown parents and so on.
When they get money, they do not know how to spend the money. Most people spend the entire money bust some of them save all the money. They go to Solomon Island to holiday that need thousands dollars. They buy luxurious car so they can so it to other people who ever tease them. I believe the money run out immediately. Buying a luxurious card need much money and the maintenance. The money just for the car but they do not get the money.
Some others people prefer to save the money. It is not wrong to save the money because we know we will use the money when we need it someday. However saving money cannot help people to get the wealth. Someday the money runs out.
Though we are poor man, it is not wrong to plan something. Perhaps we have dream to open a small business or to be a doctor. Here are some ways to spend your money when you get windfall profit:
1.    Investment
Some people believe that investment is a way to increase the wealth. I will save our windfall profit money. There are some cheap stocks that will increase when the crisis over. The business of the company is no over though the crisis. The company may pay the dividend to the stockholder.  Off course, only the good company that pay the dividend. Research the stock first before buying a stock. It will help you to find the right stock for you. Construct the portfolio that consist some stock such as infrastructure, retail, software, and else. Each stock is different. Some are goods in crisis but some other is worst in crisis.
You have better to get some suggestion from the financial advisor. The kind financial advisor may direct the right stock for you. Beside stock, you can invest your money on mutual fund, ETF, precious metal and others.
2.    Pay the mortgage or buy house
You are no rich until you have a house. A small house is enough for small family. You are better to pay off the mortgage soon so you will feel safe.  If you want to buy new house, it will be good too. Perhaps you want to live in a new environment or you can use the house to make money by renting it.
3.    Open a business
When you have so much money, you can open a business. Perhaps you want to buy a store that sell vegetable or fruit. We will get benefit from the store. Research first the business place because it can influence the sales. Sell what people want by hearing them.

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