Sunday, January 12, 2014

Disadvantages of hourly wages

A good lawyer often asks hundred dollars for their service. An experienced doctor ask hundred dollars for just few minutes consultation. The professional get highly payment. On the other hand some worker also get hourly wages. They get $7 a day to do something. They will receive the payment at the end of the month.
For the professional, the hourly wage is better than annually wages but the common worker hourly wages is not good. There are some disadvantages when you receive hourly wages:

1. The payment is so low
The payment is so low especially for the common worker. They just get $7 per hours. Some employee just get $5 per hours. It is difficult to negotiate to the employer to rise the hourly wages. The employer know that the economic is so tight and the employee will receive the low wages.

2. The boss often push you
Some employer push the worker to work hard. They want the jobs has done in specific times because they do not want the employee spend much time. The employee know that they should pay more when the job has not done yet in certain time.

3. The worker should arrive on time
Some employer fine the employee who came late. They do not care the reason why they late. The employee should punch the card to absent machine. If he or she forget punching the machine, he or she will not be paid. An employee should arrive on 9 am and go home on 5 pm.

4. The hourly wages does not challenge us
The hour wages does not challenge us to work more efficient and effective. Working fast or late, you just get similar wages. You do not think to find a ways to work fast.

5. We cannot work for other project or jobs
My friend was a public service. He has not much jobs and he often go home early. His boss angered to him because he used to go home early. He explained that he has finished the jobs. The boss did not accept his reason. My friend should be at office even though there was no jobs. The boss said that he could do anything like reading newspaper.
My friend does not want to stay long at the office, he should do some business. Finally, he decided to stop working from public service. Now, he has been leading a print company.

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