Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 ways to save when staring a business

It is difficult to starting a business because we should provide so much money. We spend money as the capital of our business; however, we can trim down some spending by do like this;
1.    Do not buy car
Most business needs car so we can meet the client fast with the car. We do no want to arrive late to meet the client. The client will not be happy with your late or they will not want to meet you again.  We can also pick the product from the factory fast. Unfortunately, the car is expensive and the cost of owning car is also expensive. You are better to used mass transportation such as train or bus to go everywhere. If you are afraid late, you should go early. You are better wait the client rather than client waits you. The client must be respect you if yu arrive in time.
2.    Use Open source software
There is so much open source in internet and you can download it free. Those open source may support your business such open Linux Operating System.  We can create the document by using open source word processors; we can create some slide by using open source; and else. We can also use wordpress to create our blog and website. Some great website uses the wordpress.
Buying software is not cheap. You should spend hundreds or thousands dollars.
3.    Buy used furniture
New office must need furniture such as filling cabinet, desk, chair, and other. You can find the used things to buy furniture or you can find the used furniture at flea market.  Negotiate to the seller to get the rebates. You can also check your warehouse perhaps you still have used furniture.
4.    Use the recycled
You have better to use recycled better which is cheaper than white paper. Use the refilling ink rather than buying the cartridge. The quality of the refilled is equal to cartridge ink.
5.    Do not buy the things you do not need
When you start a business, you must be temped to buy anything. Perhaps you wan to buy the painting for the office or flower vas. Those items are not important for your office. If you have much painting that you save in warehouse, you can use it or you can use your mom’s vas that she may not like it.
6.    Use free room
You must need at least one room as your office. Use a free room such as your empty room or garage. When your business grows, you can buy or hire a good room for your office.
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